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2 Stage vs 3 Stage Snow Blower – Which One is Best for You?

2 Stage vs 3 Stage Snow Blower

Ever since it was first invented in 1844, the snow blowers’ significance has been inflated because of the increasing changes in the climate and weather conditions. People residing in snowy areas probably know how significant it is, especially during the snowy days when driving to work. The snowblowers have been solving many issues of snow heaps that block the driveways and roads. But when it comes to finding the difference between a 2-stage vs 3-stage snow blower, confusion arises.

We all agree on the efficiency and significance of the snow blowers, but the other aspects of contention are the snow blowers’ specifications. There is always a tie between 3-stage snow blower vs 2-stage blowers for optimal performance and efficiency. It is because both the models are efficient than the single-stage model. Here is the guide that would help you learn about the difference between these two snowblowers’ models.

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Types of Snow Blowers in Market

After evaluating, I have found that the two best types of snow blowers worth buying are: Electric and Gas Snow Blowers.

  • Electric Snow Blower – As the name suggests, the machine works on electric power. But, the electric snow blowers are not as efficient and powerful as gas-powered models. However, the machine’s energy source reduces the operation costs, unlike the gas model where fuel consumption is high. Plus, electric models are available as wireless or wired models with rechargeable batteries.
  • Gas Snow Blower – The gas snow blower works using the compressed gas. The machine is connected to the cylinder comprising compressed gas. The compressed gas is combusted, and hence it creates the required energy to run the machine to blow the snow on roads and driveways. It is a powerful snow blower and suitable to deal with large heaps of snow.

Classification of Snow Blowers As per Stages

  • 2-Stage Snow Blowers – The 2-stage snow blower is a powerful blower than the single-stage model. It features dual chambers under the machine, of which one is filled with the auger that performs the primary task in drawing snow, and the other chamber is occupied by an impeller that thrust out the snow collected by an auger. If you have large areas of snow heaps to cover, it is the best choice.
  • 3-Stage Snow Blowers – As the name implies, the snow blower comes with three stages, with dual augers sitting at each stage, and the final stage is the induction accelerator along with impeller. The unique design of the snow blower makes it powerful and effective. Since it uses three powerful stages to blow the snow, it can handle even the thickest snow heaps with ease.

Hopefully, till now, you have understood the difference between a 3-stage snow blower vs 2-stage blower

What Are The Major Differences Between a 2-stage vs 3-stage Snow Blower?

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There are many differences between a 2-stage vs 3-stage snow blower, starting from the exact stage to the performance and efficiency.

  • The major difference between 2-stage vs 3-stage snowblower is the design. It is far different from the single-stage models.
  • Secondly, the major difference you will find is in the 3-stage blowers. The 2-stage snow blowers come with two different stages for collection and throwing the snow. In comparison, in the 3-stage models, there are three different stages, of which two are augers, and the third stage has induction accelerate combined with the impeller.

The demarcations of the design stages, the load capacity, and performance distinguish the performance of the different stages of the machines.

More about Stage-2 Snow Blowers

  • Working – The 2-stage snow blower makes use of the auger that works to collect the snow heaps into the machine, and the impeller is the second stage pushes out the collected snow in a specific direction. It means the 2-stage blowers are highly effective compared to the single-stage models.
  • Benefits – The biggest benefit of using a 2-stage blower is its higher efficiency and performance in commercial and domestic applications. The machine works efficiently in cleaning the snow from concrete floors and gravel driveways. The 2-stage snow blowers effectively remove larger heaps of snow without throwing rocks or stones alongside it. The machine is designed to prevent collecting stones along with snow because it is angled slightly and never touches the ground. But, Are 2-stage snow blowers worth it? I must say a big yes because of its higher efficiency and performance.
  • Major Concerns – The pitfall of the 2-stage blower is the price as it is too expensive compared to the single-stage models. Plus, the 2-stage models are not available in the electric version, and hence the operation cost is more due to higher gas cost. It sometimes fails in clearing snow completely off the ground, and manual shoving is needed. Moreover, regular maintenance is needed, like changing or cleaning the spark plug, consistent topping up with oil, and changing filters.

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More about 3-Stage Snow Blowers

  • Working – I have been using the 3-stage snow blowers and found that it is powerful and efficient than the other two models. It is a three-stage machine comprising dual augers and an induction accelerator combined with the impeller. The first augers work to drive the snow into the machine, and the presence of dual arguers ensures a clean sweep off the ground. The inductor accelerator breaks the ice and pushes out by the impeller.
  • Benefits – The amazing factor I noticed about the 3-stage snow blower is its performance capacity to sweep cleaner the snow from the ground. I have never experienced any lags while using it as the machine breaks the ice and releases efficiently via impeller. It can deal with snow depth up to 12 feet and 20” wide, and it is something worth mentioning about the machine. The machine’s auger is slightly angled, which keeps it away from the ground, and there is no issue collecting stones and snow. It also prevents the auger blades from damaging resulting from a collision with the ground.
  • Major Concerns – The 3-stage snow blower is only available as gas models and not electric models. Since it lacks electric power, it calls for regular maintenance like cleaning spark plugs, topping up oil levels, cleaning the filters, and more. Plus, the cost is also higher than the other two models. The machine’s size is also huge, and its weight is also higher, so you have to spare a huge amount of space in the garage to store them during summers.

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What are the Considerations to Make the Right Choice?

Different considerations influence your decision on which type of snow blower is best for you. The common considerations to distinguish between 2-stage vs 3-stage snow blower is:

  • Frequency of usages
  • Size of area to be cleaned
  • Amount of snow experienced every season
  • Source of power
  • Ground material

In many cases, the selection is narrowed down to a 2-stage vs 3-stage snowblower. The underlying principle is that anyone planning to buy a blower must reside in a heavy snowy region. Below you will come across the conclusion on which is the better model for your specific needs.


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Conclusion – Which is a Better 2-stage or 3-stage snow blower?


Answering the question of which is better is quite complicated, and giving an outright answer without researching would be misleading. If you live in the region where the snowfall is light, and the driveway is not occupied with stones and gravel, then the electric snow blowers would be the best choice. Depending upon your budget, you may choose between cordless or corded snow blowers.

But, if you live in areas where snowfall is heavy, you have to select between a 2-stage vs. 3-stage snow blower. Both the models are gas-powered because the electric models can’t deal with heavy snow heaps.

The 2-stage snow blowers are the standard machines commonly used for domestic applications, and it comes with its limitations. It can do the job efficiently, but you can’t achieve a clean snow blowing experience like the 3-stage snow blowers.

The 3-stage snow blowers are the best choice for all types of snowy regions based on performance and efficiency. But when the budget is compared, it is best to choose the 2-stage snow blowers because the 3-stage snow blowers are highly expensive and commonly used for commercial applications.

Besides, if you have limited space in your garage to store the machine during summers, the 2-stage blower is the best because the 3-stage snow blowers are too heavy and huge compared to 2-stage snow blowers.

However, in terms of cleaning efficiency and performance, the 2-stage snow blowers can’t challenge the 3-stage snow blowers. If you reside in areas where snowfall is heavy during winters, a 3-stage snow blower would be the best choice than the 2-stage snow blowers. But, if the snowfall is average and easy to manage, consider buying the 2-stage snow blower to save some money.

These are some of the major differences between a 2-stage vs. 3-stage snow blower, and it would hopefully help you make the right choice.