Best Corded Electric String Trimmers Reviews 2020

Like your lawn to be free of weeds and unwanted grass? A well-kempt yard is very lovable and a good sight to watch. And for you to bring out the beauty of your garden, a string trimmer is your supporter. Now, string trimmers can be gas-powered, cordless (battery-backed) or corded ones that can feed in the power to trim those bushes and all that unwanted grass out there. The principle on which the trimmer runs is that of the centrifugal force which proficiently cuts out the grassier waste.

However, picking down one can be a tough call. So, to help you with that we have come across another blog wherein we would be recommending five best products, the corded ones, specifically, which would make it easier for you to decide which one to bring home.

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Top-Rated Corded Electric String Trimmers Comparison Table

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The Best Corded Electric String Trimmers In 2020 Are:


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This 4 Amp motored version of corded string trimmer by Greenworks has an impressive power to clean away all the extra and surplus growth of your yard. This tool causes no pollution to the environment and not even releases a single trace of carbon emissions while operating. An affordable option, this tool can just make you complete your task with no strain due to its features.

Now, let us have a look at its features:-

  • Shaft: the shaft or the string of the trimmer is short in length and rotates for doing the task of grabbing the edges for being trimmed off.
  • Edging: There is a metal guard that retracts even to perform the function of a guide for the purpose of edging.
  • String height: The height of the string is 13” which is appropriately enough for trimming and chopping your lawn off clean.
  • Zero emissions: This tool is also safe to be used environmentally as it does not cause any harm to it due to not releasing even a single trace of carbon emissions while working.
  • Design: The design of the tool is light in weight and it owns dual handles with one on the shaft and one for accessing the control buttons. This straight shafted tool makes cutting easy due to curved head and adjustable shaft heights.
  • Durability and weight: The product is very durable and provides support for a longer period of time. it is also light in weight with robust handles for easy maneuvering.


  • Automatic feeding system makes feeding quicker
  • Rotatable shafts give accessibility and handling at different angles
  • It can also be operated with a 20V lithium battery
  • Adjustable shaft height suits the position and height of the user comfortably
  • An environment-friendly tool with no emissions
  • Dual handles make trimming less complicated


  • Edging capability is not very commendable
  • The motor is not very powerful

Expert Note: This corded tool from Greenworks can efficiently cut off those thick and disturbing weeds and grasses. It can keep your yard satisfyingly healthy.


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This corded version of the string trimmer is manufactured by Toro which specializes in manufacturing yard and other maintenance equipment. Though not very strong and powerful, bit, this Toro string trimmer can help you drift off those bothersome weeds and other long grassy waste. With a munificent width of cutting of 14” that is provided by the trimmer, it can give out a clean line up of tidy grasses.


  • Power and motor: This tool has a motor of 5 Amps which provides continuous power to the trimmer for doing its job.
  • Design: The tool possesses a dual functioning system that can enable it to flip to an edger with just pushing a button.
  • Cutting head: The unit has a double cutting head of 14” to fasten the task of trimming and edging. The head is rotatable which can intake the feed and perform its job.
  • Shaft: The string is adjustable suiting to the height of the user of the tool.
  • Guide: There is a guide developed in the machine to guide the user of the cutting or edging path. It can also lift up so that trimming around the stones, walls and other hurdles.
  • Handle: It provides the correct grip and has a trigger on it for the unit to align with the cutting path accurately and automatically.


  • Rotatable shafts give accessibility and handling at different angles
  • The tool is straight on the edging track due to the presence of a side wheel
  • The guide protects the user and also displays the accurate edging path
  • The unit is robust, long-lasting and immune to rusting
  • Automatic feeding system makes feeding quicker
  • Runtime is not interrupted and noise generated is very low


  • There might sometimes be a complication with the automatic feed
  • The machine is comparatively heavier than others

Expert Note: For neatly manicuring your lawn, this tool is versatile enough, along with being variably accessible due to the head and shaft being adjustable in nature. It can effectively make your medium or large-sized yard look trimmed and well-kempt.


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This Black & Decker corded string trimmer owns the power to chop off any kind of lawn condition. It can well trim up and whirl across the deep and long weeds and grass. This tool can make the trimming really easy and quicker with its Powerdrive transmission and a 5 Amp motor that it houses. The trimmer line is not an issue to be dealing with if this tool is in your hands due to its striking features:

  • String: The string of the tool is 13 inches ling which enables it to trim down a wider pathway of weeds.
  • Design: This tool is light in weight and is very easy to even pick u and use it for overhead trimming.
  • Feed spool: The feed spool is automatic in nature and keeps feeding the trimmer as required with no manual intervening and even bumping.
  • Height: The height of the string and handle is adjustable as per your suitability. Adjusting the shaft height is as easy as pressing a button for it.
  • Handle: Spring-loaded and the locking mechanism is used by the handle of the trimmer for acquiring maximum motion in the desired position.
  • Edging: The trimmer head is one of those precisely swiveling ones that clearly trims and manicures the edges tidily straight.


  • Cord retention system prevents accidental disconnection of the cord while working
  • Automatic feed spool cuts down on replacement of the spool
  • Trimmer’s heads deliver a precise edging
  • Powerful transmission of power makes trimming the toughest weeds easy
  • Single string trimmer, yet makes the job adequately simpler
  • Very light in weight and easy handling is required


  • The cord can add on the weight of the trimmer

Expert Note: This is just the right choice for you to go with if your purpose is to just take it to use for home purposes and not professionally. This light to hold trimmer can make trimming and edging your yards an enjoyable task.


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This Craftsman model is an affordably basic and powerful enough to execute light-duty jobs for your yards at home. It is another best in budget alternative available in the market. It houses a very plain and basic yet sturdy design frame. This alternative here rests a little on the heavier side in terms of weight as compared to its other counterparts. Nonetheless, this unit can effectively and efficiently manage the yard waste well and convert the messy wild yard into a beautiful green patch.


  • Swath: The cutting swath of the unit is 13” long with a single line trimmer.
  • Feed: The automatic feed system cuts out the manual need for feeding on the picture.
  • Trimming head: The head of the trimmer can rotate to bring out finer edges of the yard. The position can be altered based on trimming near the flower beds and other plant saplings.
  • Handle: The length of the unit’s handle can be repositioned and adjusted to suit the personal comfort of the user.
  • Motor and operation: The 5 Amp powerful motor of the unit makes very little noise while operating.
  • Cable retention system: The cord retention system of the unit is devised in such a way that it disallows the user to accidentally trim off the power cord.


  • Adjustable handle length can give comfortable handling of the product
  • Flower beds are protected from damage due to the ability of the cutting head being tuned accordingly
  • Creates less noise than those the other counterparts and gas-powered ones
  • The automatic feeding system is available
  • The grip of the handle is tight enough to handle the product well


  • Spool replacement is not handy
  • The unit is heavy

Expert Note: For the very basic garden trimming and edging, this tool is a perfect recommendation. Apart from this, it has a good quality and long-lasting frame which is also available in the budget.


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This 4 Amp motored electric string trimmer from Scotts Outdoor features an impressively powered trimmer that can fastly trim off all the long or short grasses and weeds off your yard. Coming to a lengthy power cord, this trimmer has a stronghold on the power and unnecessary yard grass. The motor has an efficient torque and delivers a good quality performance.


  • Motor: This corded version comes with a motor of 4 Amp with a refined torque for managing out even the tough tasks.
  • Shaft: A telescopic shaft is present which enables the user to regulate the height, angle, and access of the trimmer to suit their personal needs.
  • Trimmer head: One can flip among the three cutting widths changeable in the tool for achieving clear-cut edges of your garden.
  • Feed: There is an automatic feed housed in the unit for easing out the feeding process and eliminating the need to go manual.
  • Handle: The handle to hold the trimmer is rotatable for bringing out neatly cut edges and a trimmed lawn.
  • Design: The machine is designed to be light in weight so that the level of stress experienced by the user is nil.


  • Automatic feed system eliminates the manual need to feed the trimmer
  • The rotatable shaft gives accessibility and handling at different angles
  • Cutting needs can be switched from three suitable options available in the unit
  • The flowers and little saplings can be protected with the presence of edge guard
  • No gas and no noise
  • Cord retention mechanism to prioritize safety


  • The feeding system can sometimes overfeed, overload and develop bugs in the unit
  • The handle of the unit has some issues

Expert Note: This tool can be an economical choice for those who want to carry out some medium to tougher home yard jobs. You can enjoy an efficient performance from the tool.


Being at an advantage than the leaf mowers, the string trimmers which are also known as the weed eaters have an upper hand at accessibility at tough spots in the yard. So, for tidying up your yards, gardens, walkways, all you need to do is have the best string trimmer in hand. And to find that out for yourself, you need to keep some points in mind, which we are going to discuss in this segment.

  • Shaft: The shaft of the trimmer is either curved or straight. Talking about the straight one is how the name suggests, with a long straight bar/stick/rod between the spinning head and the handle. The curved is the one that is curved halfway so that the trimming head, with the ground, stands perpendicular. While the latter is an ideal choice for the short heightened ones, the former is the natural choice for taller ones.
  • Power: There are ones available who feed on electricity, fuel or batteries. One of the three can be chosen after carefully thinking about your purpose through. Corded ones can restrict the lengths more than 100ft. as that is the rare possibility of the available length of extensions. Fuel ones are loud, while the battery needs a charge every 30-40 minutes.
  • Yard Size: This should be wisely thought of and then chosen. The corded ones can make smaller yard trimming sessions real quick, but, for the larger lawns, the tool with enough power to run at once should be considered.
  • Safety: There should be a guard or screen on the trimmer for the debris to not come flying into your eyes. Also, make sure to be wearing all the protective gear like eyeglasses, gloves, pants, and boots for your protection.

We hope that the blog will help you derive your purchase decision easily.
Pick wisely.

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