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Best Scroll Saws 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best scroll saws

Let us start this review article with basics, after that we will check the best scroll saw along with the buyer’s guide at last.

A scroll saw is a small electric or pedal-operated saw which can be used to cut intricate curves in metal, wood, or other materials. It is the fitness of the blade which allows it to cut more delicately and complicatedly than a power jigsaw. Or, this can be used as a natural alternative to a hand-coping saw or a fretsaw. It can also be said that the scroll saw combines the unrivaled precision of a jigsaw with the dependable stability of a table saw.  The sizes of scroll saws are classified as per the size of their throat, i.e. the distance from the blade to the rear frame of the saw. It is the throat size of the scroll saw which can help us determine how large a piece of wood can be cut.

Scroll saw is used as a hobby by several woodworkers. The tool provides you with a chance to be creative and also, it requires comparatively little space. It is the scroll saws that have enabled effortless and accurate sawing of contours in a variety of different materials. So, without any kind of delay, let’s get right to it and check out the top scroll saws present in the market right now.

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Best Scroll Saw 2024 Comparison Table

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1. DEWALT DW788 – Best 20″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Dewalt DW788 is a top-rated 20-inch variable speed scroll saw & it is quite sturdy, comparatively quiet & very easy to operate that makes it great for both beginners as well as professional woodworkers.

This scroll saw is designed with a unique arm in order to provide consumers with the most accurate & intricate cut. A saw is supposed to function both reliably and accurately, which is possible mainly because of its double parallel-link arm design on both fronts. 

The chance of over-cutting or under-cutting decreases because of its unique arm design which keeps the saw of the blade perpendicular to whatever you’re working on. 

The saw is very easy to handle because of its variable-speed control. There are other controls on the saw as well, such as an on-off switch, speed control, and blade tensioning lever. All these controls are within easy reach on the front upper arm.

With the help of tool-free blade changes and adjustable table, this scroll saves some valuable time of yours.

The 20-inch scroll saw comes with:

  • A three-year limited warranty,
  • A 90-day money-back guarantee, &
  • One-year free service contract. 


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1. The design of the arm is a significant contributor which controls vibration, and thus, you can work without any errors.1. The saw is extremely heavy, and one should be extra careful while using it.
2. All the controls are manifested on the front side of the scroll saw and thus, operating while working becomes very easy.2. It does not work accurately with thick materials.
3. Has a potent 1.3amp motor which works efficiently and also provides you with the best results.3. The cost of the scroll saw is high but worthy.
4. A blower is an add-on feature which comes in very handy while you aim to do the perfect woodwork.
5. Blades can be changed in no time with the help of tool-less blade changing mechanism.
6. It comes with a sturdy cast-iron table which offers a great working area along with a helping hand in absorbing vibrations.

2. WEN 3921 – Best Lightweight Scroll Saw For Intricate Work

Wen 3921 is a perfect scroll saw under $150 for those who usually use it for making beautiful patterns (like cutting letters or shapes) because you get a great control due to its variable speed & the feature of inserting blades in two directions.

Also, if you are looking for a long lasting scroll saw that is affordable (under $150) but also of good quality then you can also go for it.

The unique design of this scroll saw accepts the blades in two directions, standard and 90 degrees. The blades in two directions provide you with an opportunity to rip with an infinite capacity.

The variable speed of the saw ranges from 400 to 1600 stoker per minute. It is spacious – a 16-by-11-inch table which bevels up to 45 degrees to the left. 

The saw also features a thumb screw blade adapter for tool-free blade changes, dust support, a foot lock clamp, onboard storage, a cast iron base, and three blades.

This saw provides maximum table support, intricate internal designs, and beveled and angled cuts.

It is preferable for handling more substantial pieces of work and its increased cutting capacity. 


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1. This is the best price which you’ll get for the scroll saw.1. It is not as well-built.
2. It has two different positions of the blade.2. The user faces difficulty while switching blades.
3. It also has a controlled variable speed for precise cutting.
4. A 2-year warranty supports this product.
5. This saw is spacious (16in. X 11in.) table which bevels up to 45 to the left for angular cuts.
6. The variable speed ranges from 400 to 1600 strokes per minute.

Check Our Detailed Review On WEN 3921 Scroll Saw Along With Diagram & FAQs.

3. Shop Fox W1713 – Best Scroll Saw For Marquetry

Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw is a great tool for creating beautiful designs/patterns from thin layers of wood or sometimes shells ( this art is usually known as marquetry ) because of its stability, accuracy & a light that illuminates your working area so that you can clearly see your wood designs while making intricate cuts.

This scroll saw comes with variable-speed control, cast iron construction, and extra cutting capacity. It also offers a gooseneck work light, dust blower, large 45 degrees tilt table, dust port, and easy blade changes. 

This scroll saw can cut at angles which range from 0 to 45 degrees with the table tilt mechanism. You can tilt the table for horizontal angle cuts with the help of table lock knob and tilt scale. 

This saw accepts plain (standard), and pin-end saw blades as well. It is made in a way that it enables easy to change with included adapters. 


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1. This scroll saw is built solidly since it is ruggedly made out of cast iron.1. These are designed for home projects only. You will be unable to cut through thick steel pieces or heavy gauge piping.
2. It has ⅛ HP, 120V, 60Hz motor and an ability to change out several types of blades.2. The motor of this saw overheats often and won’t work until cooled off completely.
3. It comes at an affordable price.
4. The dust port can be used to keep cut-line neat.
5. It has an adjustable LED lamp.
6. It has a clear-view finger guard along with a hold-down shoe.
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4. Delta Power Tools 40-694 – Best Smooth & Quiet Scroll Saw

Delta 40-694 is a very quiet scroll saw that can be used to make complex woodworking designs of all sizes with ease because it is quite stable, very powerful & also have a 20-inch throat depth. It is highly recommended for you if you are professional.

This scroll saw has an electronic variable speed which ranges from 400 – 1,750 SPM and thus, provides you with a wide array of cutting applications. 

To avoid over-cutting or under-cutting, vibrations are reduced with the help of its dual parallel link arm design.

While changing the blade or changing its position even, the upper arm of the scroll saw lifts and locks in the raised area.

The tool-free blade clamp of the scroll saw allows for efficient blade change in a few seconds.


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1. The scroll saw is designed in such a way that the end product is always the best piece out of wood. It provides the user with all the comfort and precision.1. You are required to store it in a cool and dry place. Wear and tear of the machine may reduce the lifetime of a device.
2. It has a tilt plate, vibration is lesser as compared to the other scroll saws, and speed variation is an added advantage to it.2. The blade tensioning in this scroll will require experience to get it right.
3. This scroll saw has a safe place for the blades which is to ensure that you put it right back in the holder after use.
4. The tabletop is made of cast-iron is robust in nature, and it also gives control to the user.
5. This scroll saw comes with several useful features such as dust blower.
6. The speed of the blade can quickly and easily be adjusted to adapt to the material.

5. Dremel MS20-01 – Best Scroll Saw For Beginners

This scroll saw makes detailed cuts in different materials such as wood, plastic, laminates, and metal. 

It has a function of detachable coping, which means that it can function as a stationary scroll saw or a portable motorized coping saw. It also has a fast clamp base which can be attached to tables, benches, and other surfaces. 

This saw has reasonable control over variable-speed for optimal cutting in different kinds of materials. 


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1. Because of its variable speed control, the saw can quickly adapt to the thickness of the material being cut.1. The saw does not perform up to its mark when you’re cutting material of more than the thickness of ¾ inch.
2. It can be easily clamped to a workbench.2. This scroll saw has a construction of plastic.
3. This saw comes with four different kinds of blades for cutting various types of material.3. While you’re working in high-speed or if you’re cutting through sturdy materials, there’ll be a lot of vibrations in the saw.
4. It comes with four kinds of blades to cut different types of materials.
5. It has a detachable coping function which makes it work as a portable motorized coping-saw.
6. This saw enables you to cut through the hold-down shoe.

6. Porter-Cable PCB3875SS Scroll Saw – Good For Hobbyist / Starters

Porter-Cable PCB3875SS scroll saw is only good for those who have just started woodworking, not for professionals because it wobbles a little bit that will irritate you while making some complex wood designs.

The large aluminum dual tilting table offers beveled cutting up to 45 degrees. There’s also a patented tabletop bevel scale which provides you with the most accurate and convenient readings. 

The saw has a built-in LED work lamp which is adjustable. This work lamp ensures better illumination of the work area. 

The variable speed of the scroll saw varies from 500 and 1500 SFM with an upfront control knob.


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1. The slack control of the scroll saw relieves or increases tension, and thus, it becomes easier to replace and remove the blade.1. The brightness of the work lamp is not appropriate since the wattage is low.
2. The dust blower curves in from the side and thus keeps the visibility high and makes clean up easier.2. The motor of the blades has a little stutter at a lower speed; however, it gets smoother when the speed increases.
3. The vibration is little at on the level of the saw and thus, making the work easier.3. This scroll saw is priced under $400 but it is not value for money because motor fluctuates a little bit, back & forth. Not recommended for professionals
4. It has a maximum speed of 1,800 RPM.
5. This saw is known to reduce fatigue of the users.

7. Excalibur EX-21K – 21″ Scroll Saw & Stand Kit

Excalibur EX-21K is not good for beginners because it is very difficult to assemble & this scroll saw kit comes with a stand & foot-switch controller that costs you under $750 (not a great deal for starters) & you might not need all these extra things if you are just starting.

This scroll saw comes with a unique design that provides a stable platform while cutting straight or an angle. Unlike other saws, this table is tilted for angle cuts and thus, allows you to better control the workpiece on a flat table surface. This one has solidly built upper and lower parallel arms which keeps the blade straight with a minimal deflection from the blade and thus, it allows you to make precise cuts.


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1. You have control over the workpiece better, i.e., on its flat surface.1. The cost of the scroll saw is too high.
2. The head of the saw tilts to 45 degrees rather than the table.2. This scroll saw comes with a noisy mechanism.
3. The package of this saw includes foot pedal/switch and also, adjusting height metal stand.3. Very poor customer support. No one responds if you have any issue in your saw.
4. This scroll saw is reliable.
5. The versatility of this saw is commendable.
6. This scroll saw has a large table area.

8. Hegner 18″ – Best Scroll Saw For Intarsia

Hegner scroll saw is very powerful & it can cut almost everything. If you want to do professional custom intarsia then this 18-inch Hegner scroll saw will be a great option for you.

Also, note that marquetry & intarsia techniques are almost similar, so you can either buy Shop Fox W1713 (mentioned at number 3 in this list) or Jet 727200K (mentioned at number 11)

Because of the careful design of this tool, this scroll saw delivers superior accuracy while scrolling. The vibrations are limited because of the way the cast-iron table, arm, and blade holders are calibrated to boost efficiency.

This model is built in such a way that it is durable. The outer part of this model is made from cast-iron except for the door foot knob.

Unlike other scroll saws, this one ensures stability. The table is designed with the help of a machine and also provides an excellent sliding function.

This scroll saw comes with dust removal, which is very easy to attach to your external vacuum. It helps to keep sawdust away from your cut. The tiltable table helps to make angular cuts.

The parts of this scroll saw can be easily changed even the blade clamp is easily replaceable and readily available. It comes with a rock-solid seven years warranty.


No products found.


1. Comes with a powerful inductive motor of 2.83-Amp and thus, cuts through everything.1. The price of this Hegner scroll saw is too high.
2. It has a large throat size of 18-inch. So, it is easy to work with more substantial material while it does not take excessive space on the workbench.
3. It is very stable with negligible vibration.
4. The variable speed varies from 400 to 1,700SPM.
5. The quality of this saw is very high since the construction is from cast-iron.
6. It has a generous depth of 2-⅝ in. And thus, allows it to work with most industrial materials.

If you see Hegner scroll saw is out of stock on Amazon then you can check the alternative one – Jet 727200K Scroll Saw (Check 11th saw in this list).

9. Excalibur EX-16 Scroll Saw – Very Easy To Change Blades

Excalibur EX-16 is just a lower model of Excalibur EX-21K scroll saw that has a throat of 16-inch but it doesn’t come with any stand like its higher model.

The upper and lower blade guard of the same helps to prevent accidental contact of your hands with the blade. It also has a unique head tilting, which is 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the left, and thus, it keeps the workpiece level for better control and more accurate cuts. 

The variable speed of this saw ranges from 400 to 1400 stoker per minute with comfortable access speed and tension. 


No products found.


1. It has a sleek design and is made up of cast iron metal.1. The product line of this saw is manufactured in Canada.
2. The belt drive mechanism in the saw allows it to work for continuous hours.2. This saw demands basic-to-moderate skills in its operation.
3. The placement of knobs and dials has been done smartly.3. This saw works with the pinless blades only.
4. There’s a storage compartment for blades.
5. It comes with a stand and variable speed foot pedal.
6. It has a quality dust blower which is located on the left side.

10. ShopSeries RK7315 16″ – Scroll Saw Under $200

ShopSeries RK7315 scroll saw also, is an OK tool for beginners or you can gift it to someone on Christmas but don’t expect it to be a long-lasting tool. Many people complained that it doesn’t last long. Instead of this model, you can go for WEN 3921 because it lasts longer & costs less than this model.

This scroll saw is robust and lightweight with a 1.2 amp, which is ideal for several small woodworking projects. It has a die-cast aluminum table which bevels from 0 to 45 degrees. 

The saw also includes two durable 5” tungsten carbide blades.

This scroll saw comes with a ⅘” stroke which ensures clean and accurate cuts.

You are also provided with a 2-year limited warranty which protects against defects in material and artistry as well.


No products found.


1. It has a throat length of 16”.1. There’s no light in this scroll saw.
2. The saw comes with a blade storage compartment.2. The dust blower does not function properly.
3. It has a dust power for vacuum.3. The table tilts only in one direction.
4. It also has a variable speed dial which is located in the front.
5. This model has variable speed control in the range of 500-1,700 SPM.
6. This scroll saw is lightweight at 37.5 pounds.

11. Jet 727200K – Best 22″ Professional Scroll Saw For Cutting Metals

Jet 727200K is a high-quality professional-grade scroll saw under $1000 with a throat depth of 22-inch that is best for cutting almost everything like metals, hardwood, MDF, etc. It is also good for doing custom intarsia.

This scroll saw is a massive and durable device that comes in handy for all kinds of cutting tasks & makes it the best scroll saw for professional woodworkers who make complex projects every day.

The blades can be used easily and can be replaced as well. The arm can be tilted to 40 degrees to both right and left direction and thus, lets you make precision cuts.

The table is made in such a way as to absorb vibrations and thus, lets you work peacefully with an adjustable speed of 400-1,500 SPM.

The maximum cutting depth of this scroll saw is 2” and it is also material holding clamp and a stand as well.

If you are a professional woodworker & you have a budget for this tool but if you are hesitating then you don’t have to worry because the Jet 727200K scroll saw comes with a 5-Year Warranty that will make you pretty confident.


No products found.


1. It can efficiently deal with sturdy materials; thus, it won’t break easily.1. The screws in the blade have to be tightened when your package arrives.
2. It comes with a warranty of 5 years.2. The device is expensive, not good for beginners.
3. There’s no excessive noise while you’re working on the device.
4. The blades are pre-installed with your purchase.
5. The dust blower enables for more visibility and accuracy.
6. It also has a blade storage unit.

12. SKIL 3335-07 Scroll Saw– Value For The Money

Skil 3335-07 scroll saw is a great option for hobbyist or beginners who are looking an affordable saw that comes with an LED light but do not buy its blade because many buyers complained that the blade breaks easily.

This scroll saw comes with an integrated dust removal system that keeps cut-line free from debris.

It also comes along with an articulating LED work light which ensures that the workpiece is lit. The electronic variable speed of the scroll saw will help you to cut a variety of different materials.

You can also cut thicker pieces with the help of its 16-inch throat.


No products found.


1. It has an adjustable blade guard foot.1. The in-built LED in the scroll saw vibrates excessively.
2. The saw accepts both types of blades – pin-end and plain-end.2. The blade changing in the saw is not intuitive.
3. It has a variable speed dial.
4. It has an adjustable dust blower. 
5. This saw comes with an LED light.
6. It also has a variable speed dial.

13. General International BT8007 – Good For Basic Cutting

General International BT8007 is another affordable scroll saw option for beginners who just want to do the basic cutting. It is not good intricate work.

This scroll saw has an up-front dial which allows the users to set the exact cutting speed choice for processing several kinds of materials.

It has a flex-neck LED work light as well. The maximum cutting capacity is 16” (throat depth), and maximum cutting thickness is 2” at 90 degrees.

The work table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees to the left with an upfront locking knob and bevel scale. The safety on/off switch comes with a removable security key. 


No products found.


1. It keeps the workspace neat.1. This saw has too much vibration.
2. This saw is effortless to control.2. Difficult to install a blade.
3. This is an ideal product for different kinds of material.
4. It has a power output of 144W.
5. It has a flex-neck LED work light.
6. This scroll saw weighs 24 pounds.

14. Ryobi SC165VS – Good Enough For Light Woodworking Task

Ryobi SC165VS is a 31 pounds scroll saw that comes with a 16” throat depth cutting capacity. This tool can cut 3/4-inch ply & also MDF but the problem with this tool is that it sometimes jumps around (even at low speed) when it is not bolted to the surface.

The integrated dust blower of this saw ensures cut-line precision. The saw also enables tool-free blade change, be it plain or pin-end. The electronic variable speed control varies from 550-1600SPM.

It also has a 0 to 45-degree tool-free tilt action.

There are many complains of this tool, most of them are related to sellers fault or some manufacturing fault but the good thing is that is comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


No products found.


1. The LED quality of this scroll saw is up to the mark.1. You have to spend additional money to have a footswitch to your scroll saw.
2. This saw is versatile and very easy to use.2. The installation, change, and the movement of blades can take up a lot of time.
3. It works at different ranges of speed effectively and efficiently.
4. The saw is good enough to carry out light woodworking tasks.
5. While you’re cutting at a particular speed, you need not change the speed.
6. You may start or stop the saw at your own will since there will be no loss of your workpiece.

15. King Industrial – 16 inch Commercial Grade Scroll Saw

This is a 64 pounds compact scroll saw that is an excellent choice for professional woodworkers. It is for the workers who work for long hours every day.

The main feature of King Industrial scroll saw is that it gives you a safer & accurate cut because of great control while working. This tool has comparatively better control than others because the whole head of this saw tilts at 30 & 45-degree to left & right respectively instead of inclining the table.

This scroll saw is built very well and is intuitive to handle. Though it can fit in a small shop, this scroll saw comes with all the features that a power scroll saw should have. 


No products found.


1. It has an efficient and robust design.1. This scroll saw is known to be expensive.
2. This scroll saw comes with a powerful motor.2. Though it delivers excellent performance, it comes with less space.
3. It has a large work-table.
4. It also has a high-end dust blower.
5. This saw can cut through all from a thick compound to thin frames.

Well, I understand that this list must be exhaustive for you to go through. However, now you have the option to choose the best scroll saw for yourself, and thus, your requirements will be met in no time.

Just note that this list is not in any order of preference. All the scroll saws mentioned are worth trying; however, it all narrows to your needs at the end.

To help you to choose the best scroll saws, I have written the buyer’s guide too.

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Scroll Saw – Buyer’s Guide 2024

Are you in search of the perfect tool that can help make elaborated curves in different forms of materials including wood, metal etc.? Here I am sharing a guide for pedal operated or electric scroll saw that is the one of the best tools that can help carry out this process effectively. It cuts more precisely in comparison to the options available in the market. It is also known as the perfect substitute to the fretsaw or hand coping saw. One can enjoy seamless blend of table saw’s steady strength and jigsaw’s supreme precision with a scroll saw.

There are many sizes available depending upon the throat size defined as distance of rear frame from the blade of saw. It is possible to find out the length of wood piece that could be cut with the help of size of throat of scroll saw.

This tool is very efficient and is used by woodworkers as a leisure pursuit. It gives a chance to reflect their imagination by making different articles of wood and metal. It has made sawing very graceful & precise. Let us discuss the features of different types of saw machines available in the market and their features so that buying becomes easy.


The design of the scroll saw is prepared in such a way that it provides accurate cut to the customers. It has double parallel link arms on both side fronts which gives reliable and exact cut. Because of this design, chance of over or under cutting has reduced to a great extent. Handling of the saw is very easy as there is variable speed control. Vibrations and noise are reduced which makes it easy to use in a peaceful manner. On front upper arm of the machine blade, lever tensioning has been allocated which means blade can be changed very quickly. Inside cuts are possible easily with the help of arm lifts blade. In some of the tools, we have blades in 2 directions. One is standard and other is 90 degree. It provides the opportunity of ripping with maximum capacity.

Arm design:

Arm design is the most crucial factor in the scroll saw machine. The arm design is designed in such a way that it takes less effort and makes the operation very easy. The arm movement has been shortened by shortening the distance between back of the saw to the front of the saw. All the controls of the machine have been designed on front side which makes the working very easy. Dual parallel pattern of link arm reduces the vibration of machine which improves accuracy of over & under cutting and gives précised quality cutting. For great quality work, always go for upper arm lifts pattern as it raise the position when blade is changed or blade is adjusted.


Speed of the scroll saw is variable depending upon the specifications of the variable speed controller used. In most machines, speed is from four hundred to sixteen hundred stokers /minute which means working is very efficient while in some, it ranges from 400 to 1750 stokers per minute. For a smaller cut, you can choose the machine which has speed range in between 300-1500 strokes per minute.

Saw Table:

Saw table comes in varied sizes. You can choose the scroll saw according to your requirement. Generally saw is very spacious table which rotate to forty five degree very easily for angular cuts. Angles from 0 to 45 degree can be easily cut using the tilt mechanism of the table. For horizontal cut pattern, angles table is tilted using the lock knob & tilt scale. Top of the table is made up of cast iron or aluminum which is robust by nature and hence user can control it very easily. For most accurate cut with ease, always patented level scale is best. For smaller jobs, go for small size table as working on medium size table is simple and gives end products of best quality.

Special Features:

In the scroll saw, there is a dust blower curve in the side which cleans the machine quickly, hence making workspace neat and clean and enhancing the visibility. Quality of the machine is high graded because it is made up of cast iron. The belt drive mechanism of the scroll saw allows the use of machine for several hours. Storage compartment is added for blades. Any type of metal or wood can be used for cutting without any tension of breaking. The saw can easily cut thick compounds to thin frames. Its speed could be increased or decreased at any time according to need of hour.