Whether you’re maintaining your garden, cutting firewood or taming tall trees in a forest, a chainsaw is designed to make your life easier but one chainsaw does not fit all. There are many different types of chainsaws like cordless electrical chainsaws, corded chainsaw, gasoline-powered chainsaws, and they come in different sizes. They’re designed for particular jobs like general maintenance or for commercial use. The chainsaw size can be judged by its bar size. For example:

  • 20~24 inch bar for professionals,
  • 18~20 inch bar for heavy-duty tasks,
  • 16~18 inch for medium-duty, &
  • 8~16 inch for light-duty tasks.

Well, I know it is difficult to choose the best chainsaw due to the variety of features present in it. That’s why I decided to write an article on the best chainsaws after writing on necessary garden tools like a gas weed eater, cordless leaf blower, & leaf mulchers

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So, get a cup of coffee and read the full article, I have written all the features, pros & cons, frequently asked questions and buyer’s guide at last.

NOTE: All the chainsaws mentioned below are best. It doesn’t mean that chainsaw mentioned at the top position is the only best one. I have mentioned which chainsaw is better for whom or for what purpose. So, check out all the top 15 chainsaws below.

best chainsaws

The Best Chainsaws 2021 Comparison Table

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Want to know how to use a gas, electric or cordless chainsaw? Then check my article HERE. I have also embedded some youtube videos there which you may like.

1. Husqvarna 460 – Top Pick | Best Gasoline Chainsaw | Longest Bar 24″

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw If you are a professional and work for longer hours, & searching a chainsaw for heavy-duty tasks then this tool is highly recommended for you. 

The 12.8 pounds Husqvarna 460 rancher chainsaw comes with a powerful 60.3 cc engine which produces a power of 3.6 horsepower. It has a maximum power speed of 9000 RPM it can cut any wood at a speed of 66.6 feet/second. This powerful & well-balanced chainsaw can cut firewood or 44-inch diameter trees easily.

Things which I like the most about this chainsaw are:

  • There is an X-torque engine that consumes less fuel ( 0.437 Kg/kWh ) and also emits less harmful emissions.
  • Easy control of oil flow due to its adjustable oil pump. So, you can adjust chain lubrication according to the weather.
  • To reduce kickback injuries, it has an inertia-activated chain brake feature.
  • It has an anti-vibration technology ( isolates engine from the handle ) due to which you will feel less vibration in your hands.
  • Unlike other models, you can easily access its spark plug and air filter. Hence, making its maintenance easy.

This chainsaw has longer engine life because it has an air injection technology which makes it more efficient by keeping the engine clean by removing all larger debris before reaching the air filter. This model has less risk of engine flooding due to its combined stop or choke control and it also helps to start the chainsaw easily. This Husqvarna brand has taken care of the safety; it has a chain brake feature to prevent kickback injuries and for felling protection, it has felling marks.

Husqvarna 460 chainsaw comes with:

  • 2-Year Of Limited Warranty ( option to extend it to 3 or 4 years ), &
  • 90-Day Commercial Warranty.
NOTE: Comes with only one chain. ( No replacement chain is included )


1. Less fuel consumption.1. Most of the tool parts are made of plastic.
2. It has safety features to prevent injuries.2. It is heavy to use.
3. Less fatigue in hands due to anti-vibration technology.3. This is a little bit noisy ( 104 dB ).
4. Newbies can also use it easily.
5. Snap-lock cylinder for easy access of air filter & spark plug.
6. Easy to start due to its fuel pump and an auto return stop switch.
7. Adjustable oil pump to control oil flow.
8. Maximum recommended cutting diameter is 44 inches.
9. This chainsaw also has a transparent fuel indicator.
10. It has a quick-adjust tensioning feature.

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2. Greenworks 20312 – Best Cordless Chainsaw | 16″ Bar

Greenworks 40V 16' Brushless Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

 If you need a cordless chainsaw which is a gas comparable alternative and has a longer runtime and also makes very less noise then you can go for it. 

This 10.3 pounds Greenworks 20312 cordless chainsaw comes with a powerful brushless motor that is powered by a 40-volt 2 Ah lithium-ion battery. The brushless motor generates more torque with less vibration in comparison to the motor having a brush. This battery is powerful enough to make an average of 100 cuts ( maximum 150 ) in a single charge. This tool has a 16-inch bar and chain which makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals. Professionals will be happy with its sleek design/cordless design with no or very little noise feature, while beginners will be happy with its easy to use, powerful and most important, safety features.

Things which I like in this tool are:

  • Chain brake system to prevent kick-back injuries,
  • Tool-less tensioning for quick & easy adjustments,
  • Easy push to start feature so that any amateur can use it easily, &
  • It comes with an automatic oiler which allows you to adjust the bar oil flow rate.

Many people still think that cordless chainsaws are not good but it is not 100 % true. If you are a noob and just want to do small tasks like cleaning the yard, or some maintenance work for your home then this cordless tool is sufficient for you ( in fact, better than gasoline ) because you will not have to mess with oil & gas mixing, & wasting time to start it ( due to its push to start button ). But, if you are a professional then this Greenworks 20312 cordless chainsaw is 90% best for you ( not 100% best because you may face difficulties while cutting hard & huge trees ).

This Greenwork chainsaw model comes with:

  • A warranty of 4-year ( for defect under normal use ),
  • 90-Day warranty for commercial use, &
  • A two-year warranty on its lithium-ion battery.


1. Comes with the brushless motor, so longer lifetime.1. Oil can leak if it is not drained out from the tool before putting it away.
2. More torque & less vibration.2. Not good for hard and huge trees.
3. Maximum 150 cuts in a single charge.3. Sometimes, the battery will not work if it is too hot. So, don’t overcharge it. If it hot, cool it down.
4. Best for both noob & professionals.
5. Gets fully charged within 45 minutes.
6. Easy to start due to its electronic push to start button.
7. Comes with an automatic oiler.
8. To reduce accident, it has a low kickback chain & chain brake feature.
9. 40 V battery of this tool can be used with other 40 V Greenworks tools.
10. A battery and a charger are included.

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3. Black & Decker LCS1240 Cordless 12″ Chainsaw – Value For Money | Best For Aged People & Women

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)

 If you are looking for an affordable chainsaw that can easily prune the branches & also cut the fallen limbs or logs up to 12 inches thick, then this is the best for you. 

This 8.3 pounds Black & Decker cordless chainsaw comes with a motor ( not brushless ) which is powered by a 40-volt Lithium-ion battery ( included ). It has a low-kickback Oregon bar & chain of 12-inch which runs at a speed of 5 meters/second which easily cuts a wood log of 12 inches ( in diameter ).

Things which I like about this chainsaw are:

  • In a single charge, this chainsaw can cut up to 60 pine lumbers.
  • Its bar and chain always get lubricated due to its automatic oiling feature.
  • You can easily adjust its chain with the help of its tool-less chain tensioning.
  • For safety purposes, it has a lock-on button, rear & front guards, quick stop of the chain after trigger release and also a low kickback bar and chain.
  • This cordless chainsaw is very quiet and light and also produces no fumes, which makes it the best chainsaw for aged people and women.

Well, you will have to purchase one more battery if you do larger tasks because the lithium battery which comes with this tool takes 4~5 hours to charge and it can cut 50~60 cuts. It has an LED light which indicates whether it is fully charged or charging. This is a top-rated cordless chainsaw because 90 percent of the people have rated it above 4.5

This Black & Decker LCS1240 cordless chainsaw comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


1. It is very quiet & light.1. The battery overheats very easily while charging.
2. Safety features like low kickback, lock-on button & guards.2. Takes a long time to charge.
3. Automatic oiling feature.3. You will have to re-fill the oil reservoir after a fairly short time.
4. Tool-less tensioning feature.
5. It is easy to assemble.
6. Easy to cut 12 inch thick trees.
7. Battery level indicators are present.
8. Best chainsaw for aged people, women & amateur.
9. You don’t have to mess with mixing oil & gas.
10. A battery, a charger, bar & chain & a scabbard included.

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4. Dewalt DCCS620B Cordless 12″ Chainsaw – Best For Lightduty Outdoor Applications

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only (DCCS620B) If you are a Dewalt fan and looking for a powerful cordless chainsaw for remodeling, framing or any small outdoor applications then this tool is perfect for you. 

This 8.8 pounds Dewalt DCCS620B cordless chainsaw comes with a brushless motor that is powered by a 20-volt, 5 Ah lithium-ion battery ( not included ). The motor runs the chain at a speed of 7.7 meters/second ( 25.2 feet/second ) which can easily cut the wood of diameter up to 10 inches.

Things which I like about this Dewalt cordless chainsaw are:

  • Brushless motor for longer runtime and longer life.
  • It can cut up to 90 small trees of diameter 10-inches after the full charge.
  • You will get a great clamping force in this chainsaw because it has a bar tightening knob and tool-free chain tensioning feature.
  • It has an auto oiling feature so that the chain and bar get lubricated all the time.
  • For safety purposes, this Dewalt tool has a chain lock-on feature, low kickback bar & chain and also a chain cover ( when not in use ).

The “B” written in the model number represents “Bare Tool”, i.e. it does not contain any battery, charger or any other accessories but still, this bare tool is value for money. This chainsaw has a rear handle which gives you comfortable control and also reduces the kickback force even if you are cutting a hardwood. You can also use it with a single hand comfortably.

This Dewalt DCCS620B cordless chainsaw comes with:

  • A 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee,
  • Free Service of 1-Year, &
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.
NOTE: It is a bare tool ( No accessories included ), so you will have to buy a battery and a charger separately.

You can buy its battery and charger here:

Dewalt DCB205 20 V Lithium-ion Battery

Dewalt DCB118 20 V Fan Cooled Fast Charger


1. Lightweight & quiet chainsaw.1. Difficult for left-handers to operate because safety before the trigger can be pulled on the left side of the handle.
2. It has safety features like low kickback, lock-off button & chaincase to prevent injuries.2. Not powerful ( only 20 V ) for larger applications.
3. Automatic oiling feature to maintain lubrication.3. The blade gear gets locked by its safety clutch.
4. It has a tool-less tensioning feature.
5. Bar tightening knob.
6. It can easily cut 10 inch thick trees.
7. Operating time is good ( up to 90 cuts/charge ).
8. Chain oiler doesn’t run too much oil.
9. Very comfortable & easy to operate.
10. Brushless motor for longer life.

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5. Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 Gasoline 14″ Chainsaw – Best For Both Hobbyist & Professional 

Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine No matter whether you are a professional or hobbyist, this is best for you if you are looking for a powerful, user-friendly gasoline chainsaw at an affordable price. 

This 12.4 pounds Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 gasoline chainsaw comes with a powerful 32.2 cc two-stroke engine which generates 1.6 horsepower & runs the chain at a speed of 75 feet/second ( 22.9 meters/second ). This chainsaw is made up of hard plastic & aluminum which can easily cut an oak tree or any other tree of diameter 16 inches.

Things about this chainsaw which impressed me are:

  • Unlike other gasoline chainsaws, you will not get a problem in starting it because this Tanaka chainsaw can start easily in both warm and cold conditions due to its inbuilt half throttle choke and purge primer bulb.
  • Normally, gasoline chainsaws consume more fuel and emit more fumes but this Tanaka chainsaw consumes less fuel ( 534 g/kWh ) and produces fewer fumes ( without adding any extra parts ).
  • It has also an automatic oiling feature so that there is no headache of lubricating bar and chain all the time while using it ( but no oil adjustment feature ).
  • You can conveniently adjust its chain with its chain tensioning feature.
  • For safety purposes, it has a chain break feature ( in case of severe kickback ), a chain catcher ( in case of chain failure ), front handguard to prevent from flying debris and at last, a trigger lockout feature to prevent accidental use of it.

This Tanaka chainsaw has a fuel tank of capacity 295 milliliters ( approx 10 oz. ) which means you can continuously use it for 20 minutes ( if filled fully ). As I said above that unlike other gasoline chainsaws, it consumes less fuel, i.e. 0.9 liters/hour. The manufacturer of this chainsaw recommends us to use 50:1 ratio of “89-octane unleaded” gasoline & 2-cycle of oil.

This Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 gasoline chainsaw comes with:

  • A One-Year Of Rental Warranty,
  • Two-Year Of Warranty ( For Commercial Purpose ), &
  • Seven-Year Of Consumer Warranty.
NOTE: Be safe while climbing trees with this chainsaw because it can be very hot against your leg.


1. Easily starts in both warm & cold condition.1. Requires a lot of maintenance.
2. Various safety features to prevent injuries.2. Due to heat, the gas & oil caps sticks sometimes.
3. Includes automatic oiling feature to maintain lubrication.3. It is heavier.
4. Built-in lanyard ring for easy climbing ( useful, when you have lots of work ).4. Difficult to place the lanyard loop.
5. Anti-vibration rubber to reduce hand fatigue.
6. It can easily cut 16″ thick trees.
7. Less emission and consumes less fuel.
8. A 7-Year Warranty is enough to boost your confidence to buy it.
9. Chain, bar, safety cover for it and scrench tool (for fitting & adjusting it) are included.
10. Best for both professionals & beginners.

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6. Makita UC4051A – Best Corded Electric Chainsaw | 16″ Bar

Makita-UC4051A Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar - Sliver If you have no budget problem and looking for a best, top rated & powerful corded electric chainsaw then this Makita UC4051A is best for you. 

This 12.3 pounds ( including bar & chain ) Makita corded electric chainsaw has a 5-ampere motor which generates power up to 2 horsepower. This motor runs its 16-inch chain at the speed of 14.73 meters per second ( 48.32 feet/second ) which can easily cut a tree of diameter 16 inches.

Things which I like in this Makita chainsaw are:

  • It has a current limiter feature which reduces the power of the motor in case of overloading, prevents the motor from burning.
  • You can check the bar oil level in its oil reservoir while working.
  • Automatic chain & bar oiler to maintain the lubrication.
  • You can easily adjust its chain & blade with the help of its tool-less chain tensioning feature.
  • Unlike gasoline chainsaw, it is easy to start in any condition.
  • To increase its productivity, it has a large metal spike bar.
  • It has some safety features like chisel type blade for a low kickback ( important for amateurs ), low vibration ( to reduce hand fatigue  ), chain cover, quick stop of the chain after trigger release & a handguard in front to protect from flying debris.

This Makita UC4051A Corded electric chainsaw is a great alternative to the gasoline equivalent chainsaw. You don’t need to mix any oil and gas, so it is good for both the environment and your health. Also, it makes less noise ( 90.8 dB ) in comparison to the gasoline chainsaw. This chainsaw is suitable for home tasks such as cutting trees, firewood & clearing the limbs of the trees. It has also a cord hook on its power cord which prevents it from disconnection while using it. Well, the cord length is only 1 foot, so I will recommend you to use at least 12/3 extension cord, not go beyond 50 feet.

This Makita corded electric chainsaw comes with:

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, &
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.


1. Current limiter to prevent the motor from damage.1. Price is high when compared to other corded chainsaws.
2. Oil level is visible through its large window.2. No bar/chain oil included even at this price.
3. Automatic oiling feature to maintain lubrication of blade & bar.3. It is heavier than other corded chainsaws.
4. It has a power rating of 5 Amp.
5. No headache of mixing oil & gas.
6. It can easily cut trees of diameter 16″.
7. No emission, so good for health & environment.
8. Comfortable to use due to its rubber grip & large trigger switch.
9. Various safety features to prevent injuries
10. Easy to clean & easy to install it.

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7. Remington RM4620 – Best Gasoline Chainsaw Under $200

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( Unavailable Right Now )

 If you are looking for the cheapest but best gasoline chainsaw then Remington RM4620 will be best for you. 

This 15 pounds gasoline chainsaw comes with a powerful 46 cc 2-cycle engine which runs its 20-inch chain at the speed of 16.6 meters/second ( 54.4 feet/sec ). This tool can cut the trees of diameter up to 25 inches and it can manage even extensive storm damage.

The best things about this Remington chainsaw are:

  • It has a spring assist starting feature which will give you an easy and smooth pull start.
  • You will get a low kickback because it has an auto oiling feature that lubricates bar & chain constantly.
  • Unlike other gasoline chainsaws, it is quite comfortable to operate because its handle is wrapped with a thick cushion and also it has a five-point anti-vibration feature.
  • A unique feature is its adjustable carburetor. Yes, you can adjust its carburetor & this functionality is available only in few chainsaws.
  • You can access its filter & spark plug without using any tool because it is tool-free and also you can adjust its chain tension without disassembling it, which makes it easy to maintain.
  • This chainsaw is very durable because of its high-quality die-cast chassis and professional-grade chrome bore cylinder ( for longer engine life ).
  • You can also see how much gas is available through its rubber primer bulb.

Well, use it only when all your neighbors are awake because it makes a lot of noise which is enough to disturb everyone’s sleep :- )

You can operate this Remington gasoline chainsaw by mixing unleaded gasoline & two cycles of oil ( included ) at a 40:1 ratio. I will recommend you to read its manual before assembling it because it is not so easy & quick to assemble. The instruction manual has easy instructions with illustrations.

The Remington RM4620 gasoline chainsaw comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

NOTE: 1. Cover your ear and eyes because it is not good at preventing from flying debris.

2. Beware of hot parts. The muffler is close to the bar. So, take care of your palm while adjusting the bar.


1. Spring-assist starting feature for a smooth start.1. It is very heavy to use and very loud.
2. It has an adjustable carburetor.2. No bar/chain oil included.
3. It has an automatic oiling feature to maintain lubrication of blade & bar.3. The chain is hard to change & also it is not perfect. So, it’s better to purchase a second one.
4. It has a powerful 45 cc 2-cycle engine.4. No manual button to put extra oil to bar/chain for bigger cuts.
5. It has a fuel tank capacity of 22 oz.
6. It can cut trees of diameter up to 25″.
7. Includes hard carry case, bar cover, chain wrench, and 2 cycles of oil.
8. Comfortable to use due to its thick rubber grip & 5-point anti-vibration feature.
9. You can easily access its side tensioner.
10. Quality product with a lot of features at an amazing price.

No products found.

8. Husqvarna 455 – Second Best Gas chainsaw | 20″ Bar | Best For Farmers

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw If you are a farmer who usually cut a lot of firewoods and fell large trees daily then you must go with this tool. It is highly recommended. 

This 13.2 pounds Husqvarna 455 gas chainsaw which comes with 55.5 cc 2-cycle engine which produces the power of 3.5 horsepower. This engine runs the chain at the speed of 65.6 feet/second ( 19.9 meters/second ) which can easily cut a tree of thickness up to 30 inches.

Things which you will like about this Husqvarna 455 gasoline chainsaw are:

  • It has an X-torque engine which means less fuel consumption and less emission.
  • For longer engine life, it has an air injection which clears all the debris before reaching the air filter and air purge for clearing the air in the carburetor.
  • It has a combined start/ stop switch which makes it easy to start.
  • You can control the amount of lubrication according to your needs or according to the weather with the help of its adjustable oil pump.
  • The chain tensioner is mounted on the side of the chainsaw, making it easier to access.
  • Felling the trees become easier or precise with the help of its felling marks.
  • It is very durable because it is made up of hard plastic & metal and also, it has a heavy-duty forged 3-piece crankshaft.

The Husqvarna 455 model is just the lower version of Husqvarna 460 gasoline chainsaw. Both models have almost the same feature. The main difference is in their bar/chain size. If you need a monstrous chainsaw for cutting very large and thick trees then go for the Husqvarna 460 24-inch gasoline chainsaw ( which I have mentioned in the top of the list ), otherwise, this Husqvarna 455 model is enough for most of the tasks.

You can operate this chainsaw by mixing gas and 2-cycle of oil at the ratio of 50:1 or 2.5 oz of oil with 1 gallon of gas. If you don’t want to take this headache then you can buy its pre-mixed 2-stroke fuel & oil. Don’t worry, it is ethanol free.

Check Price Of Husqvarna Pre-mixed 2-stroke Fuel & Oil

Husqvarna XP Pre-Mixed Fuel and Engine Oil Quart (3 Pack),Blue

Husqvarna 455 gasoline chainsaw comes with:

  • A 2-Year Warranty, &
  • 4-Year Warranty ( if both chainsaw & 3 cans of its pre-mixed fuel are purchased together ).
  • NOTE: Register on their website after purchasing both products to get 4-Year Warranty.


1. Less fuel consumption & less emission.1. It is very heavy to use and also loud.
2. Powerful 55.5 cc engine produces 3.5 hp.2. Its’ fuel tank is small ( 14.8 oz ).
3. It has an adjustable oil pump.
4. Unlike other chainsaws like Stihl, it is easy to start.
5. Inertia activated chain brake feature for safety purpose.
6. It can cut trees of diameter up to 30″.
7. Includes both bar & chain.
8. Less fatigue due to its thick rubber grip.
9. You can easily access its side tensioner.
10. Longer engine life due to air injection & air purge.

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9. Worx WG303.1 – Budget-Friendly Corded 16″ Chainsaw For Occasional Users

WORX WG303.1 14.5 Amp 16' Electric Chainsaw If you are not a regular user and looking for a lightweight, compact, safe, budget-friendly ( under $100 ) and powerful corded electric chainsaw then Worx WG303.1 is best for you. 

This 11 pounds Worx WG303.1 corded chainsaw comes with a powerful 14.5-ampere motor which produces a power of 3.5 horsepower. This power of motor helps the chain to run at a speed of 39.37 feet/second ( 12 mps ) which can cut any tree of diameter up to 12 inches. It is mainly excellent in cutting limbs and firewoods.

Let’s talk about the things which you will like about this Worx chainsaw:

  • In this top 15 list of chainsaws, this Worx chainsaw has the best design and also lightweight which will help you to work for a longer period of time without any fatigue in hand.
  • Normally, cheaper chainsaws do not include safety features but this Worx chainsaw has chain brake safety feature even at a cheaper price. This feature stops the chainsaw if any kickback occurs.
  • Auto-tensioning feature & tool-less chain replacement makes the job easier for homeowners who have less knowledge about chainsaws, preventing the chain from over-tightening.
  • You are also getting auto-chain lubrication feature along with its oil level indicator at this price.

This Worx WG303.1 chainsaw makes very less noise in comparison to gasoline chainsaws but you will not get freedom like gas chainsaw because this Worx chainsaw comes with a 2 feet cord which can make things more challenging. I will recommend you to buy a 12 gauge, 100 feet extension to make it work easier. But remember one thing, if you are thinking to buy an extension cord of 50 feet only then use a 14-gauge cord.

Check The Price Of 100 Feet 12 Gauge US Wire 74100 Extension

The Worx WG303.1 corded electric chainsaw comes with:

  • A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, &
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.


1. Comfortable design, quiet & lightweight.1. Chain adjuster knob loosens sometimes during heavy cuts.
2. 14.5 Amp powerful motor produces 3.5 hp.2. It uses a lot of bar oil for lubrication.
3. Auto chain tensioning works very well.
4. No kickback due to chain brake feature.
5. A lot of features at an affordable price.
6. It can cut trees of thickness up to 12 inches.
7. Includes bar, chain, lubricating oil & protection cover for the blade.
8. Less fatigue due to its thick rubber grip on the rear handle.
9. No headache of mixing oil & gas.
10. It requires very low maintenance, making it perfect for homeowners.

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10. Greenworks Pro GCS80420 18″ Cordless Chainsaw – Best For Residential Areas

Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included GCS80420

 If you are looking for a powerful chainsaw that is ideal for residential areas then you can go for it because it is equivalent to a 45 cc gas chainsaw & makes very less noise. 

This 10.8 pounds Greenworks Pro cordless chainsaw comes with a powerful brushless motor which is powered by its 80-volt 2 Ah lithium-ion battery ( included ). This motor runs its chain at the speed of 15 meters/second & it cuts a log of diameter up to 30 inches. You can perform 150 cuts on pressure-treated lumber of 4×4 inch if it is fully charged.

Things which you will like in this cordless chainsaw are:

  • For longer life, it has a powerful brushless motor which is said to be equivalent to a gasoline chainsaw which has 45 cc engine.
  • It comes with an 80-volt rapid charger that charges its battery in just 30 minutes.
  • Chain tensioning and bar/chain oiling is automatic in this cordless chainsaw.
  • You don’t need to pull any cord because it has an easy push to start button, making it convenient to use.
  • The battery has an LED indicator so that you can check how much power is left in it.
  • For safety purposes, it has a chain brake feature, steel spikes, & a metal wrap around the handle.

It is very difficult to work with a gas chainsaw when we are surrounded by a lot of people because it makes noise. Usually, people shift to the corded one but they don’t get that portability and most of the people still don’t believe in cordless chainsaws due to low runtime & low power. That’s why this Greenworks Pro GCS80420 cordless drill becomes so famous due to its power and longer runtime without making a loud noise.

This chainsaw comes with:

  • A 4-Year Warranty On Tool & 2-Year On Battery ( For non-commercial use ), &
  • A 1-Year Warranty On Tool & Battery ( if used for a commercial purpose ).
NOTE: Empty the oil reservoir if this chainsaw is not in use to avoid oil seeping.


1. Powerful brushless motor for longer life.1. Unlike other cordless chainsaws, it is heavier.
2. Comes with 80 V Li-ion battery which can cut 150 lumbers.2. The oil reservoir leaks.
3. Its included 80 V charger charges the battery in 30 minutes.3. It is costly.
4. No kickback due to chain brake feature.
5. Chain tensioning is automatic.
6. It can cut trees of thickness up to 30 inches.
7. For durability & long life of the chain, it has an auto bar/chain oiler.
8. Electronic push-button for an easy start.
9. No headache of mixing oil & gas.

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11. Remington RM1425 14″ Corded Chainsaw – Best For Small Jobs | Under $50

No products found.

 If you are searching the cheapest & lightest corded electric chainsaw under 50 dollars for small tasks like pruning or cutting small logs then this Remington RM1425 is best for you. 

This 6.25 pounds Remington corded chainsaw comes with 8 Amp electric motor which runs its 14″ chain at the speed of 8 meters/second and generates 1.3 horsepower. It can cut any trees of diameter up to 10 inches. It is specially designed for cutting limbs & saplings.

Some features which you will like in this corded chainsaw are:

  • It has a push-button oiler so that you can add oil to the chain/bar manually according to its need.
  • You can easily adjust the chain with the help of its 7/16 wrench and flat blade screwdriver.
  • It is ready to use because you don’t need to assemble it ( comes pre-assembled ).
  • Unlike other corded electric chainsaws, it is very light & compact which helps you to cut branches without any fatigue.
  • For safety purpose, it has a wraparound handguard (which protects your hand from flying debris), throttle lockout switch (to prevent accidental startup), chain catcher (reduces injury caused by chain break) & low kickback feature.

This corded chainsaw comes with a cord of length 1 foot, so I will recommend you to purchase a 100 feet of 12 gauge outdoor extension cord. If you want to purchase a 50 feet cord then go for 16 gauge & for 25 feet, it is 18 gauge. The only thing which you will have to purchase after this chainsaw is a normal bar/chain oil for lubrication.

100 Feet 12 Gauge Extension Cord

100 Feet 12 Gauge Extension Cord

This Remington RM1425 corded electric chainsaw comes with:

  • A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, &
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty.


1. It comes pre-assembled.1. Chain tensioning is not automatic, so you will have to adjust it regularly.
2. Specially made for trimming limbs.2. The safety switch is very fussy.
3. For bar/chain, you can even use vegetable oil instead of bar oil.3. Oil leaks when this chainsaw is not in use.
4. No kickback & low noise makes it great for amateurs & women.4. Sawdust flies from the top of this chainsaw instead of the bottom.
5. It is very cheap but there is no compromise in its quality according to the price.5. Its chain goes dull very fast, so buy an extra chain.
6. It can cut trees of thickness up to 10 inches.
7. It comes with many safety features.
8. It is very easy to start, no more gummed-up carburetor.
9. There is no headache of mixing oil & gas.

No products found.

12. Greenworks 20262 – Affordable Cordless Chainsaw | 12″ Bar

Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 20262 If you are a homeowner or occasional user & looking for a cheapest ( in terms of price, not quality ) cordless chain saw then you must go for it. 

This Greenworks 20262 cordless chainsaw with a brush motor which is powered by a G-max 40-volt 2-ampere lithium-ion battery ( included ). This chainsaw can cut 75 lumbers of dimension 4×4 inches in a single charge.

Things which I like about this Greeworks cordless model are:

  • Powerful 40 V Li-ion battery. You can cut trees of 2~12 inches for about an hour and the battery will still work.
  • The battery has an LED life indicator which tells you the amount of charge/power left in it.
  • The charger ( included )  charges the battery in just 45 minutes.
  • You can use this battery in other products of Greenworks.
  • It has an auto oiler feature with the translucent oil tank so that you can check the amount of oil left in it.
  • You don’t need any extra tool for chain tensioning, it is tool-less.
  • For safety features, it has a lock button to prevent accidental start of the chain saw, a hand guard to protect your hand from the flying wood chunks, & a chain brake feature.

This tool makes very little noise and vibration and also it is very lightweight ( up to 7.5 pounds including battery ) which makes it very suitable for aged persons or women. While reading reviews I noticed that many of the people are above 50. They all like it very much. Bytheway, I will not recommend it to you, if you are a professional, no matter what your age is.

The Greenworks 20262 cordless chainsaw comes with:

  • A 4-Year Warranty On Tool, &
  • 2-Year Warranty On Battery.


1. It is very quiet ( no need for ear protection ) & lightweight.1. The chain is not good (very few teeth), so purchase a good one.
2. Comes with 40 V Li-ion battery which can cut up to 75 lumbers.2. The slow speed of the chain.
3. 40 V charger ( included ) charges the battery in 45 minutes.3. The chain comes off if not tighten in between.
4. Transparent oil tank.
5. Chain tensioning is tool-less.
6. It can cut trees of thickness up to 15 inches.
7. It has an auto bar/chain oiler for longer chain life.
8. Instant electric start button with lock switch.
9. No headache of mixing oil & gas.

Check Price & Customer Reviews

13. Greenworks CS40L210 – Cheap 14″ Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 40V 14-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included CS40L210 Greenworks CS40L210 chainsaw is best for those nervous users who want to do small scale DIY projects or cut trees in winters for their survival. 

This 9.8 pounds Greenworks 14-inch cordless chain saw comes with a powerful brushless motor that gets power from its 40-volt 2 Ah lithium-ion battery. It can cut up to 100 woodblocks of dimension 4×4 inches if the battery is fully charged. Bytheway, if you purchase its 4 Ah battery instead of 2 Ah then it can cut up to 150 lumbers.

Features which you will like in this chain saw are:

  • No need to say, its’ brushless motor for more torque, higher efficiency & longer life.
  • Takes only one hour to charge 2Ah battery & 2 hours for 4 Ah battery.
  • The battery is compatible with almost all other Greenworks tool, which means if you have any Greeworks 40 V battery then you can purchase only its tool.
  • It has an automatic chain/bar oiler with the transparent oil window.
  • This chain saw has chain brake, trigger lock & handguard for safety purposes.

Well, I will recommend you to buy only the tool, not its battery because it has got a lot of complain that it doesn’t last long. Some people said that its 2 Ah hour battery lasts only 20 minutes while 4 Ah battery lasts 30~35 minutes. But the tool is powerful and cuts really well. If you are a professional then don’t go for this chain saw because you might get disappointed but if you are a homeowner then it’s good to go for it.

Greenworks CS40L210 cordless chain saw comes with:

  • A 2-Year Warranty On Battery, &
  • 4-Year Warranty On Tool.


1. The motor is brushless for a longer lifetime.1. Short battery life.
2. Able to cut up to 100 lumbers of 4×4 “.2. Not for professionals.
3. Both battery & charger included.3. Chail oil leaks sometimes.
4. Rubber grip on handle for low vibration.
5. Handguard to prevent from flying wood chips.
6. It can cut trees of diameter up to 18 inches.
7. Auto bar/chain oiler along with oil window.
8. Instant electric start button with a trigger lock.
9. No toxic fumes & no headache of mixing oil & gas.

Check Price & Customer Reviews

14. Makita XCU03PT1 – Best 14″ Cordless Chainsaw | Best For Contractors & Landscapers

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14' Chain Saw Kit with, 4 Batteries (5.0Ah) If you are a Makita fan and also looking for the best 14-inch cordless chainsaw then this tool is best for you. 

This 11.5 pounds Makita cordless chain saw comes with a powerful motor that runs the chain at the speed of 65.65 feet/second ( 20.01 mps ). It is powered by its two 18-volt 5 Ah LXT lithium-ion batteries, i.e. 36 volts which enables it to cut a tree of height 20 feet & thickness 14 inches easily.

There are many things which you will like about this Makita chain saw:

  • The powerful brushless motor which is said to be equivalent to 32 cc gasoline chainsaw.
  • It gets power from its’ two 18-volt lithium-ion batteries for longer runtime ( 4 batteries each of 18V are included in a pack ).
  • The rapid optimum charger charges the battery three times faster than other models. It can charge its 5 Ah battery is just 30 minutes.
  • It works perfectly in harsh conditions because it has the XPT ( Extreme Protection Technology ) feature which prevents water & dust.
  • An LED on/off with auto power-off feature. It means the chainsaw gets automatically shut down if cutting is delayed. It helps to increase battery life.
  • Chain lubrication is automatic ( also adjustable ) & chain tensioning is tool-less.
  • The speed of the chain is variable. It means that you can slowly increase the speed of the chain from 0 to 3940 feet per minute ( 20.01 mps ) by pressing its trigger. This feature helps to cut according to your needs & also saves the power of the battery.
  • For safety purposes, it has a lock-off lever ( prevents from the accidental start ), & front handguard.

The people always trust on the batteries made by the Makita because they are really powerful & technically advance. Makita batteries attract a lot of people towards their cordless tools. Bytheway, I will give it a score of 9 out of 10, not 10 because it has only 36 V which is half in comparison to other brands.

Makita chain saw has also impressed in terms of the warranty. It has:

  • 3-Year Warranty On Tool, Battery, & Charger
  • A 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


1. Brushless motor for a longer lifetime.1. Comparatively low voltage (only 36V).
2. It has auto shut off feature that stops it after 4 seconds, if not used.2. Auto shut off time is low & it’s frustrating.
3. The rapid charger charges the battery within 30 minutes.3. The chain tensioner is too small.
4. Makes a very low noise ( 100 dB ) & no emissions.4. Bar/chain oil not included.
5. For better cutting performance, it has a variable speed trigger.
6. It can cut trees of diameter up to 14 inches.
7. Auto bar/chain oiler ( also adjustable ) along with oil window.
8. The front handguard is helpful when the chain brake is engaged.
9. It has a lock-off lever to prevent accidental start of the chainsaw.
10. Four batteries, charger, chain, & scabbard are included.

Check Price & Customer Reviews

15. Black & Decker LP1000 – Best Alligator Lopper Electric Chainsaw | 6″ Bar

BLACK+DECKER Lopper Chain Saw, 4.5-Amp (LP1000)

 If you are looking for a lopper chain saw for cutting a lot of fallen branches or pruning tree branches that are difficult to reach, then this Black & Decker Alligator Lopper is best for you.  

This 6.5 pounds lopper chain saw comes with a 4.5-ampere motor which can cut branches of thickness up to 4 inches. These types of chain saws are mainly used to quickly cut the fallen branches into pieces. It is really useful for cutting at awkward angles or at the ground level. It has a different cutting action like scissors, instead of cutting from the top/bottom.

Some features of this lopper chain saw which you will like are:

  • The motor produces 0.72 horsepower which can quickly & efficiently cut branches without any problem.
  • To start it, both the actuators must be squeezed ( prevents accidental start-up.
  • Jaws are covered with metal guards to prevent your hand from cutting the chain.
  • Chain tensioning is automatic.
  • Unlike other chain saws, it can cut directly on the ground.

This lopper is similar to a jigsaw tool, in fact, better than jigsaw because it is comparatively lighter ( only 6.5 lbs ) and smaller. You use both of your hands which makes a perfect balance while cutting. Well, the cord length is very short ( 1.5 feet ), so I will recommend you to buy a 100 feet, 16 gauge extension cord.

It comes with 2-Year Limited Warranty.

HDX 100 Feet 16 Gauge Extension Cord


1. You can cut directly on the ground.1. You will have to fill the oil reservoir after every 10 minutes due to small oil capacity.
2. It has a scissor action which makes it easier to use than the knife action.2. Cord length is only 1.5 feet.
3. The blade is almost covered with metal guards for safety purpose.3. You will have to clean debris on a regular basis for longer chain life.
4. It is very lightweight, i.e. 6.5 lbs
5. This lopper chain saw is very quiet.
6. It can cut trees of diameter up to 4 inches.
7. Chain tensioning is tool-less.
8. Oil bottle & wrench are included.
9. There is no headache of mixing oil & gas.

Check Price & Customer Reviews

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Chainsaw Buyer’s Guide 2021

Gas, Corded Or Cordless?Power Of Engine/Motor?Length Of Guide Bar? Features?Safety?

After reading the full reviews, you may have got an idea about the difference between gas, corded or cordless chain saws. So, it’s time to make a decision which one to buy. It totally depends on your project type, mobility & convenience. Let’s see the advantages & disadvantages of gasoline, corded electric & cordless chain saws.

Advantages of gas chain saws:

  • This chain saw is for professionals.
  • Gasoline chain saws are the most powerful chain saws among all of them. You can distinguish between gas chain saws by seeing its cc ( cubic centimeter) of the engine. More cc means more power. More power means faster chain speed, so it requires less pressure which reduces the hand fatigue.
  • Unlike corded electric chain saws, it is portable.
  • Gas chain saws have usually a bigger guide bar up to 24 inches used for commercial purposes, like cutting a number of large diameter trees daily.

Disadvantages of gas chain saws:

  • It may be dangerous for beginners.
  • The headache of mixing oil and gas.
  • Heavier than others.
  • Do not start quickly.
  • Very noisy.
  • Emits harmful fumes.
  • It is costly and there is an extra expense of fuel.
  • Harder to control due to kickback produced by it. So, an experienced person can handle it well.
  • It requires more maintenance in comparison to other chain saw types.
  • Becomes hot after a few cuts. So, you will have to wait for it to cool down to do any refill.

Advantages of corded electric chain saws:

  • It is made for both professionals & beginners because it is comparatively easier & safer to use.
  • Continuous supply of power due to its cord.
  • No headache of mixing any oil & gas.
  • Unlike gasoline chain saws, it is easy to handle due to low kickback & lighter weight.
  • It cools down quickly.
  • Unlike gasoline chain saws, it starts quickly with a single press of a button.
  • Makes less noise.

Disadvantages of corded electric chain saws:

  • It is not portable due to its cord.
  • You will have to purchase a separate extension cord because the cord which comes with an electric chain saw is of max 1.5 feet.
  • Not so powerful like gas chain saws. Not suitable for cutting large diameter trees like 32-inch thick long trees.

Advantages of cordless chain saws:

  • It is very useful for home tasks, perfect for beginners.
  • Very, very portable due to the absence of cord and lightweight.
  • Powered by environment-friendly lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Also, saves the money spent on fuel.
  • It has almost all the advantages of electric chain saws.

Disadvantages of cordless chain saws:

  • Battery issue. So, it is always recommended to purchase a chain saw which comes with 2 batteries.
  • Batteries are not consistent like corded chain saws. Li-ion batteries may last up to 1-hour max & 20 minutes minimum.
  • If you are buying a cheaper cordless chain saw then it will not have much power in comparison to both. So, always look for high voltage chain saws or batteries.
  • Longer runtime, i.e. high voltage batteries are usually costlier than gas chain saws.

How much power should engine/motor of a chain saw have?

Let’s talk about gasoline first:

Power of gasoline chain saw is measured by its size of cylinder/engine. It is measured in cc ( cubic centimeters ). Usually, it ranges from 24 ccs to 60 ccs. Let me help you to choose the right size:-

  • If you cut large logs of diameter up to 30~40 inches daily then buy a 45~60 cc engine gas chain saw.
  • For small trees of thickness up to 20~30 inches, purchase a 35~45 cc engine gas chain saw.
  • If the task is pruning, trimming or limbing of logs then 20~35 cc engine is best.

Now, come to the corded electric:

You can check the power of corded electric chain saw by its amperage ( amps ). So, choose the higher ampere for more power. You can buy Worx WG303.1 corded chainsaw ( mentioned in the 9th position ) which has a power of 14.5 amperes.

At last the cordless chain saw:

The power is measured in voltage because it is cordless & gets power from the battery. So, higher voltage results in more power. You can buy a 40-volt Greenworks 20312 cordless chainsaw ( mentioned in 2nd position ) which is also long-lasting due to its brushless motor.

What should be the length of guide bar?

There are two answers to this question:

  •  Recommended ( For safety ): Always try to buy a chainsaw whose guide bar size is 2 inches longer than the thickness of tree which you want to cut. For example, use a 14-inch bar for cutting a 12-inch wood or tree.
  • Two passes: A guide bar of a chain saw can cut a tree twice of its size but in 2 passes. For example, a 14-inch guide bar can cut a 28-inch wood log in 2 passes, i.e. 14 inches at first attempt & rest 14 inches in the second attempt. But it is not recommended if you are going to do this regularly. You must buy a gas chain saw for the regular heavy-duty task.

There are a lot of features to look for but let’s see the important ones:-

For gasoline chain saws:

  • Electronic start feature – This feature should present in your gasoline chain saw so that it starts quickly. Old models without this feature take time to start.
  • Fuel consumption – Check how much fuel does the engine consume. X-torque type engine consumes less fuel and also emits less harmful fumes in comparison to normal engines.
  • Anti-vibration technology – I will not recommend a gasoline chain saw if it doesn’t have any anti-vibration technology because it produces more vibration than others.
  • Inertia-activated chain brake feature – For reducing kickback.
  • Tool-less air filter & spark plug – Due to tool-less, it provides easy access to it because there is no need for disassembling chain saw housing.
  • Heated carburetor feature – This feature helps it to run in low-temperature areas by preventing it from freezing.
  • Automatic oiling feature – It will be really helpful if this feature is present in a gas chain saw because you will not have to lubricate chain/bar all the time.

For corded electric chain saw:

  • Current limiter feature – It prevents the motor from burning.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning feature – For easy bar/chain adjustment.
  • Easy push to start button, auto chain tensioning & auto-lubrication – To make the job easy for homeowners.
  • Chain brake feature – For safety purpose.

For cordless chain saw:

  • Brushless motor – For longer life.
  • Lithium-ion battery – Longer runtime, re-chargeable, environment-friendly. ( Use 40-Volt or above for better result )
  • A good charger – For quick charging of the battery ( 45 minutes is considered good for a chain saw battery. )
  • Compatibility – Battery should be compatible with other tools of the same brand so that you do not have to buy batteries for each tool.
  • Auto-chain tensioning & lubrication – To make the job easy for beginners or homeowners. ( I haven’t mentioned easy push to start button feature because all the cordless chain saws have this feature. )
  • Chain brake feature ( Important for every type) – To reduce the kickback.

Many chain saws come with safety features like:

  • Throttle-lock feature – If you are a beginner then must look for this feature. Many people with no or less experience get injured due to the accidental start of the chain saw.
  • Low-kickback feature – You will get this feature in almost every corded & cordless chain saws but don’t forget to check it in gasoline type.
  • Front guard – To protect you from flying debris or wood chips.
  • Chain brake feature – To stop the chain immediately.

You must use some safety equipment if you are using gasoline, corded or a powerful cordless chain saw:

  • Helmet for head protection,
  • Safety goggles for eye protection,
  • Safety mitt & gloves for hand protection,
  • Ear protector for loud noise generated by gas chain saws.
  • Safety boots, trouser & jacket.

So, the conclusion is –> Buy a:

Gasoline chain saw:- If you are a highly professional ( using it for a commercial purpose )

Corded electric chain saw:- If you want to cut thick trees but don’t want to use a heavy & large saw and also don’t want to deal with the mixing of oil & fumes.

Cordless chain saw:- If portability, compatibility, and safety matters you most. Best for aged people or women.

My Top pick gasoline chain saw is Husqvarna 460.

& Recommended gas chain saw is Husqvarna 455.

My recommended corded chain saw is Makita UC4051A 

Corded chain saw under $50 (cheapest) is Remington RM1425

My recommended cordless chain is Makita XCU03PT1

In case, you feel that I have left some good chain saws then please feel free to mention in the comment box. I will definitely write about it. Your contribution will help other buyers too.