best gas leaf blowers

Do you have the nightmares of having to rake up all those fallen leaves of your yard all by yourself? Well, you don’t need to worry about the presence of leaf blowers in the market. Your task can be just made easy-breezy with the best gas-powered leaf blower with you. You can easily rake up those leaves in one corner for easy cleaning of your yards or lawns.

Apart from blowing away the leaves, it can also help to free your exteriors from the snowy debris in the chilly winters.

Now, with many brands coming out with gas-powered leaf blowers claiming to be the best ones, narrowing down to the perfect one for your needs can be a gruesome task. So, you have landed just on the right spot where we will be breaking down 5 product recommendations for you with proper rational for the same. Read on to find out.

NOTE: We usually write about “Top 15” of all the tool categories but in this article, we are mentioning only “Top 5” because we are talking about a specific type of leaf blower, i.e. gas-powered leaf blowers. So, it’s not necessary to write “Top 15”.

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Top-Rated Gas Leaf Blowers Comparison Table

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The Best Gas Leaf Blowers In October, 2021 Are:


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This product from Hitachi is gas-powered delivering an air speed of 170 miles per hour. It is a very lightweight handheld version making it extremely comfortable for the users to hold and use it for blowing the leafy mess off your yard. The product is light in weight, effectively removing the debris from your lawns. It is said to have a better air velocity with an impressive performance. This blower is very simple to start off and operate.


  • Debris removal: It removes the debris at 441 CFM, giving out an excellent performance.
  • Engine: There is a 2- stroke engine provided for longer run time.
  • Air velocity: It produces or blows out air at a velocity of 170 MPH.
  • Operation: It is very easy to manipulate the lever with due to it being a two-finger throttle lever.
  • Emissions: It produces fewer emissions out in the environment due to the presence of two-stroke technology of the engine.
  • Usage: This engine driven Hitachi machine can be used up for heavier duty tasks.


  • No hassle of handling the long cords
  • Light in weight so is easy to handle
  • Causes less harm to the environment as it produces low emissions
  • Easy to start off with an efficient performance and run-time
  • Can easily blow up leaves off a large sized yard


  • Assembling of tube and nozzle takes up time
  • Ethanol can corrode the parts of the pipe.

Expert Note: Environment is the foremost consideration so the fact that it produces very low emissions even while blowing up huge quantities of air, is one of its striking features.


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Craftsman manufactures great garden tools and this is also said to be one of the best handheld gas-powered leaf blowers. The engineering of the machine is done in quite a good way with the qualities of manufacturing materials ensured. It has a powerful and impactful engine and has also kept in mind and is compliant with all the environmental regulations. It gives out an efficiently superior performance and is an apt choice to blow off your yards at home.


  • Engine: The machine has a powerful engine of 25cc of 2 cycles.
  • Airflow: The air flows powerfully at a speed of 200 MPH with air volume of 430 CFM.
  • Design: It is ergonomically designed for comfort while using. The tool is user friendly with translucent fuel tanks and variable speed control.
  • Easy Start Technology: There is an easy-start technology present which makes starting the blower effortless with 3 mechanisms- Prime, choke, and pull.
  • Operation: The cruise control feature allows working for an extended period of time with no manual alterations.
  • Tube: The tube of the machine is developed in a way that allows easy reach in corners and working in any condition.


  • Designed for a comfortable operation
  • It starts 50% faster than other blowers due to the presence of spring assisted recoil start
  • The tube length can be adjusted as per suitability and gives wider reach
  • High performance
  • Translucent tank for keeping an eye on the fuel levels


  • The shoulder strap is absent
  • A little heavy

Expert Note: This machine is recommended for handling both dry as well as wet leaves of the yard at home or even for professional usage. Either way, it can deliver superior performance with the comfortable operation.


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This Husqvarna product is another powerful one designed with a harness or in a backpack way. It can be carried as backpacks while its operation with shoulder straps present. It comes with an impactful engine to blow off the leaves and other mixed debris off your yards whether at home or for commercial use. This also comes with a cruise control mechanism to regulate and control the throttle. It creates less noise while operation, making it a good option for those who don’t want to cause any disturbance to the environment.


  • Engine: It comes with an X-Torq two-stroke engine compliant of all standard regulations,
  • Air speed: The engine gives out an air speed of 180 miles per hour which is quite enough to blow up a fairly large-sized yard.
  • Operation: The engine produces out low emissions with lesser levels of noise.
  • Functionality: This blower can easily work for longer periods of time without even overheating. Also, it is easy to start this product to get it running.
  • Handles: The handles are very adjustable and are designed in a way that puts less strain on the arms.


  • Design is compact and ergonomic
  • Low emissions and noise is produced
  • Cause no harm to the environment
  • Provides a comfortable grip and easy to operate
  • It is quick to assemble and starts off easily


  • The tubes can be a concern while cleaning
  • It requires a lot of storage space

Expert Note: For an occasional commercial or home usage, this product is a good choice to invest in for blowing off those dry leaves and other yard debris and clippings.


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This Poulan leaf blower is a backpack styled blower built for cleaning up the leaves, grass clippings and mixed kind of debris from your lawn. It offers a comfortable holding up of the unit while working due to the presence of padded shoulder harnesses. This unit is very comfortable to use without causing any fatigue to the user even after prolonged usage. This unit also has a 2-cycle engine and is built up of durable and reliable quality materials which enables it to provide support for a longer period of time.


  • Engine: It has a 48cc 2-cycle powerful engine that can blow off even in damp conditions.
  • Air speed: 200 miles per hour of speed is generated from the blower with varied options available for control.
  • Design: It is designed in a backpack kind of way with adjustable and padded shoulder straps to simply hold it on your back and adjust based on your comfort while working with it.
  • Cruise control: The blower comes with a cruise control feature which enables to lock the trigger up for prolonged usage, not having to press it continuously.
  • Usage: It is effective for a home application wherein it can blow off fallen leaves, small sticks, twigs and grass clippings, and animal residue excellently.


  • Padded harness present for comfort usage
  • Speed control is possible due to throttle feature
  • More control at hand to suit your comfort while operating it
  • Can be carried like a backpack for blowing off
  • It is durable and offers an easy grip with less stress on arms


  • The waist belt is absent
  • Produces loud noise

Expert Note: This product is a backpack styled one which can get the home job of blowing off the debris from the yard quite easily. However, it tends to produce loud noise while operation but surely is very durable and will last long.


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The Remington blower and vacuum combo is smartly designed and apt for outdoor usage. It is very easy to assemble and run. The engine is a 2-cycle one with 27cc. This unit comes with a vacuum bag making cleanup more efficient and easy. Coming with a quick start technology the nozzle gives extended accessibility and be carried around for quick blowing sessions. The blower is compactly designed and provides greater control over the unit. This blower cum vacuum is easy to assemble and the nozzle is long enough to blow close to the ground so that the debris is blown off effectively.


  • Engine: The engine is a 2 cycle one of 27cc. The fuel level is also taken care of with the translucent fuel tank.
  • Air speed: It blows at a speed of 205 miles per hour and is suitable for commercial as well as home use.
  • Functionality: It comes with a vacuum function as well to suck wet debris and speed can be controllable for usage.
  • Design: It is a compact design with an extendable nozzle for bend-free reach to the ground for more efficiency.
  • Operation: This blower is smooth to operate and reduces debris worth of 10 bags to 1.


  • Dual features of blower and vacuum
  • Offers a soft and comfortable grip
  • Cruise control and variable throttle allows more control over the unit
  • Compactly designed with lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and start-up


  • Tends to release oil smoke sometimes
  • Not powerful enough to carry out heavy duty tasks
  • Noisy

Expert Note: It is a good choice to invest in this product if your use is to only clear up light-duty small or medium home yards or commercial use. And, if you are looking for a compact option so that it does not even take up much of your storage space, then this blower is the right and the ideal choice for you to go with.


Gas-powered leaf blowers are very powerful and come with a tank to fill up the gas required for the operation of the blower. Though they need refills after a certain period of time, they tend to give good and quick results. Now there are some points to be kept in mind before purchasing gas-powered leaf blowers. Read, store and think about them before bringing one for your yard.

  • The yard size: The size of the yard to be blown and cleaned should be considered before going in for a purchase. Gas-powered leaf blowers have the capacity to rake up a yard as large as half-acre in size. They have longer run time and can help to clean up even large-sized yards very conveniently.
  • Type: The type of leaf blower you need to invest in should also be well thought of. There are blowers coming in handheld style, wheeled one or back-packed. Handheld ones are light in weight while back-packed ones can be used for longer tasks. Back holds up the blower, therefore, freeing the arms. Wheeled ones can be pushed through and easily moved through your lawns for cleaning purposes.
  • Power: The output that a blower can give, i.e. how much air can it blow in a minute-this is known as cubic feet per minute or simply the speed of air that is coming out of the blower- miles per hour. 500 CFM should be considered for larger yards while a 300 CFM can do significantly well for light-duty tasks.