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Cobalt Vs Titanium Drill Bits: Which One Is Better?

Cobalt Vs Titanium Drill Bits

Wishing to adjust to your new space by picking up the right tools can be overwhelming for anyone. With the right knowledge of tools, you can make the moving in and renovation process a huge success!

Drilling is one of the most common actions that everyone absorbs. There are several types of drill bits available in size, shape, and materials. The most common type is the coating of Titanium and Cobalt.

The availability of choice between the two calls for Cobalt vs titanium drill bits. It helps to make a choice easier for you when you buy the bits in the shop. 

Catering to different wants and situations, picking the perfect fit can bring a difference in your life. Learning about them helps to gather every detail and pick accordingly. 

What is a drill bit?

A drill bit is a part of the drilling machine that helps to make a hole. It comes in various shapes and sizes and differs in the depth and hole size that they make. 

The most common type of drill bit material is steel. It is then coated with or mixed with other material gives a stronger profile drill bit material. It often comes in two main most bought varieties – Cobalt and titanium. 

Both of these varieties are strong and tough and cater to good drilling jobs. But with so many options and no little experience, how do you choose the best drill bit type?

Knowing the basics of Cobalt vs titanium drill bits is never enough. But getting to know the advantages and disadvantages can help to make a better choice.

Understanding things to take care of when buying the drill bit and taking the best care after owning them is essential. Overall, if you have the best insight on every little aspect helps to own the best drill bit set. 

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How does material make a difference?

Picking up the right drill bit material can create ripples of difference. It alters the handling, working, and the effect. Here are a few changes to help you know why picking the right bit is essential:

  • It affects the durability and longevity of the drill bit. 
  • It affects the smoothness of the drill and the neatness.
  • It affects the cost and also the value of the product. 
  • It affects the type of material that you can drill.

Comparison Table of Cobalt Vs Titanium Drill Bits

The high-speed steel (HSS) drill bits are the most common types of drill bits in the market. The following are the must look details when it comes to comparing the two main common types of drill bits – Cobalt vs titanium drill bits:

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Material of bitSteel + coating of titanium nitride or titanium carbonitride.Cobalt and steel alloy
CostLess expensive.More expensive.
DurabilityLess durableMore durable
Material to drillBetter on softer materials, including wood, plastic, soft metals, etc.Better on hard materials, including metals like steel, cast iron, etc
Sharpening the bitHave difficulty sharpening and can remove the coating of the material.It is easy and convenient to sharpen them
Temperature resistanceLess temperature resistance.Higher temperature resistance

Despite the table of differences, getting in-depth detail will help get to know the bits keenly.

Material of bit

The material with which the drill bit is made is an essential point of difference. The titanium drill bit is made of steel with a coating of titanium nitride or titanium carbonitride. In contrast, the cobalt bits are made of cobalt and steel alloy. 


The bits vary when it comes to the prices. Due to the material used and the outstanding features, the cobalt bits are the best for people who have a flexible and a bit higher budget. The titanium bits are lesser expensive than the Cobalt. 


Durability is the indicator of how long a person can use the bit to the best of its capabilities. The titanium bits lose their coating and hence their heat resistance over time. When compared, the cobalt drill bits, although costly, have no specific coating and hence are more durable. 

Material to drill

The material the bits can drill with also varies and are a major point of difference when it comes to drilling bits. The titanium bits work better on softer materials, including wood, plastic, soft metals, etc. The Cobalt bits work better on hard materials, including metals like steel, cast iron, etc.

Temperature resistance

When you drill, the space between the material and the bit heats up. The titanium bits have lesser temperature resistance, especially when the coating goes off. On the contrary, the cobalt bits have higher temperature resistance, especially at high drilling speeds.

Sharpening the bit

Grinding the tool is a part of preparing the drill bit for the best service. The titanium drill bit is difficult to sharpen as sharpening can remove the coating of the material. As the cobalt drill bits have no coating, it is easy and convenient to sharpen them.

Choosing the best drill bits – A better insight!

Going for or choosing one over the other can be overwhelming when picking up the right drill bit. Looking right at the information about Cobalt vs titanium drill bits may never be enough.

  • The need: Look for your need and question yourself why are you looking for a bit? The material of working, purpose, and other details often define the need. Titanium is the best fir for soft materials, while Cobalt works the best in hard materials.
  • Size: The size of the drill bit can be a major concern for buying a drill bit. Both the titanium and cobalt bits come in a variety of sizes. Knowing about the hole’s size to make, depth, etc., plays a major role in purchasing the bits.
  • Reliability: Trustworthy product is the first thing to look into when it comes to a purchase. Cobalt drill bits are the best to work with throughout as they do not have a coating. Although good, the titanium bits are the best only until the bits don’t fade away.
  • Cost: Price is one of the essential factors to look at. It helps you to find the best as per what one can spend. Due to the benefits of versatility, better resistance to temperature, and durability, the cost of Cobalt drill bits is higher than titanium drill bits. 
  • Longevity: Longevity is often the working life of the drill bit that you buy. Cobalt, with better features and a reliability factor, has better longevity. Also, because constant sharpening does not affect it, they have a better life than titanium bits. 

Taking the best care of drill bits

Taking good care of drill bits can help improve the bit status you have bought. It caters to the best handling and preserving them to the utmost. It includes the following:

  • It would be best if you regularly clean the drill bits with the help of soft clothes. It helps to take off the debris that otherwise could cause damage.
  • To preserve the bits’ smooth working and shine, one should apply some machine oil that helps to preserve them to the most.
  • It would be best if you never go for keeping the bit in the drill machine. It would avoid the rusting and preserve it to the most. 
  • Using the right and steady hand speed to work with the dilling matching is essential. Every material has its drilling knacks and hence helps the best with using them the best. 
  • Using cutting fluid can be optional. It helps to cool off the bit when it heats up and, in turn, increases the maintenance and service life. 

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Which one is the best?

Picking up the best and deciding the winner of Cobalt vs titanium drill bits can vary from person to person. Both of them fit into similar drilling machines and cater for the same job of drilling holes.

With a difference in the bits’ color, both the bits work efficiently to complete their work setting. Working to the best of the user’s needs, they work the best with serving the long and short needs. 

If budget is not a big deal for a person, going for cobalt drill bits is the best; if not, one can always keep the option’s titanium drill. Apart from it, the best can also depend upon the material to work upon. 

With the best working on softer material, and a price affordable to all, the titanium drill bit can suffice for several people’s need. Even with these advantages, they need frequent sharpening and may lose their coating.

With a changing mindset and needs, the best can also change as per the person. 

Drilling equipment can be the best addition to make in a home toolkit. Coming in use for various home activities helps to perform the best and handle the needs. 

With deep knowledge about the drill bits and choosing the best, one can make the best investment. It would help in the best way and help a person have the best asset in life!