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Best Wood Planers 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you have the right tool then planning for your own wood lumber can be a satisfying task. But shopping online can be more satisfying for that tool.

15 best wood planers

The descriptions written by sales executives for a particular product can create confusion as if you are looking for the best product or the one that will leave you with no regrets after buying. Moreover, if there are variety and a broad range of prices, it can be difficult to compare them. 

If you are hoping to get a planner that you’ll adore, yet you would prefer not to experience the issue regarding what’s overinflated deals talk and what’s reality, these surveys are for you.

We spread both – best and awful points of each model so you can choose which one is best for you. Additionally, we incorporate a buyer’s guide, so you can pick up all that you have to know to assess this tool.

Top-Rated Wood Planer Comparison Table

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The Best Wood Planer In [month_year] Are:

1. DEWALT DW735X Wood Planer – Best Overall

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The DEWALT DW735X Two Speed Thickness Planer features a powerful motor that reaches up to 20,000 RPM. The planer can handle larger cuts. It also permits you to change the speed of the feed. This feature helps you to optimize the cuts per inch.


  • Powerful motor:15 AMP motor allows you to reach up to 20,000 RPM with 10,000 RPM cutter head speed.
  • Three-knife cutter: It helps to cut the wider materials with ease and also increases the durability of the knives by 30%.
  • Two-speed gear: It assists you to change the speed of the feed.
  • Automatic carriage lock: It helps you to reduce the movement that can causes snipe.
  • Extra accessories: Such as large turret depth stop, extra sets of knives, infeed and outfeed table.
1. The Finish is flawless.1. The durability of the knife is low.
2. Includes extra tables – Infeed and Outfeed.2. Quite noisy.
3. Double-edges blades.
4. Easily portable.
5. Excellent chip removal.

2. WEN Electric Hand Planer 6530Best Wood Planer For The Money

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WEN is one of the well-known companies who is manufacturing the high-quality power tools since 1951. The 6530 6-Amp Electric Hand Planer is useful for smoothing out rough chips, edges, and splinters. It works flawlessly to fix the tenacious doors or other wooden materials.


  • Portability: It weighs only 8 pounds than can easily be carried to work sites.
  • Smooth cuts: It’s 6-amp motor deliver 34,000 cuts per minute to give you smoothed and aligned pieces of wood.
  • Blades: It includes the reversible feature, can be replaced easily and provides a variety of cuts.
  • Kickstand: Prevents any accidental blade-to-work piece contact when the tool is not in use.
  • Multi-directional dust chute: Dust bag attaches to either side of the planer so one can easily change its direction while working.
Easy to operate.The size of the chips collection bag is small.  
Parallel fences allow you cut properly.Depth control knobs are not comprised of lock system.
Comprised of built-in adjustment wrench.
Pay attention to the cutting depth.
Include extra accessories like dust bag, depth stops, and depth level.

3. DEWALT DW734 – Best Benchtop Wood Planer

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The DEWALT DW734 comes with two speeds so it can give you the finishing and dimensioning cut. It also has a three-knife cutter head, which decreases the stress on each knife, and allows for the finest finish. Additionally, it runs quietly relative to most planers.


  • Three-knife cutter head: Operates at 10,000 rpm and provides 96 cuts per inch for a fine finish.
  • Capacity: 12-1/2-inch width capacity, 1/8-inch maximum cut depth, and 6-inch depth capacity.
  • Debris management: Include a dust bag that attaches to a shop vacuum.
  • Wide base: Allows you to work with longer and wider pieces than most planers can handle.
  • Warranty: 90-day money-back guarantee, one-year free service and three-year limited warranty.
1. Produces less sound.1. Heavy.
2. Installation is easy.2. Quality of blade degraded.
3. Dust control.
4. Blades are reversible and easily replaced.
5. Wide base.

4. Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer – Best Wood Planer For Professionals

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The Makita 2012NB is a portable planer with a size of 12 inches. It has a simple compact design. The blade of this planer can be changed so easily and can be operated efficiently. This is a very perfect planer who works in the formation of staircases, furniture, etc. It also includes accessories like a toolbox, wrenches, and magnetic holders.


  • Easy to Use: This planer is highly light weighted. It has double-edged planer blades which can be replaced when required. According to Makita, it has the fastest blade changing system.
  • Low noise: Makita 2012NB generates very low noise, which will not damage the hearing power of the operator.
  • Very powerful: It has 15.0 AMP powerful motor for better performance.
  • LED lights: This planer consist of LED lights which means it is connected with a power source.
  • Adjustable depth: It has a fully adjustable depth to stop repeat cuts.
1. Compact.1. It requires periodic maintenance.
2. Low noise.2. Durability of feed roller is less.
3. Large table extension.
4. Easy to operate.

5. PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer PC60THP – Best Budget Wood Planer

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A Porter Cable is an American brand known for manufacturing remarkable power tools since 1906. The PC60THP electric hand planer comprises a durable 6-amp motor with a speed of 16500 rpm, which results in removable wood easily. This planer comes with a dual side dust collector that helps you to keep your work area clean. 


  • Depth knob: It has multiple depth control settings, which allow for better planer control
  • Chamfering groove: This option allows the edge chamfering easily.
  • Aluminum shoe: Consist of 11.5” aluminum shoe that provides control and better finish quality.
  • Warranty: Comprises of 3 years limited warranty.
  • Extra accessories: Includes carbide cutting blades, dust bad, an edge guide, wrench and kit bag.
1. Light weighed.1. Noisy.
2. Smooth finish.2. Difficult to adjust blade.
3. Poly V belt.
4. Dual side dust collection.

6. WEN Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer 6550T – Best For Beginners

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Your wood projects can become a little easier with the help of the WEN 6550T tool. This tool has the capacity of working with the thickness of around 12.5 inches wide and approx. 6 inches thick. It is strong enough to handle harder wood and can be used to build new pieces of furniture. 


  • Granite table: It ensures a perfectly flat surface for supporting your boards.
  • Adjustable planing depth: It helps you to remove up to 3.5 inches from the top of the board and plan width of more than three inches at the same time.
  • Dust removal: The fan is attached to a dust port to remove dust from the workplace.
  • Blades: Includes two double-edged blades (SK5) that are made up of high carbon steel.
  • Pre-drilled base hole: With this, you can easily stand or mount the planer to a work surface.
1. Cast iron frame reduce vibrations.1. It is quite heavy.
2. Provided with handle on each side.2. Snipe issue.
3. Rubber adjustment helps you to access the tool with ease.
4. Comprise of tri-roller system.

7. WEN Benchtop Corded Planer 6552T – Best For Contractors

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Those who work with the rough sawn stock regularly, this thickness planer can help you out and save your time. 6552 can be an excellent choice for the contractors and advanced users for their woodworking projects.


  • Three-blade cutter head: It provides you a very nice finish with the three-blade cutter head.
  • Double roller stock return: Comprises of a pair of rollers built in to make it easier to return stock from the outfeed side to the infeed side.
  • Rugged build: Accomplishes this with cast iron, steel, and other durable materials that increase its durability.
  • Capability: 6 inches max board thickness, 13 inches max board width and 0.3 inches thickness scale.
  • Crank handle: It helps to adjust the height of the cutter head.
1. Comprise of dust port with fan.1. Iron table gets slippery.
2. Easily transportable.2. Feed roller durability is less.
3. Foldable support table.
4. Feed rate is quite high.
5. Powerful motor.

8. POWERTEC Benchtop Planer PL1251 – Best Wood Planer For Heavy Task

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POWERTEC PL1251 is valuable because deep insertions are a quick way of measuring the wood before ultimately leveling it. It weighs just 60 pounds, which makes it great for portability and its almost 25 to 40 percent lighter than most planers of a similar size.


  • Rubber grip handle: It helps to make the grip properly and also makes comfortable.
  • Heavy-duty base: Its base is made up of iron which makes it durable and compatible with heavy materials.
  • Spindle lock: Comprises of the spindle lock for safe blade change.
  • Stability: 4 column design provides greater stability.
  • Cutting depth scale: In-built scale for the cutting precisely.
1. Side mounted handles.1. Poor depth.
2. Flawless finish.
3. Portable planer.
4. EZ blade replacement.

9. Grizzly Industrial Benchtop Planer G0505 – Best Portable Option

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This grizzly planer with the model number G0505 comprises of carrying case. This case helps you to keep the dust away from the motor. Moreover, that case also facilitates you to transport easily to different locations without the fear of its damage. 


  • Double sides blades: Comprises of the double-sided blades thus provide cuts with ease. 
  • Toggle switch: Consist of on/off switch with a safety lock.
  • Large table: The table of this version can be extended that provides more working area.
  • Thermal overload protection: It also includes safety features as it protects from thermal overload.
  • Portable: Its carrying case helps you carry easily thus increases its portability.
1. Thickness dial is very accurate.1. Wood jamming.
2. Easy to assemble.
3. Low price.
4. Solid and vibration free.

10. Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 – Best Wood Planer Under $500

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It comprises two polyurethane feed rollers which help to have a perfect grip on the workpiece. For revamping wood finish, it is located near the cutter head. For more efficiency and ability, this tool consists of a steel cutter head that comes with a stainless steel bed which helps in decreasing friction and for improving motor performance.


  • Width capacity: Can be used with the stock of almost 13 inches in width.
  • Motor power: Consists of a powerful 15 Amp motor that bears enough torque to the two knives attached to it.
  • Dust collection feature: Provides a dust collection system that also contains a reversible dust port that provides you the option on how you want the tool to be connected to the dust extraction system.
  • Height adjustment: It consists of a height handle grip that is large enough to provide a perfect grip.
  • Tool storage system: This tool consists of an Allen wrench storage compartment at its back.
1. Excellent stability because of four column design.1. Single speed feed.
2. Adjustable tables.
3. Simple to operate.
4. Quick change knife.

11. DEWALT Planer DW680K – Best Woodworking Electric Planer

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This tool consists of a re-sharpenable immense speed blade. Even while working with the hardwood, this tool provides a smoother finish because of the heavy-duty motor. It comes with a calibrated depth adjustment knob feature for providing perfect depth while cutting through.


  • Reversible carbide knives: Provides high-speed cutting of workpiece.
  • Ergonomic design: Its ergonomic design and handle provide smooth working with the tool.
  • Two-finger trigger: Decrease the exhaustion while working with this tool for a long time.
  • Powerful motor: Comes with 7-amp motor along with 15,000RPM that is capable of providing a smooth finish.
  • Highly durable: As it made you to steel and many other durable materials.
1. Heavy duty purpose.1. No dust collector.
2. Electric planer.
3. Adjustments to depth are easy enough.
4. Can survive nail strike.

12. Makita Planer KP0810 – Best Woodworking Hand Planer

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This Makita model KP0810 provides power, ease in use and also high cutting capacity. The tool is excellent for skillful farming, door, and window installation and exceptional woodworking. It comes with a 7.5 AMP powerful motor. For additional performance, the tool comes with a double edge carbide blade. 


  • Quality: This tool is made up of high-quality plastic that makes it more durable and light-weight.
  • Dual blade: Comes with two sharp blades providing perfect accuracy and precise finish.
  • Depth Adjustment knobs: Comes with appropriate marking and dimensions.
  • Easy maintenance: For this tool, there are many decisive customer care services for easy maintenance so there is no need to worry about expensive maintenance.
  • Convenient lock-on and off system: This can be operated from both sides of the tool.
1. Best for limited space.1. Very loud.
2. Screw adjust system.2. No carrying case.
3. Long cord.
4. Light weighted.

13. Bosch PL1632 – Best Reversible Razor Blade Wood Planer

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Bosch PL1632 delivers convenience, performance, and security – with an outstanding planer-guidance system. This planer is constructed with a poly micro-V drive belt that enhances the durability of the belt and also comprises of ball-joint cord swivel that enhances the ease of positioning the cord and tool.


  • Dual mount guide fence: This provides accuracy and preciseness.
  • Cord swivel with Ball-joint: It enhances the ease of positioning the cord and tool.
  • Drive belt: Poly micro-V provides enhanced belt durability.
  • Reversible wood razor blade: Comprise micro-grain carbide blade that lasts up to 30% longer than standard carbide blades.
  • Single-blade design system: Electronically balanced blade system that enables faster operation and smooth cutting.
1. 3-degree fence overshoe.1. No case included.
2. Comprise of spring-loaded stand.
3. Metric depth scale.
4. Adjustments are accurate.
5. Easy to handle.

14. Bosch PL2632K – Best Wood Planer For Storage Space

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This tool is having a poly micro-V drive belt which provides enhanced belt durability. Very easy to position this tool and its cord. It comes with a spring-loaded stand to elevate the planer so that damage to the blade can be minimized. It consists of the two-blade system to reconcile its high-speed blade.


  • 6.5 Amp motor producing 16,500 RPM: For a smooth and precise finish, also for stock removal.
  • Dual mount guide fence: Help in steady planning for the whole workpiece.
  • Versatile two-blade system: It can be reformed into a very high-speed steel blade.
  • Metric depth scale: Helps in a smooth setting for planning depth.
  • Machined groove: Used for chamfering.
1. Power trigger lock.1. Not ideal for heavy duty task.
2. Hassle free resting.
3. Storage space is provided.
4. Comes with carrying case.

15. Jet JJP-10BTOS – Best Jointer Wood Planer

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This compact tool provides you 1-3 features that are mainly found in bigger models. This tool has a telephonic blade guard, big size dust port, adjustment knobs which make this tool a unique and must-have tool for your job.


  • Fast speed: It has a cutting speed of 18,000 cuts per minute along with 10 inches of maximum cutting width.
  • Two in one design: It provides you with maximum workspace as this tool combines a planer and a benchtop jointer into a single unit.
  • Two high-speed knives: It has a powerful motor that provides its two knives high speed enough to have smooth cuts.
  • Stable and accurate jointing: This tool has an accurate aluminum fence that can be angled up to 45 degrees which results in accurate and stable joints.
  • Large-sized Ergonomic knobs: The knob helps to avoid errors resulting from slippery grips.
1. Ergonomic knobs for safety purpose.1. Manual is not clear.
2. Rigid steel stand.
3. Maximum work space.
4. Integrated cord wrap.

Wood Planers Buyer’s Guide 2024

Most probably our surveys have just given you a few experiences into wood planers. If you need to ensure you are getting the correct tool for your woodworking projects, took a glance at this buyer’s guide. It is intended to assist the novices with getting the essentials regarding this tool.


It can be classified into three categories:

  • Handheld and portable planer: These are light weighted and made to transport easily.
  • Thickness planer: This type of planer trims the boards down to a consistent thickness. It also flattens the surface from both sides.
  • Benchtop planer: This version is built to sits on your workspace and will perform heavier work than the previous two categories.


Planers come in plenty of sizes. Some are built to ship while others are substantial and huge. Hence, if you will utilize the planer in a wide range of spots, you might need to focus on a versatile or handheld rendition that can be handily shipped to anyplace you have to utilize it.


A planer comes from a single blade system to three planer versions. Choosing a planer with replaceable cutting edges will assist you with making profound sharp slices for quite a long time. Also, check that the blade system is not a complicated process.


Motor amp rating helps you to know the power of the planer that is measured in horsepower (hp). It also helps you to guide the max cutting depth. Remember, more the cutting depth, smoother and more finished product you would get.  


The speed of the cutter head helps to depict the overall speed of the planer. It is measured as rotations per minute (rpm). This measurement examines how many cuts are made during each pass and the speed of the cutter head.


The most important factor that needs to be considered while purchasing anything is money. The price of the planer varies with the model, manufacture, and brand. It all depends on your budget.  

But here I would like to suggest that you read out all the reviews rather than go with any brand.

Feed rate:

The rate of the feed is measured in feet per minute (fpm). With a higher fpm rate, the wood will feed into the machine faster. A faster feed will allow for a greater number of cuts that result in smoother surfaces. 


Most of the wood planers come with the built-in feature that adjusts automatically and decreases the effects of snipe. To reduce the chances of snipe, the planer utilizes the pair of rollers while spinning the blade. You can also minimize the size of your cuts, as smaller cuts have fewer chances for snipe than larger ones.

Dust collection:

This is another area that needs to be analyzed while purchasing. Just imagine, planing the wood creates a lot of dust that can even create your workplace messy.

Noise and sound:

The next thing that you need to consider is the sound of the machine. Remember that you may become used to that irritating sound while working but your neighbors are not. So, choose products that produce low sound.

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