best electric chainsaws

When it comes to power tools, chainsaws stand to be the most powerful among them. The electric chainsaw is the tool that makes the complex and tedious cutting work simple. It is therefore highly useful for the professionals as well as the beginners of this field. However, over the years, several models have been there in the market that makes it highly difficult to select the one that best matches your demands. Complexity has improved further with technology advancements since now we have options with enhanced features of security and functionality. So we are here with this buying guide for the best electric chainsaws that can help you to decide as to which product serves best for your specific demands.

Several important factors have been considered in this list in terms of electric chainsaw including engine, length of the bar, control, safety, etc. along with overall cost, quality as well as efficiency. So have a look at the list and select the best electric chainsaw to make your job easy and less time-consuming.

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Comparison Table of The Top-Rated Electric Chainsaws

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The Best Electric Chainsaws In October, 2021 Are

1. BLACK & DECKER LCS1020 – Best Battery Cordless Electric Chainsaw

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This is a cordless battery-powered electric chainsaw that comes with a lithium-ion 20V battery. This model comes with a bar of 10 inches and the electric chainsaw is also counted in the category of mid and affordable range products. If you are in search of a tool for applications that are light then LCS1020 from Black+Decker can best meet your demands. For the applications that are home-based as well, this chain saw best serve the purpose.

It stays charged for a longer duration so that extended run time could be enjoyed by the user. Oregon premium 10” low kickback bar is featured in the product that offers faster and smooth cuts. The tension system of the blade is tool-free for quick adjustments and enhanced ease of use. User fatigue is also reduced with easy maneuverability on account of its lightweight design.

Key features:

  • System: blade adjustment and tension system featured in the chainsaw is tool-free that also allows user to make adjustments quickly
  • Handle: bale handle of this chainsaw is wrap around and therefore it should not be immersed or splashed with water and other such liquids
  • Design: it comes with low kickback Oregon bar and chain with the weight of just 7.2 pounds
  • Oil level: user can also take note of the level of oil easily in this tool on account of the clear window in its design that allows easy checking


  • Easy to handle and lightweight chainsaw
  • Hassle-free system for adjustment of tension
  • User can enjoy more maneuvering space and mobility with its design that is cordless
  • Ergonomic design
  • It is easy to handle even for the beginners


  • Lacks too much power
  • Is not suitable for complex applications

2. WORX WG303.1 – Best Affordable Corded Electric Chainsaw

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Worx WG303.1 is the best chainsaw under $100 price range. You can’t ask for more in this price range.

This is the best option in chainsaws that takes away all your hassles in terms of cutting jobs. This auto-tensioning and chain replacement tool-free system does not demand any prior experience of working and therefore even beginners can operate it with convenience. An oversize, single knob is there in the system of auto tension that offers the bar with automatic security along with its chain. Also, the exact tension is also maintained by this system at the time of working. Over tightening, instances are reduced by the system of auto tensioning that further improves the life of chain and bar.

Key features:

  • Performance: professionals can enjoy the seamlessly powerful performance with its 15 Amp motor that to take care of several complex tasks with ease
  • Auto-tensioning: incorporated chain breaks are there along with the system of auto tensioning so that the tool can perform at perfect tension without over-tightening for lasting use
  • Bar of 18-inch: for enhanced safety, it comes with a low kickback 18-inch bar and this electric tool does not have batteries
  • Oil lubrication: automatic feature of oil lubrication is there in the tool along with incorporated oil reservoir having indicator at window level


  • Easy to handle being light in weight
  • Powerful chainsaw
  • The strong and comfortable grip is maintained with the ergonomic handle
  • The convenient tool with automated systems
  • Auto tensioning


  • Does not allow much movement being corded
  • Chain oil leakage issues

3. Remington RM1425 – Best Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw

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Remington has come up with yet another remarkable model of chainsaw having its design intended for cutting the small saplings and limbs. Rugged construction is there in this tool and features are highly user friendly. Applications of light-duty find this chainsaw to be the best option available. Users can enjoy all the basic features that are present in an electric chainsaw. A low kickback 14-inch chain and bar is there in the system and chain tensioning is also reliable with its external system of adjustment oiler push button.

It is easy to start with this chainsaw since it eliminates the requirement of gasoline, unlike the other tools that are powered by gas. This adaptable machine can help to make your task easier so that you can complete the job without much problem.

Key Features:

  • Handguard (wraparound): while the user is indulged in serious and complex tasks, its handle help keeping his hands free from the unwanted debris
  • Electric motor: the electric motor of 8 Amp featured in this tool eliminates the requirement of mixing gas and oil. Just the push of a button set the tool start
  • Design: its design is lightweight and compact so that less fatigue is there for the user while doing even the complex jobs with ease
  • System: the low kickback chain guide of 14-inch is highly durable and can easily maintain the tasks of the arbor and limbing with the desired strength


  • Easy to handle and lightweight
  • Ergonomic well-contoured handle
  • Convenient automatic system of oiler
  • Enhanced safety
  • Low kickback chain


  • Lacks desired power
  • Cannot handle commercial and heavy-duty applications
EXPERT NOTE: Please read the instructions of this chainsaw carefully to assemble it properly. Many people complain that the chain falls off after a minute but that’s not true. It will work fine if assembled properly

4. Oregon CS1500 – Best Corded Electric Chainsaw For The Money

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This electric corded chainsaw is the only option available in the market that comes with the system of self-sharpening. This means that the user needs not to deal with the hassle of sharpening the chain since it takes care of this task itself. All the conveniences available in the traditional chainsaws are available in this model from Oregon. These include a minimal amount of maintenance, trigger pulling to allow instant start, silent or low noise in between the cuts and incorporated system of chain sharpening that makes it stand a step ahead than the rest of others.

All these features make this model from Oregon stand as the masterpiece in terms of electric chainsaws that offers the best of performance and highly reliable features. All that a user could expect from an electric chainsaw are available in Oregon CS1500 making it stand on top in this category. so enjoy the best of caliber from the chainsaw that can make even the most complex tasks easier for you and that too without much burden on the pocket. Also, just pulling a lever offers the convenience of sharpening its chain within a span of 3 seconds. What else could one look for in a power tool to makes the applications easier.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic design: this is a balanced and lightweight tool in which low vibration is there. Also, the handle is extra comfortable since it is over-molded and safety is enhanced with the incorporated system of brakes
  • Low noise: compared to the gas chainsaws, this one stands to be much quieter and among the cuts as well, the operation is silent
  • Start: no need to wait for long or handle the hassle of mixing gas etc. to start this tool. Use can avoid the issue of warm-up, pulling cords, emissions as well
  • Self-sharpening: the system of self-sharpening along with chain tensioning that is tool-less makes it stand a step ahead of the other models in the market


  • Enhanced safety
  • Incorporated brakes
  • Powerful chainsaw
  • Easy to handle and light tool
  • Convenient system of automatic tensioning


  • Mobility hinders since it is corded
  • Oiling issues

5. Greenworks 20332 – Best 18 Inch Corded Electric chainsaw

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When it comes to both corded as well as cordless power tools, users can enjoy several great options from Greenworks. The same holds true in this case as well. This electric corded chainsaw is a great model from a reliable brand and takes its success to a new height. In terms of innovation, this model from Greenworks is leading all the ways. So now users can enjoy high efficiency even for the most complex tasks that would be completed in no time. This corded chainsaw is there to meet your demands whether you are in search of something that can offer remarkable performance or the one that stands economical for your budget.

This reliable tool helps users to forget the hassle of gas chainsaws while enjoying maximum reliability as well. This model is another power and big addition in this list from a popular brand that is aimed at making complex tasks easier for the users. So enjoy remarkable ferociousness with the thick logs using this device.

Key Features:

  • Motor: it features a powerful motor of 15 Amp that offers strong torque and also get started in the span of seconds to help in quick completion of the job
  • Design: toolless bar and chain adjustments are there and debris is kept at bay since the chain and bar is 18 inch in length that helps in easy clearance of huge amount of debris
  • Oil system: the device receives proper lubrication with its system of auto oiler ensuring that the user can avoid any hassle while enjoying the best of performance
  • Handle: multiple positions for cutting are possible with this tool on account of its handle of wrap around that offers desired ease at varied angles at the time of trimming


  • Comfortable to handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Automatic oiler
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Easy to handle, powerful and lightweight


  • Hinders mobility being corded in design
  • Could not be used at places where no power supply is there

Important Things To Consider Before Buying Electric Chainsaws

Before making any final decision to buy an electric chainsaw, it is important to consider certain factors that are significant for a proper buying decision. Some of these include:

  • Safety: These are the power tools in which electricity is used and therefore proper handling is important. The injuries that can take place in case of wrong usage judgment are scary enough to be even imagined. So make sure to check that ample features are there for safety so that chances of injury are eliminated
  • Corded/cordless: either you can find a cordless chainsaw or a cordless one in which no need to electric supply is there. So this depends on your demand for operation as to whether you need a corded or cordless chainsaw. Do take care of going through the detailed specifications of the two before making any sort of final decision.
  • Weight: for the time that you work with the chainsaw, its weight matters a lot. A heavy chainsaw can leave you fatigued. So make sure to select the chainsaw based on this convenience so that you can work without fatigue. it is also counted in terms of safety.
  • Power: for the power consideration, you need to think of the intended operation with the chainsaw. Do not go for the one with less power if you want to use it for commercial purposes and vice-versa.