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Are you into woodworking, mechanics, carpentry, DIYers or just into using power tools? Then, you must know how impact drivers are just saviors, don’t you? One of the very basic and essential tools that users buy is undoubtedly a drill/driver, whether corded or cordless. But, for sure if you own an impact driver, your task just seems to be a lot simpler. The idea or rather dream of constructing your own DIY decks or any other installations seems to be executable. Don’t you think so? Whether corded or cordless, they can just steer in those screws and bits more quickly and tightly or just drive that stuck screw off your wood way lot easier.

But, we know how it can be a tough walk to choose the best impact driver for the money. This blog will help you direct you through some recommendations and things to consider before purchasing impact drivers.

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NOTE: We have written a short, simple but helpful review article on the best impact drivers. So, if you are looking for a “long type” review article or wanna check other cordless drills/drivers as well then you can read this article ” Top 15 Cordless Drills Reviews

Top Rated Impact Drivers Comparison Table

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The Best Impact Drivers In 2020 Are:


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Good for carrying out long home projects and some light contractor use, this cordless impact driver from Dewalt is the right choice for versatile applications as it can easily drive through brick, metal, concrete, masonry, wood, and anything. This 18 Volt motor runs at 2700 rotations per minute giving out a torque of 1330 in. lbs. The driver is very durable and suitable for any kind of fastening and driving applications around the home or professionally.


  • Speed: The driver runs at a maximum speed of 2700 rotations per minute for quicker applications.
  • Motor: The motor is made of a frameless technology backed by brushes that are replaceable making it deliver a powerful performance.
  • Chuck: The drive system only intakes hexagonal-shaped shanks of bits of at least 1/4th”.
  • Design: The driver is designed with a casing of magnesium which makes it durable, robust and has a longer life.
  • Grip: Slipping or falling of the tool is prevented by an anti-slip grip present on the handle of the driver which makes it comfortable to hold and use it.
  • Handling: The driver is compact in design and lighter in weight due to which using it overhead or anywhere is less strenuous.


  • The high-speed motor makes the driver more efficient and productive
  • High torque production with no jerks running back in the arms and wrist
  • Single-handed quick chuck loading is possible
  • The grip is of anti-slip texture which saves from slipping out the driver from hand
  • Produces low noise while running
  • Light in weight and durable tool


  • Heavy industrial usage cannot be undertaken
  • LED lights are absent

Expert Note: Known for its compact design, this driver is a go-to option only if you are a homeowner fixing kind of person or those who use it for light commercial use. This tool is bound to be there with you for longer if not subjected to heavy industrial usage.


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This impact driver from Porter-Cable is a good deal to invest in as it makes fixing things, repairing work and even carrying out little heavier carpentry tasks in a lot more uncomplicated way and helps you drive in those bits and nuts in lesser time. This cordless, battery-powered version gives lesser stress in holding the driver which makes handling easier, adding on to the portability of the unit. It has outstanding power and quick fastening application in driving the screws which makes it fulfill its promise in reality. It can be used for decking screws, lag bolts, self-tapping screws, etc. with a quick load chuck.


  • Design: This driver is compactly designed paying attention to ergonomics and also ensuring lesser stress in holding the unit due to it being light in weight.
  • Chuck: The chuck of the driver is a quick load one that can easily be loaded with one hand.
  • Visibility: LED light is fixed on the driver to provide shadow-free visibility of darker workspaces which illuminates as soon as the trigger is pushed.
  • Battery fuel gauge: The remaining charge of the battery is shown in the gauge while the operation to notify the users of the time the tool will run for before needing a battery recharge.
  • Accessibility: The driver can easily access tougher spots and darker areas and tight work spots.
  • Versatility: The driver can drive the screws, nuts, bolts, and other bits on surfaces like wood, concrete or other tough materials which makes it versatile.


  • Changing or feeding the bits in the drive is a single-handed task
  • Enhanced visibility due to LED lights
  • Torque is high resulting in speedy driving of bits
  • The driver assures comfortable grip
  • The magnetic strip allows holding or storage of bits and screws
  • Tough spots are accessible


  • No belt clip is attached
  • The trigger is a little sensitive

Expert Note: It is a worthy deal to invest in this driver due to its versatility. It can easily undertake home projects and other commercial tasks while delivering efficient performance.


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Model DCF887B is a brushless motor version of Dewalt’s impact drivers. This tool is also known for its versatility and precision in handling varied applications for driving in the screws and nuts, even in concrete. You can even undertake heavy-duty jobs with this one in your hand. High torque and a maximum speed of 3250 RPM makes it even more worth giving a shot to the commercial jobs at hand. A brushless motor requires less maintenance and provides efficient performance.


  • Speed: The driver has 3 settings of speed to choose from. A wider application of the tool is possible due to the same.
  • Visibility: The three LED lights that are fitted in the driver switches on automatically to provide better visibility of driving spots.
  • Accurate application: A precision drive is installed in the tool for achieving precision and more control in applications.
  • Trigger: There is a delay of 20 seconds after the trigger is released to give shadow-less visibility of the spot.
  • Gears: It contains 3 gears made of all metal giving it a hefty appearance.
  • Convenience: Convenience in handling the tool is taken care of by the presence of a belt clip in the tool.


  • Accuracy in application due to Precision Drive of the speed
  • Visibility and accessibility to tighter spots
  • Single-handed chuck-loading is possible
  • Varied speed choices allow more control and accuracy
  • Produces low noise while running
  • Changing the bits is easy


  • Bits with hexagonal shanks can be fitted
  • Chuck is a little shaky sometimes

Expert Note: The tool is designed to even handle heavy-duty jobs in commercial settings. This compactly designed tool gives out an efficient performance and is worth the buy if you are into commercial zones as well.


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Robust, yet not bulky, this Black & Decker impact driver possesses a great quality for the money you invest in it. It is suitable for carrying out all kinds of driving in the screws or extracting out the nuts even for your tough home projects. With a compact design like this, it is less jerky for the arms and wrists to tighten the screws or removing them. This battery backed cordless impact driver makes your expectations meet your purpose, but only for home use and not a commercially graded one.


  • Torque: It has a torque of 1375” lbs which is the highest for it. It delivers great force and power without knocking back at the arms and wrist.
  • Chuck: 1/4th” hexagonal chuck has a quick release which saves a lot of time in changing the bits.
  • Ergonomics: The design of this unit is ergonomically planned and executed so that the strain and discomfort on hands are minimized to nil.
  • Speed: The speed trigger helps choose from variable speed options available in this tool.
  • Visibility: The presence of LED light increases visibility in tighter spots for improved functionality.
  • Bit storage: There is an in-built magnetic bit storage in the driver for preventing the loss of your bits and nuts.


  • Elimination of knock backs on the arms
  • Variable speed trigger for a better control
  • LED lights are present for visibility and precision
  • Operates at a low noise level
  • The grip is good for comfortable holding
  • Very compact and portable


  • Ineffectiveness of magnetic storage might be faced at times
  • Overheating can be a problem
  • The trigger is sharp at the end

Expert Note: The quality of the driver is at par with the price and it well built enough to fulfill your home fixing and DIY construction needs.


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Having a 12 Volt motor, this impact driver from Milwaukee is convenient to use and durable enough to last for long. It can fix those screws and drive the bolts with high torque and can powerfully support you to complete your home construction and some light commercial assembly tasks. This is also a cordless version making it very portable and easy to carry it around on the job sites. The driver is light in weight which makes it very breezy to handle it even for overhead handling.


  • Torque and speed: It operates at a torque of 1000” lbs. at 2500 revolutions per minute.
  • Fuel gauge: Battery fuel gauge is built in to give an idea of the remaining battery during operation.
  • Grip: There is a rubber molded grip present on the handle for comfortable handling with friction in slippery conditions.
  • LED: In-built LED light illuminates the darker and tough work spots for achieving better accuracy.
  • Belt clip: Belt clip is attached on the side of the driver for convenience.
  • Battery: The Red-lithium battery can communicate with the tool and handle it and protects it from overheating so that the product is not damaged.


  • Battery fuel gauge tells about the charge left for working
  • Built-in LED lights for better visibility of work spots
  • Rubber molded grip imparts friction for handling the tool in slippery conditions
  • The belt clip is attached for convenient handling
  • The tool powers down automatically to prevent overheating


  • The battery is a separate purchase
  • Heavy-duty industrial usage cannot be undertaken

Expert Note: For home repairs and construction tasks this tool is very handy. It supports for a longer period of time and protects the instrument from damage automatically.

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Are you confused as to which one is the best and which one to pick? Well, don’t be because here in this segment we are going to tell you some important points which you need to consider before making the purchase.

  • The foremost point that should be considered before purchasing impact drivers is its Purpose or what is your kind of use for an impact driver? You need to simply classify what kind of work you will be doing with your impact driver. Based on the application of it, you can then shift your attention to other points of concern.
  • Next is the Torque. The torque and power are directly proportional. More the torque of your impact driver, more speedily will it rotate and perform the task quickly.
  • The power source stands next in line. More so, the cordless ones, those running on batteries are highly preferred over corded ones as the entangled cord can really kill all the time in detangling it. Make sure to choose the correct one. There are varied ranges of Li-ion batteries for 20, 18 and 14 volts amp. So, keep in mind that more voltage will have a higher power.
  • Apart from these, care to also think about your preference of brushless or brushed motors, the weight of the driver, variable speed options and the presence of LED lights.

For more such reviews, stay tuned to this space. Written with hope that the blog will help you push away your confusion and help you pick the best impact driver for the money.

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