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If you are looking for a true power tool that can best serve driving and drilling applications that are most demanding then a hammer drill is the perfect tool to live up to your demands. You can make the selection on the basis of power delivered by the tool that makes the decision based on performance expectations. Here we are discussing some of the best hammer drills that stands perfect on one or several aspects of user expectations. In this list, you can find the most powerful tool of the category as well as the one that is most affordable of all. All you need to do is look at your performance expectations from the device and make the decision accordingly. You can go for the most powerful tool or the one that is lightweight, the tool with the highest uptime or the one with the durable operation, all on the basis of your demands.

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Comparison Table of The Top-Rated Hammer Drills

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The Best Hammer Drills In September, 2021 Are

1. Makita XPH07Z – Best Hammer Drill Under $100

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The varying applications that this tool can match with the best performance include those in masonry, wood, and metal. It offers extended run time being powered by the brushless motor of Makita and also offer longer life of the tool, better speed, and power. The driver drills line-up of Makita has XPH072 placed at the top since this tool is a workhorse that is made with features of durability to best fit in the situations of the complex job site.

The charge time of batteries of this model is fastest in this category and therefore the performance time is more compared to the time spent in charging. The communication technology known as Star Protection is the one by which battery and tools that are equipped with Star Protection are allowed for real-time data exchange along with monitoring of the conditions at the time of use so as to safeguard against over-discharging, overloading and overheating.


  • The clean sound of motor: The advantage of the motor of Makita is also available in this tool that is packed with the features from a trusted brand offering highly efficient energy transfer for more durability and power and that too without making noise of discomfort.
  • Brushless: The applications that are highly demanding in the field of masonry, wood, and metal are served perfectly by this hammer drill that is cordless and brushless with LXT Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Lightweight: This hammer drill is not just perfect in operation but also stands easy to use. It could be operated without any problem on account of its lightweight that makes holding the tool comfortable for the user.
  • Efficiency: The design of this tool is robust and ergonomic for user comfort. Also, it comes with several extra features such as an LED 3-stage gauge by which the level of the battery is presented. A side clip and side handle of this tool offers added safety at the time of operation.


  • An exclusive battery of Star Protection powers the tool
  • Stands efficient for the applications of metal, masonry, wood, etc.
  • Has transmission of two speed of 0-2,100 and 0-550 RPM
  • The design of this tool is intended as a workhorse and in torque, it has a full 1,090 in.lbs.
  • Brushless motor of Makita is present in this hammer drill for best performance


  • For tasks that are smaller in nature, this tool stands somewhat heavy
  • The draining of the battery is faster if it is used with high power constantly

Expert note: Computer controls of star protection have been developed by Makita to offer users with the tool that has a longer life of the battery and better performance. The drill comes with two speeds and both serve useful since better power and control are there at lower speed and higher speed ranges to 2100 RPM.

2. DEWALT DCH273B – Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

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Your search for the hammer drill that can offer the best performance for several applications ends at the DCH273B rotary hammer drill from your trusted brand-Dewalt. This is the perfect tool that best serves with the varying demands of the user with its best power. The mechanism used in this power tool is German engineered and durable and provides an impact energy of 2.1 joules. When the user has to accomplish certain overhead applications, this hammer drill serves as the most appropriate power tool. This is on the account of SHOCKS technology of Active vibration control combined seamlessly with its lightweight design.

For getting optimum drilling experience, users prefer this tool above all due to its exceptional features and amazingly powerful performance that makes any sort of drilling job easy. Concrete drilling could be achieved optimally with0-1,100 RPM no-load speed. It could also be stored and hanged easily with the help of its retractable function hook. In the case of bit jams, high and sudden reactions of torque are reduced with the help of its factory set clutch.


  • Operation: This device offers durable functionality and enhanced runtime as well with the help of its brushless motor from a trusted brand
  • Technology: vibration is reduced significantly with its technique of active vibration control so that user experience less fatigue and enjoy a longer working hour
  • Energy: this hammer drill offers impact energy of 2.1 Joules so that even without the cord, the user can enjoy the power of corded tools
  • Productivity: the productivity of this hammer drill is remarkable on account of the great ratio of power-to-weight in its design that also helps to offer a wonderful experience of overhead drilling


  • This is a lightweight hammer drill and is therefore highly portable
  • Regardless of the type of bits used, speed is maintained by this tool
  • Could be used easily for long hours without much fatigue
  • Provides faster operation to complete heavy jobs quickly and could also be used in the areas that are tight


  • Lacks the carry case
  • Some noise-related issues

Expert note: This tool as the best choice available to complete tough Jobsite work quicker and without fatigue and excess workload.

3. Bosch 11255VSR – Best Rotary Hammer Drill For Concrete & Masonry

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Bosch is a popular brand for several reasons since it offers users with a number of useful tools that make most of the routine jobs very easy. The same is true in the case of power tools as well and this hammer drill model from Bosch is one such example from this category. The Jobsite work could be optimized easily with the help of this powerful tool by which ultimate performance and power are driven by built-in technology. The working hours are not extended for too much duration since the job is completed by this hammer drill at the very first go and that too seamlessly. The applications that it can handle include everything from breaking of large materials to anchoring.

This handy and versatile tool is packed with 8.0 Amp forceful motor for optimum power. The legendry bulldog’s tradition is present in the engineering of this tool as well. This is the reason why it offers an impact energy of 2.0 ft-lbs and no-load 0-5,800 BPM. Users are also allowed to select between three operation modes with its multifunction mode selector. These modes include rotation only, rotary hammer and hammer only. It also features positioning of Vario lock for chiseling angle optimization so as to lock and rotate the chisel in any position from the available 36 options. The dust system of Bosch is helpful for the users to proceed towards Table 1 dust observance of OSHA Silica.


  • Design: the D-handle ergonomic design of the hammer drill offer optimum comfort to the user. Bit starting is also accurate with the help of its reversing trigger of variable speed. Power delivered in reverse and forward is equal with its rotating brush plate.
  • 3 modes: 3 modes are there for operation provided by the multi-function selector in this hammer drill. These are hammer only, rotary hammer and rotation only.
  • Convenience: the design of this tool is intended to offer convenience to the user such as the hammer hook of the tool by which it is possible to hang the drill on the job. bit changes are also tool-free with the help of its system of SDS plus.
    Flexibility: the bit could be used in 36 varying positions and different angle use of the tool is also allowed by the system. Enhanced flexibility is there with the pivot of 35 degrees on the turret and both downward and overhead tasks of drilling could be controlled with a remarkable grip of its design of D-handle.


  • Accurate and easy bit starting
  • Bit changes are tool-free along with an automatic feature of bit locking
  • Remarkable control and grip with D-handle
  • Up to 1300 RPM and 1580 RPM variable speeds are delivered
  • Multi-function selector and reverse feature


  • Construction is of small frame
  • Slight noise issues

Expert note: this is the best hammer drill available to offer the convenience of operation to the user even for the jobs that are highly complex in nature. This is possible on account of the several remarkable features present in the tool.

4. SKIL 6445-04 – Best Hammer Drill Under $50

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NOTE: There are 2 variations of this hammer drill – 7 amp & 7.5 amp.
I will recommend you to go for a 7.5-ampere variation. Both are approximately similar but the price of the 7.5 amp model is a little bit cheaper ( under $50 ) than 7 amp.

Powerful 7.0 Amp motor drives this hammer drill to offer wall power of 120 volts and ½” chuck turning. This is the hammer drill that users prefer for several applications since it falls somewhere in the middle in the category of best hammer drills in terms of both, performance as well as price. A removable grip is featured in the model so that it could be conveniently used even by the users who are left-handed. Several other exceptional features are included in this model from SKIL. These include depth gauge that is adjustable, a variable trigger for speed so that power could be applied in the exact amount as desired for the job, and the mode of hammering using which drilling could be achieved through masonry.

This is the perfect option in hammer drills for those who do not prefer to stick with the batteries and their charger during or before the Jobsite operation. This model is highly appreciated by the users since it is both affordable and offers most of the desired features that make any drilling operation convenient.


  • Design: this hammer drill is designed ergonomically with and is light in weight making maneuvering tasks easy. Also, the user can enjoy the utmost control at the time of working with this tool on account of its side handle that is reversible as well.
  • Convenience: both the left and right-handed users can conveniently use this tool on account of its reversible handle. Also, the drill could be rotated in 360 degrees so that any desired direction and angle could be selected by the user for operation based on his demands.
  • Powerful: the motor of 7.0 Amp makes this tool extremely powerful so that it can easily perform the most complex tasks as well. Wood and several other meal surfaces are worked on smoothly by this hammer drill that is also suitable for the concrete surfaces to make holes.
  • Options in speed: the control desired by the user over the drill is offered by a trigger of variable speed. This allows making desired adjustments in drill speed that can best match the particular demands of the job.


  • This is a truly affordable option available in hammer drills
  • Offer a decent amount of power
  • Side handle of this hammer drill is rotatable
  • Speed trigger is variable for better control
  • Easy to use and offer comfortable operation


  • Not suitable for complex heavy-duty operations
  • Corded tool

5. Makita HR2475 – Best D-Handle Rotary Hammer Drill

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If you are in search of a hammer drill that can complex the desired tasks while taking care of your convenience then this is the model from Makita that can match your demands. Anti-Vibration technology is used in the engineering of this tool along with an internal system of counterbalance so that the vibration could be reduced significantly. This is the hammer drill that consists of an optimum blend of power and performance in its compact size while offering very little vibration. This is the reason why this hammer drill stands as the perfect option for several applications in which overhead drilling is also included.

The impact energy of 2.9 joules is delivered by the 8 Amp motor of this hammer drill for taking care of the applications that are most demanding. For the different applications, it comes with the operation of 3-mode including rotation with hammering, rotation only, and chipping only. The hammer function recessed selector allows changing modes with ease. Operator control is an enhanced D-shaped ergonomic handle having a soft rubberized grip. It can efficiently take care of several applications including wood, concrete, and metal, etc.


  • Damage prevention: it is engineered with the clutch that is torque limiting so that gear damage is prevented and operation could be performed conveniently
  • Motor: the motor of 7 Amp in this hammer drill offers 0-1,100 RPM and 0-4,500 BPM load speed and impact energy of 2.7 joules.
  • Operation modes: the modes of operation of this tool include hammering, rotation only, and hammering only for meeting with several applications.
  • Efficiency: in case of bit binds, the gears are disengaged automatically so that no damage is there. Timed hammering is provided by the feature of impact sequential timing at the time of rotation so that overlapping impacts of the bit are minimized.


  • Longer life of the tool
  • Gear damage is prevented by torque limiting clutch
  • Armature for dual ball bearing
  • Design is well balanced
  • Comfort grip is offered by D-handle


  • Somewhat slower in comparison to the other options
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

Expert note: The user can perform drilling operations conveniently with the help of this tool having 40 settings for bit angle, 3 operation modes, a powerful motor of 7.0 Amp, and torque limiting clutch.


What to look for while buying a hammer drill?

  • Power source: One can go for hammer drills that are cordless for lighter and home use since they are versatile. For powerful operations, go for corded options since they can well handle tough jobs.

  • Variable speed: This feature help user to enjoy better control of the tool so that the job could be completed precisely and accurately. A wide range of tasks could also be competed, with varying speeds.

  • Safety: this is another significant feature. A user might look for the tool that comes with two handles so that it can stand stable at the time of operation.

  • Depth gauge: when the demand is for several holes at particular depth then you need to go for the hammer drill having depth gauge that makes the task much easier. This also leads to consistent and error-free operations.