Best Chainsaw Sharpeners 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best chainsaw sharpeners

Prolonged usage of chainsaw can make its blades blunt out. With the blades losing its sharpness, the chainsaw can be slow to use and not deliver desirable outputs. This is why the blade saviors in the form of chainsaw sharpeners exist in the market. These sharpeners can help sharpen the chain or the blades of the saw to get it sawing swiftly. Now, owning a chainsaw sharpener of yours can save you from regular spending of money for getting your chainsaw sharpened from external help. You just need to invest in one of the best chainsaw sharpeners so that your task is eased out. But, with the variety at disposal for each, it is actually a tough task to land on one clearly the best choice for you.

This is exactly what we are going to help you with here. We will list down 5 best recommendations of chainsaw sharpeners for you to pick from along with the features or factors that should be considered before purchasing one.

Short Summary of Top 3 chainsaw Sharpeners
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Chainsaw Sharpeners Comparison Table

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The Best Chainsaw Sharpeners In 2020 Are:


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This tool from Stihl is very easy to use and is not difficult to operate even for first-timers. It is a 2 in 1 product having the precise depth required for sharpening along with the right kind of holder which holds the tool firmly in the correct angle for achieving a sharp filing of the teeth of the blades of the chainsaw. The tool has the direction for filing or sharpening marked on it so that the first time users don’t stroke the blade in the wrong direction against the sharpener. To correctly sharpen the blade teeth, one should hold the handle of the tool with both hands and file smoothly.


  • Files: It owns one flat file and two round files for filing the blades.
  • Design: It is designed in a two in one way and carries out both sharpening and filing to lower the depth of the blades simultaneously.
  • Power: This chain sharpener does not work on batteries. It is a purely manual one.
  • Application: The chains of 3/8th” in size can be quite easily sharpened with this tool at hand.
  • Portability: It is very light to hold and therefore very well portable and transferable.


  • Dual functionality at one time by sharpening and filing the depth of the blades
  • Quite easy to use for beginners
  • Holders are available for holding the files and bars
  • Chainsaw of any brand can be used for sharpening
  • No power source is required to operate the tool
  • File tolerance is present in the tool
  • It is very portable and user friendly


  • Instructions of usage might not be laid out in clear words
  • Larger models might be difficult to sharp

Expert Note: This tool is very easy to operate and gives great worth for the money with its precision and dual functionality. The filing guide makes sharpening less time-consuming. All your sharpening needs can be fulfilled with this tool in hand.


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Quite identical with the Stihl 2-in-1 model of chainsaw sharpener, this Pferd set is made of high-quality plastic precisely carrying out sharpening and filing functions on the chains. The only distinction between the two lies in the handle color according to their respective brands. Being a more economical alternative, it cuts out precisely sharp edges. Along with the cutter, it also has a guide bar for providing better support during filing. For achieving the accurate angle of sharpening and filing, all one needs to do is to align the marks on the gauge with the bar.


  • Function: This sharpener carries out both the function of sharpening the chain as well as of filing the edges to bring out sharply manicured chain blades.
  • Design: The filer and cutter are accompanied by the guide bar and depth gauge to provide a better angle for the task.
  • Filing guide: The filing guide of the tool is cut out of steel supported with handles made out of plastic.
  • Application: Varied chain sizes including 0.404” can be sharpened with this tool.
  • Weight and portability: Weighing only 12 ounces, it boasts of portability.


  • Can cut out sharper edges of different sizes of chains
  • Guide bar provides more precision in cutting and filing the blades of the chain
  • Lightweight and user-friendly design
  • The tool is designed to provide much control over the usage of the equipment
  • Removes less material from the chain making it last longer
  • Durable and portable


  • Needs support (vise) for better stability
  • Non-interchangeable file sizes can be a complain

Expert Note: Owning this tool makes sharpening and filing a very simple and less time taking task. It gives out clear cut edges and gives faultless results.


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This Buffalo chainsaw sharpener is an electric version of the tool which operates only on power being fed to it by a 120 Volt power outlet. The motor of this sharpener is powerful enough to sharp each tooth of the blade. For easier operation, this unit can be mounted on the wall, a vise or even rest on a bench for prioritizing your comfort of working. This unit can bring out sharper edges angled correctly to deliver precise results. The most striking characteristic of this chainsaw sharpener is that it can well adjust for suiting different designs of the chain.


  • Motor: the 85-watt motor is powerful enough to make the sharpener run at 4200 RPM speed.
  • Mount: This tool can be easily mounted on the wall, vise or top of the bench for providing better access to the user.
  • Design: The sharpener owns a grinding wheel which delivers a versatile performance of sharpening the chainsaw.
  • Storage: The unit is light in weight and can be easily stored up when not in use as it does not eat up much space. It can be mounted back on the wall when not in use, for storage.
  • Application: A wide range of chain designs can be sharpened with this electric sharpener.


  • Can be adjusted to suit the comfort working condition of the users
  • It can give back the sharpness of a variety of chain designs
  • Grinding speed is high which ultimately lessens the downtime of the sharpener
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Light in weight and portable tool
  • Versatile performance and eats up less storage space as it can be mounted on the wall


  • The depth gauge is absent
  • Cannot work on customized sizes of the chain lest mastered the skill of sharpening to make the best out of it

Expert Note: This is an apt cost-effective choice for DIY use by bringing back the sharpness of varied designs of chains owned by the chainsaws.


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Among others, this chainsaw sharpener from Husqvarna is made out to sharpen only 3/16 inches of chains. It assures convenience, durability and high-quality performance in sharpening out the teeth of the chainsaws. Being another affordable pick, this chain sharpener reduces the sharpening time considerably. It also consists of a bar that makes it run effortlessly against the blade teeth. This hand chainsaw sharpener is one of the best ones serving double functionality of filing as well as sharpening the chainsaw.


  • Purpose: This tool carries out both the functions of filing and sharpening quite precisely.
  • Files: The filing guide or the filers of the tool are interchangeable. Both flat and round files can be easily replaced with fresh ones to never let the output compromise.
  • Design: The clamps and all other parts and supports of the tool are made out of metal which makes it durable enough.
  • Application: The tool can be used to sharpen chains of any brands of the chainsaw, but only 3/16” in size.
  • Usage: It is an agile tool making sharpening a quick task. It is also easily transferable from one place to another.


  • Serves dual-purpose of sharpening the cutting teeth and filing them as well
  • Angles are marked at the side of the bar for getting the right angle
  • It can sharpen the chains of any brand making it versatile to use
  • Design is ergonomic with the unit being easy to hold and perform the task
  • Same depth of teeth can be easily maintained while sharpening
  • Durable option as it is made out of metal


  • Only compatible with 3/16 inch chains
  • Switching directions can be a little confusing
  • A stable and steady hand or support is required for precisely sharpening the chains

Expert Note: This tool is recommended for the occasional sharpening of the chainsaws at home. This inexpensive version is easy to operate even for first-time users. But, being a manual one it requires steady support for doing the job effortlessly.


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Running on a 12 Volt battery, this chainsaw sharpener engineered by Oregon is very effortless to use. It delivers an impressive performance by quickly sharpening the chain in a matter of just 5 minutes. It uses stones to sharpen a worn-out chain without having to put in any manual efforts. The sharpening guides provide guidance to the user so that errors are kept distant. Since the unit is fed power by the battery, it can easily be used in the field as well for sharpening out the chains. The guides of this plastic sharpener are adjustable in nature.


  • Sharpening stones: The tool contains two sharpening stones to carry out the task of sharpening.
  • Power source: This is an electric chainsaw sharpener running on 12 Volt batteries, also backed by a power cord for ease in usage indoors and outdoors.
  • Sharpening guides: The guides are adjustable in nature for providing an effortless performance.
  • Operation: The tool is easy to use and delivers faultless results by just setting the angle correctly against the chain.
  • Design: The tool is cut out with high-quality plastic which also makes it lighter to hold.


  • The sharpening stones provide excellent and clearly sharp edges to the chain
  • The sharpening guide is adjustable in nature providing uniform cuts in teeth
  • The tool is very portable and versatile in application
  • Small in size so can be easily stored up after usage
  • No extra support is required for sharpening
  • Being functional by batteries makes this tool a highly portable one


  • The user manual is not clearly understandable
  • The shaft might face jamming sometimes

Expert Note: This electric sharpener gives excellently sharp results by just rubbing the stones against the teeth of the chains with absolutely no manual efforts. The presence of the battery and power cord makes it versatile enough to use both indoors as well as out on the fields.


Before going to invest money into one, there are some points to be considered or checked before finalizing the product. And also to ensure that you bring home the best chainsaw sharpeners, one should care to check some pointers, which are:-

  • Power source: You need to carefully think about opting a cordless sharpener or a corded one. While the corded one will be restricted to function only when an outlet is available, the cordless one can be easily used anywhere.
  • Chain size: To decide on the compatibility of the sharpener with the saw, it is essential to know the chain size.
  • Type: There are electric and manual, both the kinds available. As manual ones are slow, electric ones are sharply swift in their action, so one should decide accordingly the kind that will suit them best.
  • Moveable: The portability of the sharpener should also be seen. Apart from some moveable options, bench mounted ones also exist which function only when mounted on the bench.
  • Depth: The depth of the teeth of the chainsaw should also be checked as they are the ones that are sharpened by the sharpener. So, both, the sharpener and the depth of the teeth should be very compatible.
  • Wheels: More the grinding wheels in the sharpener, much easy it becomes to use. Owning a sharpener with at least three wheels gives more worth of usage.

Signing off with the hope that the blog will help you reach the ideal decision for your chainsaw.

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