Best Sump Pumps In 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best sump pumps

Worried about your space or basement being flooded with water? Need not to stress about it with sump pumps existing in the market. Due to prolonged rains, groundwater level rises, leading to water getting in the cracks and invading your space. Sumps are stationed under the basements to drain away the water and prevent your homes or spaces from being flooded.

Sump means a pit created below the basement floor where the sump pump resides. There are valves in the pump that sense water pressure or levels and drains the water away from your property with the help of an effluent, adjoining the pump to a drainage area.

There are numerous kinds of sump pumps available in the market making it difficult for a user to choose the right one.

Lounge back and continue reading to get equipped with correct knowledge to choose the best sump pump for your homes.

Top-Rated Sump Pumps Comparison Table

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I have also written some frequently asked questions at the bottom. Click here to check.

The Best Sump Pumps In 2020

15 best sump pumps

1. Superior Pump 91250 – Best Value For The Money

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This is the best sump pump designed to drain out water from your basements, rooms or rooftops, etc. This robust pump is worthy enough to spill out the accumulated water in pools or even fountains.


  • Motor: ¼ HP motor is able to draw 3.8 Amps of current and run for a day.
  • Construction: Pump has a thermoplastic build with copper windings for handling while the motor is jacketed and sealed with stainless steel to protect it from water.
  • Water pump capacity: Water up to the height of 25’ can be lifted. Bottom suction can remove water up to 1/8th inch of the surface it resides on.
  • Debris protection: Debris larger than 1/8th inch is filtered by a thermoplastic screen, protecting the pump.
  • Portability: The pump is portable enough to shift it for emptying a swimming pool or draining water from a clogged bathtub or clearing out a fountain.
  • Garden hose: Attachment to garden hose lets the screen being cleaned easily.
  • Lightweight and versatile: Thermoplastic build makes it light in weight and can be uninterruptedly be used as a back-up pump.



1. Electricity consumption of motor is less.1. Inflexible cord in cold weather.
2. Screen is in-built to filter the particles.2. Oil leakage from pump can be a problem.
3. Thermoplastic body makes it durable.
4. Performance of the pump is efficient.
5. It has a tough and sufficiently long cable for household use.
6. Quiet operation.
Expert Note: If you are looking for the best sump pump for basement giving the best value for your investment, this one is the apt choice.

2. Superior 91570 – Best Submersible Pump

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Another offering from Superior Pump, this sump pump is made of thermoplastic ensuring no corrosion with long time support. Optimum performance is delivered by this pump.


  • Motor input: ½ HP motor is inbuilt delivering good performance.
  • Capacity: 3300 gallons per hour capacity of water up to 25’ vertical height.
  • Debris removal: Large particles are removed by suction screen. 3/8th inch solid particles can be handled well.
  • Build: Thermoplastic body and higher quality materials make the equipment last long.
  • Garden hose: Garden hose adapter is given with power cord as long as 10’.
  • Pumping: 1-1/2” discharge of large particles which is high capacity pumping.
  • Construction details: Equipment is made with copper motor windings, double o-ring seals, shaft seals made of stainless steel and split capacitors.


1. Thermoplastic construction makes the equipment last long.1. Automatic switching is absent.
2. Affordable price tag fulfilling the requirements of sump pumps.2. Alarm system and float switch is absent.
3. Large debris can be removed easily by suction screen.
4. Compact package with high power output.
5. The body is corrosion free.
6. Design is sleek and compact.
Expert Note:  All your pumping needs can be fulfilled with this package from Superior and that too within your means.

3. Zoeller M53 – Best Automatic Sump Pump

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Zoeller is the oldest pump manufacturing company existing in the market. This economical model offered by them is among the favourites of various plumbers and contractors in the industry due to its outstanding features. Let us have a look at them:


  • Design and frame: Cast iron body encases the motor and internal structure. Heat dispersion into the water is quick ensuring safety of internal parts. Epoxy coating keeps corrosion at bay.
  • Power: 1/3 HP motor with a speed of 1550 RPM pumps more water in less time.
  • Discharge: Capacity of 1.5” capable of pumping out ½ inch solids from basements or basins.
  • Switch: Switch case is made of cast iron which activates by vertical floats automatically.
  • Safety feature: Presence of switch guard ensures functioning of the switch even in cases of enclosure’s restrictions.
  • Portability: A stainless steel handle is given for shifting the pump to places easily.
  • Power cord: A secure power cord of 9 ft is given for farer reach. It is secured to prevent any electrical accidents.


1. Suction operation with no clogging protects the pump from sticking and clogging.1. Switch might need replacement after a short period of time.
2. Cast iron encasement makes the equipment durable.
3. Automatic functioning does not require a constant human attention.
4. Pump shuts down automatically when water is down at 3” from the surface.
5. Solid stainless steel handle ensures portability of the equipment.
6. Maintenance and cleaning is easy.
Expert Note:  This pump from Zoeller is undoubtedly a perfect blend of powerful motor, automatic functioning and superior discharge capacity and that too at comparable prices.

4. Wayne VIP50 – Best Multi-Use Electric Water Removal Pump

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This multipurpose pump is made of thermoplastic, assembled with high quality components is capable of pumping out water from aquariums, construction sites, basements and water beds.


  • Motor and flow rate: ½ HP motor pumping at 2500 gallons per hour.
  • Suction mechanism: Suction operation filters 3/8” solids and pumps out water as close as 1/8 inches.
  • Housing: Made of thermoplastic which is glass reinforced encasing the motor, impeller and internal structures keeping corrosion and rust at bay.
  • Garden hose: ¾ inch adjustable adapter can be connected to garden hose.
  • Utility: Multipurpose equipment useful for household application, water removal from construction sites, etc.
  • Submersible: Pump can be submerged completely in water while usage as the motor is completely sealed.
  • Maintenance and assembly: This pump is easy to maintain care for being easy to install.


1. Thermoplastic construction makes it durable and rust free.1. Manual operation of switch is required.
2. Efficient performance by being completely submerged.2. Large drainage cannot be handled.
3. Accessing the unit is simple and portable.
4. Water as low as 1/8 inch of ground can be cleared.
5. Moist or extreme weather conditions cannot damage the pump.
6. Quiet operation.
Expert Note:  Wayne is synonymous with user-oriented services being an excellent choice for keeping your basements or spaces dry.

5. WAYNE CDU980E – Best Sump Pump Under $200

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Being present in business for more than 80 years, Wayne offers some of the best sump pumps for pumping out water from the basements and other residential buildings and even swimming pools. Without any doubts Wayne is considered to be a fierce competitor in sump pump industry due to the features it offers in its models. Have a glimpse of the features present in this version.


  • Horsepower and gallons: ¾ HP motor with 4,600 gallons per hour flow rate of water at drawing in power at 115 volts.
  • Pumping height: This pump can attain maximum pumping height of 26 ft with on/off switches at 4” and 9” respectively.
  • Weight and build: Weighing 22 pounds, this pump is made of cast iron and stainless steel making it long lived.
  • Switch assembly and impeller: Polypropylene float is contained in switch assembly while the impeller is made of cast iron. Vertical switch float is present in this pump.
  • Debris filtration: Suction mechanism prevents clogging and filters out waste without blocking the pump.
  • Switch guard: This switch protects against damage during movement and other hang ups.


1. Thermal insulation of motor makes this unit perform well even in extreme conditions.1. Handle on the unit is very small.
2. Sturdy construction makes the equipment durable.2. Short power cord.
3. Entirely submersible power cord protects against short circuits.
4. Installation of the unit is easy.
5. Damage protection is ensured by switch guard.
6. Five year long warranty on the product.
Expert Note:  An amalgamation of efficient performance and well groomed design, this pump offers great utility also against stagnant water and helps keep your basements and households dry.

6. Wayne WSS30VN – Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

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Claimed to give up to 1 million cycles, this is the best sump pump with battery backup. Wayne delivers this product assembled pre hand to drop it right into the sump. The exterior is tough enough to sustain rough handling.


  • Motor and gallons: ½ HP motor is inbuilt with a pumping capacity of 5,100 gallons per hour at 0 ft.
  • Battery: The pump runs on a 12 volt battery at 75 Amp.
  • Debris removal: Suction mechanism prevents clogging and blockage of the pump and helps in removing the debris.
  • Alarm system: The pump has an inbuilt LED alarm for status updates.
  • Operation: A vertical float switch is fitted in the pump for automatic functioning.
  • Backup pump: Secondary pump has a capacity of 3300 gallons per hour and 2300 gallons per hour at 10 ft of discharge height.
  • Construction: This pump is made of cast iron enabling the pump to live long with you.


1. The unit is pre assembled, ready to drop in the sump.1. Smaller sump might hinder the functioning of the pump.
2. Through smart charging technology, the power consumed by pump is limited.
3. The unit does not stop even in power cuts due to battery backed pump.
4. Cast iron build prevents the pump from corroding and being afflicted by rust.
5. Alarm notifies the users of rising water level.
6. Operation is noiseless.
Expert Note:  Two kinds of units combined in one being one of the best backup sump pump systems. While the foremost pump draws power to pump and keep your basements dry, the backup pump is ready to take up during power loss.

7. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG – Best Outdoor Sump Pump

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The waterbug submersible pump is smartly engineered with Multi-Flo technology outstandingly removing flood water from roofs, deep basins, gardens and even narrow spaces. Having an excellent flow rate, this is another high quality product. Let’s take a look at the features.


  • Design: The pump is constructed with thermoplastic enabling the pump to sustain tough handling and making it corrosion free. Pump rests on a plastic base having 6 legs giving it support to rest stably on bumpy surfaces.
  • Power and pump capacity: 120 volt power input pumping out at 1350 gallons per hour pumping out water up to 1/16th inch of surface.
  • Discharge selection: Multi-flo technology allows the user to select suitable discharge between top and side for removal of water. Top discharge allows water removal from narrow locations like tubs, tanks and buckets. Side discharge allows removal from flat areas like roofs, basements and yards.
  • Debris removal: Multi-ring suction mechanism filters the debris keeping clogging at bay.
  • Power cord: Power cord of 10 ft is provided for farer reach.
  • Usage: Shifting of pump to places is easy as it is lightweight while usage is also not complicated.
  • Seasonal Storage: There is a hang tab feature provided in the pump for storing it during off season.


1. Versatile application as the pump can remove water from narrow and deep to even flat areas.1. Handle is absent.
2. Operation is reliable as the multi ring suction can filter the debris efficiently preventing clogging.2. Large spaces might not be dried well.
3. Multi Flow technology allows to choose suitable discharge types.
4. Can be submersed completely.
5. Makes the area virtually dry by pumping out water up to 1/16th of an inch from the surface.
6. Dual discharge options at an affordable price.
Expert Note:  Looking for a multi-purpose sump pump capable of handling flood waters on flat as well as deep and narrow spaces, then the aforementioned pump is the right choice.

8. Wayne EEAUP250 – Best Portable Sump Pump For Crawl Spaces

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This oil free pump from Wayne is designed to remove flood water automatically after plugging it in. Moreover, this sump pump senses flood water and starts working. Submersible operation is possible as the pump is compactly packaged with thermoplastic.


  • Motor and flow rate: ¼ HP motor of 2.5 Amps having a flow rate of 3000 gallons per hour.
  • Power source: An electrical cord of 9’ is given in the pump, engineered for energy efficient operation.
  • iSwitch technology: Boasting of iSwitch technology, this pump senses water and starts pumping efficiently.
  • Filtration: Debris filtration is done by suction removing water up to 3/8th inch of ground.
  • Discharge option: 1¼” adjustable discharge is available with garden hose attachment included.
  • Easy handling: Handle is given on the pump for easy shifting between places.


1. iSwitch technology enables automatic functioning of pump on sensing water.1. Handle is absent.
2. Water as close as 3/8th inch of the ground can be pumped out.2. Large spaces might not be dried well.
3. Energy efficient pump.
4. Constant attention on the pump is not required.
5. Light weight and portable.
6. 1 year warranty is ensured.
Expert Note:  A premium sump pump at an affordable cost enabling energy efficient water removal up to great depths, this pump is ideal for submersible operations.

9. SumpMarine UTP – Best Lightweight Sump Pump

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This pump from SumpMarine is capable of multi-purpose transfer and usage. Quite light in weight, this pump is best used for light household or commercial operations. The features of this pump are:


  • Power input and flow rate: Pump operates at 115 Volt at a flow rate of 330 gallon per hour.
  • Power cord: Long power cord allows attaching pump to even farer socket.
  • Construction: Built with durable materials, this pump is long lived. There are hose connectors made of metal providing reliability than plastic threads.
  • Application: Can pump out water from waterbeds, sinks, used in watering gardens and lawns, etc.
  • Portability: Device is portable and easy to transport from places to places.
  • Operation: Conveniently smooth operation at comparable prices.


1. Flow rate and pumping pressure is high.1. Manual instructions are very poor.
2. Built from durable materials making it long lived.2. Operation can be loud.
3. Multi-purpose application for household and commercial uses.
4. Extra suction is provided by a plastic triangle.
5. Unit shuts down automatically if overheated.
Expert Note:  It is great for removing rainwater. People mentioned that it took 20~30 minutes. Don’t go for it, if you need an on/off switch on the pump because it’s absent.

10. WAYNE CDU790 – Best Small Size Sump Pump

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Wayne’s CDU790 has a cast iron and steel body with the motor being completely sealed and packaged close to the body. This pump can be used for commercial as well as domestic applications.


  • Motor and water flow rate: 1/3 HP motor with a flow rate of 3800 gallons per hour operating at 100 volts.
  • Design: Pump is built of cast iron and steel which is epoxy coated for making the pump immune to corrosion.
  • Float switch: Vertical float switch is provided in the pump made of PVC with the suspension rod and shaft made of steel.
  • Filtration: Suction mechanism prevents clogging.
  • Assembly: Power cable, handle, discharge is made with top quality components to ensure long running of the pump.
  • Application: Light household uses like pumping out water from various flooded areas of your house or light commercial uses.


1. Installation of unit is easy.1. Small handle.
2. Epoxy coating prevents rusting.
3. Sturdy build ensures durability.
4. Suction prevents blockage.
5. Energy efficient pump.
Expert Note:  This is a justified purchase at an affordable price bracket if you want to put it to domestic use.

11. Liberty Pumps 257 – Powerful Sump Pump With VMF Switch

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Liberty has fitted all essential features in this sump pump making it another one of the best backup sump pump systems among the likes. This pump can come at your rescue to get your home out of the shackles of flood water.


  • Horsepower and flow rate: 1/3 HP at 50 Gallons per minute on 1’ head and up to 40’ at 10 GPM.
  • Housing: Single piece body casted out of iron which coated with epoxy.
  • Switch options: 3 options of switches are given along with vertical magnetic float design.
  • Safety: Motor shuts off in case of thermal overload.
  • Debris removal: Solids up to 1½” can be handled well by the pump.
  • Power cord: 10” detachable power cord provided ensuring replacement in case of damage.


1. Construction from durable materials ensures longevity of the pump.1. Heavy duty jobs cannot be performed.
2. The float switch is operated magnetically.2. Alarm is absent.
3. The bearings are lubricated permanently.
4. Motor and switch components are hermetically sealed.
5. Impeller is non-blocking.
Expert Note:  If you need a good backup helping you to save your house or basement from drowning, this small pump can just be the right one for you.

12. Superior 92341 With Vertical Float Switch – Best Sump Pump For Yard Drainage

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Featuring a cast iron body, this pump is equipped to fulfil your domestic or commercial pumping requirements. Let’s give you a glimpse of its features.


  • Motor and pumping capacity: 1/3 Hp motor pumping 2760 gallons per hour at 0 ft.
  • Switch: Vertical float switch is present with a back plug to shut the pump down automatically.
  • Thermal protection: Motor is thermally protected and energy efficient.
  • Side inlets: Increased water flow by side inlets.
  • Debris filtration: Suction mechanism filters the water of debris up to 3/8th” and pumps it out.
  • Construction: Cast iron build with impeller made of stainless steel.


1. Energy efficient and powerful motor.1. Lack of instructions on manual.
2. Longevity is ensured due to construction from durable materials.2. Short power cord.
3. Protection against thermal overload of motor.
4. Screen can be removed for cleaning.
5. Internal mechanism is double sealed for protection.
Expert Note:  Falling under comparable price bracket, this pump delivers impressive performance.

13. Zoeller 105-0001 – Best Sump Pump For The Areas With No Gravity Flow

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A quality sump pump offered by Zoeller, this particular pump will live up to the expectations of being the best sump pump for water softeners being able to drain water from basements, laundry pits, etc.


  • Power input: The motor is of 1/3 HP, drawing power at 115 volt.
  • Float switch: Pump automatically switches on/shuts off when water reaches a particular level with the vertical float switch.
  • Construction: Body is made of cast iron and guard, screws, switch arms, handles are made of stainless steel.
  • Filtration: There is a polypropylene basin with strainer built-in for debris filtration.
  • Power cord: Power cord is 9’ in length.
  • Discharge and operation: Pump can handle a discharge of 1½” and the operation is noiseless.


1. Faster water removal due to 1½” discharge.1. Small catch basin.
2. Assembly of components for operation is easy.2. Short cord.
3. No filters or screens are present to be cleaned.
4. Durability of unit is ensured by its construction.
5. Operation and maintenance is not complicated.
Expert Note:  Those who have their washers in basements, this appliance is perfect for them to be able to resolve a water leak problem.

14. Superior 92333 – Best Pedestal Sump Pump

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Superior has come up with one of the best sump pumps mounted on a pedestal in the form of this model. This unit can tackle the flooding situations well.


  • Motor and pump rate: Motor is of 1/3 HP draining 3000 gallons per hour.
  • Build: Thermoplastic body immune to corrosion while impeller is of stainless steel.
  • Operation: Can pump out fresh and clean water only. Waste water clogs the pump, causing damage.
  • Discharge: 1¼” discharge by the pipe that drains the water out.
  • Pedestal: On a plastic base lays the entire unit having a 10 ft long power cord.
  • Screen: Debris is kept away from pump by the mesh screen.


1. Light weight and portable unit.1. Motor is not as powerful.
2. Assembly and installation is easy.2. Lift power is low.
3. Automatic float switch.
4. Construction from high quality materials ensure longevity.
5. Delivers great value for your money.
Expert Note:  If you are looking for a plastic constructed pump giving you value for your dollar delivering optimal performance for keeping your basements dry, go with this one.

15. WAYNE CDU800 – Best Steel Sump Pump

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  • Motor and pump rate: ½ HP motor draining at 4200 gallons per minute.
  • Switch: Vertical switch with steel guard is present which is two pole preventing sticking of the switch at one side.
  • Casing: Cast iron build coated with epoxy provides durability while impeller is built of polycarbonate with fasteners made of stainless steel.
  • Safety: Motor is protected against thermal overload in occurrence of which the pump shuts down.
  • Debris removal: Suction removes the debris which prevents blockage of pump.
  • Performance: Efficient performance is ensured by the presence of a ceramic mechanical seal.


1. Presence of two pole switch prevent its sticking to one place.1. Unsuitable for shallow sumps.
2. High suction clearly filters out debris.2. Starts functioning only at 4 inches deep water.
3. Internal bearings are lubricated for smooth functioning.
4. Installation is easy.
5. Operation is not a disturbance to ears.
Expert Note:  This cast iron framework is designed with accuracy to resolve water accumulation problems in basements and can be best kept as backups.

Sump Pumps – Buyer’s Guide 2020

You will be able to better channelize the flood water away from your homes with the help of best sump pump and protect your basement or your space from being ruined. Sump pumps are engineered to only handle ground water and not water channelled from water softeners or washing machines. This shortens the shelf life. Likewise, there are more attributes to be kept in mind before heading to purchase it. They are:

Motor Power:

Motor power is an important consideration before buying a sump pump. There are different motor sizes available like ½ HP, 1/3 HP, ¼ HP, ¾ HP, 1 HP. The motor power of sump pumps should be reviewed and checked before striking a purchase. The strength of the sump pump is measured in horsepower. Motor of 1/3 HP is adequate for homes but might not work well for extreme conditions. However, a pump of ½ HP is more apt than larger ones for homeowners.

Power Input:

Sump pumps can be powered by an electrical source, or can be backed by batteries or a combination of both. There is water powered or oil sensing sump pumps also available. The source of power is another essential consideration of buying a sump pump. There are different sides to every power source which needs to be kept in mind based on which a person should choose the pump. Like, electrical sourced ones can run out if the power supply cuts out. Battery backed ones need replacing of batteries when one drains out. Combination of battery backup and electrical powered unit can even work if power breaks down or battery drains out. Water powered ones are apt only for homes having 40-100psi water supply. There is oil sensing ones which separate oil from water for draining them differently. Review the availabilities based on your needs.

Switch types:

There are three kinds of switches on the sump pump-vertical float, tethered float and electronic. Electronic switch is sensor based which starts functioning when the sensor on top detects water while shuts off when the bottom sensor does not sense any water. Though not affected by debris, the minerals present in water might block the sensors. Tethered float switch is bulb based where the pump starts when bulb floats up and shuts off when the bulb drops down after the water being cleared. Having a farer range than vertical float, this switch can operate freely in wide diameter sumps. Vertical float switch is apt for narrow sumps having less farer range making the pump running more often. There is a rod attached to the switch in the motor which needs to be brought up or lowered making the float ride respectively. Choose wisely the kind of switch you want in your sump pump.


Sump pumps are engineered with outer frames made of cast iron or thermoplastic which is resistant to corrosion. Most sump pumps out there have a frame of plastic, cast metal or even stainless steel. With pumps being grounded in sumps, the motor requires protection due to which a sump pump having a build of durable metals and materials can be more lasting. Pick smartly!

Additional features:

There are some additional features also engineered in the sump pumps like safety alarms alerting you of low battery or an overflow situation or a situation where your pump stops working due to some technical glitch. Check valve which is a flap eliminating the water from re-entering into the sump after the pump shuts off. Check for the valves being corroded by minerals. Get them replaced if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions On Sump Pumps:


Q1. What’s a sump pump?

A submersible device that is installed in a sump pit dig is known as a sump pump. It is fittest at the lowest point of the house like a crawl space and basement. It helps to prevent your house from the flood by removing water from the pit and draining it into a nearby storm dry good drain or detention pond. This small tool would be a great addition to your home improvement tools.

Q2. Where to run sump pump discharge?

It is essential to keep the discharge pit of your sump pump as long as possible from your building or foundation. The minimum separation ought to be of approx. 10 feet. Removal of water can be performed at the nearby drain, dry well or a detention pond. Remember that the hose of the discharge pipe should be flexible and tightly attached from the basement.

Q3. How often should the sump pump run during rain?

Normally, sump pumps comprised of a monitoring sensor that checks out the level of water. This sensor provides the signal to turn on the sump pump when the water rises to a certain level. Then the pump should run until the water level falls to some lower level. Moreover, the duration of running the sump pump would also depend on the altitude and height where you are living.

Q4. What sump pump is best for a basement?

A sump pump is utilized to protects your home from heavy rains and rising waters that leave behind enormous repair costs.
The best sump pump for the basement is Superior 91570. It offers exceptional power in a durable frame. Has the ability to pump 55 Gal. a minute up to 25 ft. of vertical height. Also comprise of a durable thermoplastic material that ensures this submersible pump can be used time and again without rusting.

Q5. Should a sump pump sit on gravel?

Yes, a sump pump should sit on the beds of rocks or gravel. This basic technique is usually used to settle a sump pump as it allows to accumulate in a proper manner.
It also helps to avoid damaging the exterior siding and splintering the hole. So, it can be concluded as it is an important step while installing the sump pump.

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