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best backpack leaf blowers

As soon as the season starts taking a turn, the shattered leaves are seen everywhere creating unwanted clutter. There is no doubt in the fact that you want your yard to be clean and clutter-free. So what comes to your mind is an efficient leaf blower that can take away all this mess and help you enjoy a clean and neat yard once again. In this selection of the best backpack leaf blower for money, we are here to help you with some of the top options available in the market along with their detailed specifications so that the decision can become easy on the basis of your demands. After discussing the top choices available in the best backpack leaf blowers for money, we will begin with the important tips that you must consider before buying leaf blowers since they can help a lot in making appropriate selection while meeting all the performance demands.

These are important to be considered since there are several features of backpack leaf blowers. Some of these are essential for your task while some are additional, based on the demands of users. So, no need to invest more, for the features that are not really needed for your intended task. Similarly, the professionals might need additional features as well and therefore going for a model that lacks these features can make them feel disappointed. It is, therefore, better to make the selection after properly going through the available features along with your intended demands from the backpack leaf blower. Also, do not forget to consider the factor of comfort while making the final decision because you would definitely do not want to get completely exhausted after the work since experience is all that matters the most. So let us begin:

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Top-Rated Backpack Leaf Blowers Comparison Table

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The Best Backpack Leaf Blowers In 2020 Are:

1. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT – Best Backpack Blower For Small & Medium Yards

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The design of this backpack leaf blower is intended for the yards that are medium in size. However, this does not imply that it cannot deal with big yards. With its powerful performance, it stands top in this list. The leaf blower is also smaller in size that helps in reducing fatigue even after long working hours. The 50 cc engine of this blower offers airflow of 494 CFM along with 180 MPH of speed. Cruise control is the additional smart feature that users can enjoy in this backpack leaf blower. In the 350BT model, a specific X-Torq engine is used by Husqvarna by which efficiency is increased and fewer emissions are produced. It has adjustable handles in this model along with increased control offer easier access to the user.

Key features:

  • Cruise control: for the purpose of easier handling, it comes with cruise control and throttle of variable speed for user convenience. Also, 692.17 CFM of airflow is offered in this model
  • X-torque engine: the destructive and exhaust emissions are reduced with its design of the x-torque engine by about 60%. It also helps in increasing fuel efficiency with 20%
  • Ergonomic harness: the shape of hip-belt and padded harness is intended to meet the operator desires
  • Minimal strain: complete blow force is utilized in the design having offset handle so that the control is easy and arm is not pulled downwards


  • Amazing power
  • The back pad is ventilated
  • The operation of this tool is quieter
  • The engine of 2.1 HP that can reach 180 mph of speed
  • Reliable tool


  • Plastic parts are more
  • Makes noise

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2. Poulan Pro PR48BT – Best Affordable Backpack Leaf Blower

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This is yet another best option available in the category of backpack blower that offers sufficient power for taking care of the entire yard cleaning tasks effectively. The powerful 2 stroke engine of 48cc offers airflow of 475 CFM along with 200 MPH of speed. This backpack leaf blower might not be as powerful as the other options in this list but the task of a DIYer could be met efficiently with its power. Several useful features are loaded in this model from Poulan that makes it a highly innovative option available. The feature of variable speed serves as one such feature using which it is possible to make easy adjustments in the airspeed on the basis of the intended material to be blown.

Key features:

  • User convenience: user comfort is taken care of by its harness and adjustable large padded shoulder straps so that less fatigue is there even after long hours of usage
  • Cruise control: blower could be used at constant speed with this feature and throttle needs not to be engaged for this purpose so that blower barrel could be focused while working
  • Affordable: This is an affordable option available in this list using which you can keep your yard clean from debris, dust, and leaves without much burden on pocket
  • Design: This is lightweight model that offers optimal fit and minimal strain even with the frame of heavy-duty so that performance is never compromised


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • A powerful device for small yards
  • Use premixed fuel that is ethanol free
  • Maximum user comfort


  • Not for commercial purposes
  • Choking issues

3. Makita EB7660TH – Best Compact Backpack Leaf Blower

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This is a great heavy-duty option in backpack leaf blowers from Makita that gets you covered for the yard cleaning demands. The leaf blowers from this brand come in several designs and features so that users can enjoy the convenience of selecting the desired model suiting their particular demands. The Makita backpack blower serves commendably with its innovative features and style that can meet the demands of the user in the most efficient manner. The engineering of this gas-powered backpack leaf blower is intended to reduce the emission of noise such that users can also work with this tool in residential areas without the concern of too much noise.

The yard is not just kept free from debris with this leaf blower but is also capable of collecting the wet leaves from the yard. The automatic engine decompression of this tool serves highly beneficial for starting the blower for working.

Key features:

  • Automatic engine decompression feature: To allow easier starting for user, it comes with automatic decompression feature to quickly start the blower and get it going
  • 4-stroke engine: Exhausting harmful emissions are reduced with no need of mixing the fuel or oil and air filter and muffler work for providing filtered and quieter operation
  • Performance: It offers higher velocity and air volume such that user can enjoy powerful cleaning with an air velocity of 206 MPH and air volume of 706 CFM
  • Design: The tube is adjustable, shoulder straps are padded and the engine has anti-vibration mounts fixed so that the vibrations are reduced effectively


  • Can serve at the speed of up to 206 MPH
  • Low vibration and fuel-efficient
  • Effectively handle dry and wet debris
  • Sturdy and robust frame
  • Durable


  • Location of oil cap is improper
  • The instruction manual is bit confusing

4. Greenworks 2404802AZ – Best Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

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In the category of backpack leaf blowers, this model from Greenworks serves as a strong contender. This Greenworks 80V Pro backpack leaf blower offers quiet performance while meeting the power demands being battery powered. With the term quiet, it actually means somewhat noiseless operation as much as possible in the leaf blower. It offers perfect wind-speed of 145 MPH while working with the Lithium-Ion 2.5 Ah battery. The fume pollution problem is also eliminated with this device that makes it perfect for both commercial and home applications. On the mode of low power, it offers 2 hours of runtime with Ego bare tool features having compatibility with the capacities of all Ego batteries.

Key features:

  • Performance: it serves power equivalent to the gas models with its brushless motor while working on turbo mode for 11 minutes and standard mode for 21 minutes sufficient to work with debris
  • Convenience: user can enjoy power with this tool on-demand on account of the turbo button and trigger for variable speed
  • Design: axial fan design and cruise control feature in the design help user to enjoy ultimate control while blowing away the debris like a breeze with 145 MPH / 580 CFM
  • Lightweight: this tool weighs just 14.64lbs making it extremely light to carry and work with


  • Remarkable performance
  • No need of maintenance
  • Eliminates gas or solvents demand
  • Quiet operation
  • Battery-powered


  • Operating time is short
  • Quite expensive

5. Troy Bilt TB4BP EC – Best fuel-efficient backpack leaf blower

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This is the backpack leaf blower that has impressive features to maximize the run time and has enough power in the blower to handle different landscapes. Users can enjoy working with the blower with maximum control on account of its accessibility to blow at every nook and corner of your landscape. With an air volume of 500 CFM, powerful performance is offered by this tool along with an airspeed of 150 MPH. The design of this gas-powered backpack leaf blower is ergonomic and less stressful on the shoulders and hips due to padded straps. So the user can get all the desired features in a single machine that can help in taking care of the yard cleaning needs efficiently.

Key features:

  • Design: This tool houses a 32cc 4-cycle engine with a durable design with no requirement of fuel mixing
  • Coolflex construction: This construction eliminates exhaustion and provides coolness while working which ultimately helps in maximizing user efficiency.
  • Jumpstart technology: This technology along with Spring Assist technology enables quicker starting of the blower
  • Control: Users can enjoy maximum control with this unit on account of its ergonomics, professional-level performance, and comfortable design that does not put much strain on the arm and shoulders as well.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Less maintenance
  • Circulation of cool air due to cool flex backpack design
  • Easy and quick start
  • Better handling is possible with cruise control by variable throttle


  • Good for blowing off the leaves on harder surfaces
  • Power issues

Things to check before buying backpack leaf blower:

  • Noise level: do consider this factor before selecting the backpack blower since some of the petrol-powered backpack leaf blowers make much noise. These could not be used in communities at certain times and therefore pose operative restrictions. Select the model that meets the decibel standards of local communities and hearing protection should be used while operating the blower.
  • Weight: it is important to make this selection practically so that the leaf blower does not pose much burden on the back. In some models, the user can blast the debris away while standing at a spot but the movement is needed in case the area to be covered is larger. So go for the models having durable and comfortable straps so that it could be easily carried around.
  • Engine size and airflow: the backpack leaf blower is intended to minimize the workload of user. The complete blast of 250 MPH is not an ideal choice for most of the cases and therefore variable throttle is important to select the speed as per desire. Select the backpack leaf blower on the basis of desired power whether you need it for simple tasks or for commercial applications.
  • Pollution: while selecting the backpack leaf blower that is gas-powered, do consider the harm that can result from emissions. Select the model that is eco friendly and fume controlling complying with the regional standards.
  • Air filters: no user wants to face the issues of chocking in the dust blowers while working in the dusty conditions and therefore the models should be selected accordingly. So, go for the one having a feature of vacuum suction or self-purging. Functionality is limited by vacuum models so consider this fact as well while selecting the model.

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