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Jigsaw vs Circular Saw: Which One Is Right For You?

jigsaw vs circular saw

Ever wondered what it’s like to differentiate between a croissant and a baguette? Well, a bread connoisseur would easily be able to do it but for a person who is only concerned with eating would be able to spot the difference in terms of shape. A baguette is an elongated bread while a croissant is a layered, buttery and crescent-shaped one. But why exactly are referring to bread here?

The example given above represents the analogy that we would like to draw between the saws that we will compare today. Just like the two items of French cuisine, saws also belong to the ‘cutting’ category of tools. But only the way the bread differ even though they’re used for a similar purpose, our saws too, are not the same. Perhaps, this is the reason why we need an entire article dedicated to the same!

Do you have a wood cutting business? Or are you a DIY person who looks up for exciting things on the Internet and loves to produce it in wood form? Either way, if you are thinking of buying a new saw or replacing your old saw with something more suitable, congratulations, you’ve reached the right place. In this post, we will discuss the jigsaw and circular saw and try to do away with any sort of confusion that you might have regarding choosing between the two.

When you type up saws on Amazon with intentions to make a purchase, you get an entire list of products which range in all categories. There may be options of a jigsaw saw and a circular saw. But, which one out of these would you choose? Of course, it becomes complicated if you are not a professional in the wood cutting genre. I recommend you to read this post ” Jigsaw vs Circular Saw: Which One Is Right For You? “ carefully and make your decision accordingly. 

A piece of great news for you! I will also discuss some right products in each category so that your job becomes more manageable. You can thank me in the comments below! *wink*

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!



If you google about this product, you will find a man wearing protective glasses holding a machine and bending over the object that he intends to slice. If you make a precise note, you would also be able to see that the blade of this saw even sticks out from the lower part. This is referred to as a jigsaw. This saw has a narrow edge fitted at the top section and a bit loose on the bottom.

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A point of difference that you can notice in case of jigsaws from the other category of our differentiation is that the blade here is a little less sharp. This quality corresponds to the safety that jigsaws bring with themselves. We discuss this elaborately because it is a well-known fact that people have lost an entire hand while manhandling or being careless about their work with a circular saw. 

Jigsaws are also lighter as compared to circular saws. This is because the blade is thinner, and these saws are used for more mobile functions. Many modern saws that you would see at Amazon will certainly quote ‘lightweight’ as one of the attributes of the whole apparatus. This is because when the saw is light, you can quickly move it to cut on the required pattern on your wood.

Moreover, if you are a person who is looking for a saw that can make wavy cuts, look no more. With a jigsaw, you can easily cut wavy patterns and even any other pattern that might be required for renovating your child’s bedroom or even for creating a prop for a play. You can cut an entire snowman on wood with this saw. The ease is contributed by the ability of the jigsaw to move in smaller spaces because of thin blades.

Another great thing about jigsaws is that you can easily cut curvy lines without making a whole lot of mess of dust. Jigsaws leave lesser residue and work on a wide range of bases or materials.

Wait! Was that a lot of information to gather up in one go? Let us take a look at the pros and cons so that you can analyze better!


  • Wins the battle in case the user wants curvy cuts.
  • Can make curvy and wavy cuts with great ease.
  • Jigsaws are lightweight due to their shape.
  • Can easily cut entire figures.
  • It also doesn’t create a lot of mess during usage.
  • Blades being thin ensure user safety.


  • Can’t make cuts on thick materials. 
  • Straight cuts need more struggle.
  • Irrespective of the quality the blades tend to break somehow.
  • The replacement blades tend to be expensive.
  • Can’t make frames or cut through lumbar at all.

If you consider jigsaws right for your requirements, we have a product for you that you can find while making a purchase. Take a look!

Bosch JS470E 7 AmpBest Corded Jigsaw Tool

  • This one has a speed dial that can vary and also a 7 amp motor.
  • The blades have an orbital action ( 4-orbital settings ).
  • A tool-less blade-change feature so that you can easily change its blade within seconds.
  • The components include a JS470E jigsaw along with a wood cutting blade, an anti-splinter insert, plastic overshoe, bevel-wrench & also a carrying case.

No products found.

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Circular Saw:

best circular saw

Whenever we talk about this one, let’s first agree to the fact that we’re talking business. A circular saw is every woodcutter’s possession which helps to create straight cuts with no struggle at all. If you google about this one, you’d see pictures in which users are carrying a machine with a curved blade that attributes to half the weight of the whole apparatus. These are not flimsy but very durable.

If the cuts that you intend to make in your material require precise and straight lines, a circular saw would be a clear winner. The main aim of this type of saw is cutting the wood easily and quickly. Moreover, the artistry that you could perform while using a jigsaw on the material you want to cut can’t be done by the aid of this tool. This is because the shape of the blade is very different from that of a jigsaw.

The blades of a circular saw are known to be very expensive and as such are very durable also. Because they come for a higher price, they also give a good result while cutting wood. A smooth, seamless straight cut can be managed by a circular saw like nobody’s business. The blades last comparatively longer than the jigsaw ones, and if in case they weaken, they can be sharpened again instead of making a replacement altogether.

If you have a construction-related work, a circular saw is a must-have. This is because these saws talk no-nonsense and deliver their high-quality performance on wood in case your building an entire house or even a door frame. These qualities, however, are a significant departure from the jigsaws that we previously talked about. Of course, wavy cuts are not possible, but thicker stocks are managed with ultra great ease.

But let’s not forget how dangerous can a circular saw be if used carelessly. Do not ever attempt a wavy cut with this tool because this equipment may back you up in your face while causing severe injuries. As mentioned previously, circular saws have been the cause of losing entire appendages in times when they were used the way they shouldn’t have. Moreover, it may also cause splintering into the wood. 

Let us now take a look at the pros and cons to make you understand the difference clearly!


  • These can make straight cuts very quickly.
  • They are a must-have in construction work.
  • Great for building houses, door frames, and extensive woodwork.
  • It can also cut through thicker stock very quickly, such as lumbar.
  • The blades are thick, heavy and highly durable.


  • The whole apparatus is cumbersome.
  • The blades are dangerous and can cause injuries.
  • The price is usually higher.
  • It cannot make wavy cuts at all.

We will now take a look at a product that has been very well reviewed in circular saws.

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SKIL 5280-01 15 AMP Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser GuideBest For The Money

  • The motor is mighty and can deliver a speed of 5300 RPM for faster and seamless cuts.
  • The blades included are tipped in carbide. There also is a spindle lock that enables users to change blades effortlessly.
  • The weight is 6.95 lb.
  • The dust blower improves visibility by keeping the line of cutting free from dust.

No products found.

So did you reach your conclusion?

Well, my advice to you while purchasing would be to keep your goal and the type of cut in mind. If the cuts you intend to make are wavy, choose jigsaws, if you’d like to do extensive lumbar work, choose circular saws!

I hope I am able to do away with your doubts! Happy Wood-working!