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best leaf mulchers

Fallen leaves on your yard can break the beauty of the greens out there. For those, who are well-read and experienced with the yard or garden knowledge knows how painful can it be to clean and collect all those leaves from your garden. And for this very reason, leaf mulchers or shredders exist. Leaf mulchers can easily cut down the long pile of leaves into mulch which can enrich your grass and plants.

However, choosing the best from the rest of your needs can really be a task. So here, we have stated some recommendations for you to easily pick one for your yard.

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Top-Rated Leaf Mulchers Comparison Table

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This product from Black & Decker is designed to perform three functions- that of leaf blowing, mulching and leaf vacuum. It runs on electricity delivering out absolutely nil emissions into the atmosphere and also produces less noise. It can handle both dry and wet debris. Apart from the mulching functionality, this product is also capable of blowing and vacuuming your garden area and making your yard rid of all the unwanted debris.


  • Motor: The motor of this Black & Decker commodity runs at 12 Amp.
  • Working: There is a dual-speed selection option available which can enable you to switch between cleaning up the flower beds or matted leaves.
  • Power extension: There is a cord given to plug in for usage. It can also be retained easily for hassle-free usage.
  • Mulching: This 3-in-1 electric savior can easily shred and mulch the leaves to bring down 16 disposable bags of green leafy waste to only one without clogging due to the presence of a metal fan.
  • Operation: It creates 50% less noise than other leaf mulchers and blowers and makes mild vibrations while operating.
  • Application: Can mulch down pine needles, twigs, and grass clippings, small stems, wet leaves, etc. very easily.


  • It has thick mulching blades
  • Can mulch down to a fine consistency
  • The handle is ergonomically placed and shoulder strap is also provided
  • Assembling the parts is uncomplicated
  • Smooth switching between functions
  • Wet leaves are also mulched down very well


  • Leaves can block the mouth of the suction tube sometimes

Expert Note: This tool is a great option to invest in for your yard clean-up sessions. It tends to saves a lot of your efforts and even collection bags due to its excellent performance.


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This tool is equipped with an impactful motor smartly engineered in the frame keeping body ergonomics in mind. The frame is very portable. Don’t let your mind flip knowing its weight and thinking that it cannot withstand long cleaning sessions, it can proudly do so. Just, the flipping of a switch between functions, that too without the need of changing the attachments. Let’s have a look at the features of this aesthetically appealing unit.


  • Mulching: The metal shredder blades are present to mulch down as fine as to the ratio of 18:1, meaning it can bring down 18 bags of waste to just one bag.
  • Power source: There is an extension cord given with a retainer which can be easily used for tidying up any kind of landscapes.
  • Design: The frame of the equipment is designed in a smart way, making it light in weight and easy to carry around.
  • Switching functions: Can quickly switch between blower to vacuum without the need for changing tubes and attachments.
  • Operation: Operates at low noise and is accessible with one hand.
  • Application: Can mulch down small twigs, grass clippings, dry or damp leaves. Avoid mulching wet debris/leaves as it tends to collect and clog the propeller restricting its function.


  • Ease of operation and access with one hand
  • Quick flipping between blower/vacuum
  • Dual shredder blades to mulch with a ratio of 18:1
  • Operates at low noise levels
  • Lightweight and very portable


  • Cannot mulch wet leaves and branches
  • The single-handed operation gets uncomfortable for prolonged usage

Expert Note: Overall, this 3-in-1 mulcher is ideal for tidying up and flaunting your small or medium-sized yards. Going for large yards with this can be taxing for your back.


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This Landworks mulcher/Chipper/Shredder is very easy to assemble and make it ready to run. Running at a good speed, this driver has a gas-powered engine having the capability to clean up your yards comprising of grass clippings, pine needles, dry leaves, twigs, etc and can eat up almost anything, except the berry vines. It needs to be fed with gasoline that is unleaded in order to create great and fine mulch which can be later fed to the plants and yard for a nutrient-rich growth.


  • Engine: The source of power for this Landworks impact driver is 4- stroke single OHV cylinder powered engine making cleaning your yards a breezy task.
  • Multi-Functions: It is multi-functionary with 3 functions, that of shredding, chipping and mulching. Shredding and chipping up to ½” is the maximum achievable for this unit.
  • Side chute: The branches and other remnants can be chipped off up to 3”.
  • Vacuum inlet: An inlet filled with the vacuum is in-built in the unit to load the feed into the machine easily.
  • System: The entire machine is cooled with forced air to prevent overheating.
  • Operation: It functions at a low noise level, therefore, not disturbing the environment. It is also easy to operate and handle.


  • Can quickly chew up the debris of yard be it branches, leaves or almost everything fed to it
  • Easy to operate and noise produced is low
  • Multi-functioning
  • Assembling the equipment takes less time
  • Vacuum inlet for quick and easy loading of yard materials


  • Produces loud noise while operating
  • The vacuum bag is small in size

Expert Note: This multi-functioning leaf mulcher targets all that it is required to and produces fine mulch. The equipment has a good capacity engine for efficient performance.


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This Black & Decker blower/vacuum/mulcher is three products in one. Running at a high speed of 230 miles per hour, this product has the capability to clean up your yards comprising of grass clippings, pine needles, dry leaves, twigs, etc. It contains plastic impeller i.e. the blades are made of plastic. It is an electrical and corded version being light to use with an effective blower.


  • Power and speed: The source of power for this Black & Decker is electricity which makes it run at a speed of 230 miles per hour making cleaning a breezy task.
  • Switching functions: It is as easy to switch between blower and vacuum as is pushing a button. It requires no change in attachments.
  • Flexibility: Dual-speed options to choose from for carrying out light tasks or heavy-duty tasks.
  • Mulching: The impeller is an anti-clog vortex one. It avoids clogging and breaking down of the mulcher. It has the capacity to mulch down 10 bags into one (ratio of 10:1).
  • Operation: It functions at a low noise level, therefore, not disturbing the environment. It is also light in weight and easy to operate and handle.


  • Can quickly chew up the debris of yard be it twigs or leaves
  • Easy to operate and light in weight and noise produced
  • No tool changing required for switching between functions
  • Assembling the equipment takes less time
  • Quick clean up of vacuum bag


  • The main power button gets in the way of grip switching it off/on unintended
  • It has a plastic impeller

Expert Note: Switching between functions in just seconds and targeting difficult locations is quite possible and easy with this equipment at hand. Also, the power to control the speed makes it a go-to option for your yard.


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This is the fifth recommendation to save your time and energy and to take up the yard cleaning sessions more actively. This corded version offers all three functions of blowing, mulching and vacuuming in one, making it more utilitarian. This product operates quietly with only making a sound of 69dBA. The motor is a 12 Amp one, saving up your time and physical pain of cleaning up the green mess of your yard/lawn. For the weight, it stands to be slightly on the heavier side making it a little tiring for an average worker to be able to use it for a prolonged period of time. Let’s have a look at the features.


  • Design: This machine is designed to keep ergonomics in mind. It saves up people from experiencing backaches due to bending and scooping the leftovers in the disposal bag.
  • Suction: It can pick up dry leaves, twigs, yard clippings, pine cones, and other yard waste at dual controllable speeds.
  • Mulching: It can easily mulch down 10 bags into 1 with its plastic impeller blades.
  • Switching functions: The attachments are required to be changed by switching the functions between blower and vacuum.
  • Operation: The machine lies on the quieter side while operation. One-handed operation is not possible at all.


  • Assembling the product is easy and quick
  • Suction does not picks up rocks
  • The mulching bag is durable
  • Shreds into small consistency making the waste more manageable
  • Holding capacity of the bag is as enough as for carrying 8-10 bags of dry waste


  • It has plastic blades for shredding
  • A little heavy with the impossibility of single-handed usage
  • Cannot handle wet debris

Expert Note: All in all, it is a fair deal to invest in this equipment as it is worth the money yet offers proper cleaning up of yards. However, prolonged usage can result in fatigue.


Leaf mulchers can really ease out the task of creating mulch for your garden. It can efficiently save up your time for other things as well. However, you should just consider investing in the right one based on your needs.

Here are some points which you should consider before striking the payment for your best leaf mulchers:

  • Power source: The mulchers can be electrical, gasoline-powered or cordless ones with varying efficiencies. The electrical (corded) one can limit your reach. The cordless one can run out any time having to replace the batteries which might also be expensive. The gasoline ones can support for long but having to refill the oil can be a tough task.
  • Impellers: With what material are the blades made up is another important point for consideration. Blade quality is important for determining the durability of the product. Make sure to read on the specifications properly to draw an idea of the quality of the blades.
  • Capability: Another obvious consideration is to compare the capability of different leaf mulchers depending on your use. Light duty ones can easily mulch up dry leaves and small twigs. Heavier and more powerful ones can tidy up large-sized yards/lawns. Some can handle the wet debris while some cannot. So, all these details should be carefully thought of before purchasing a leaf mulcher.
  • Weight and operation access: Weight of the commodity is a vital point to pay attention to. The portability also plays a crucial role. The gas-powered ones are heavier while the electrical ones are on the lighter side. Also, how easily can the clogging of the mulcher be cleared should be thought of too along with the ability of the equipment to handle wet debris as well or not?

Care to wisely think, pick and pay.

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