About Me



Hi there! 

Thank for checking about me page.

I’m  SAKET KUMAR , owner of this website top15products.com .

I am an Engineer, Freelancer & a blogger.


What I do ?

I am a Freelancer on Fiverr and blogger. I make wordpress websites for my clients , fix bug issues , do SEO, speed optimization and also write articles for them. I love to explain or teach something or to fix someone’s problem.

After getting great response from my clients on fiverr,  I thought why not to make a personal blog website for myself too. So, I started writing articles on top best 15 products of everything.


Why I am writing these blog posts ???

You might think I am writing these articles only for money. But it is not completely true. I will not say that I don’t want to earn money and want to do only social work. That’s not true . Everyone needs money along with their passion to maintain their confidence in the work and also to fulfill their needs.

I really wanted money but not by fooling other people. I wanted to make money by merit and by getting fame.

So , I decided to write about 15 best products . I do not copy the whole best selling products because

” Neither all best selling products are best ,  nor all best products are from best seller “

I always check their ratings , comments and all the specifications of the product on their website . I usually try to contact my friend for product review if they are using it. Or I check a lot of videos on youtube. I do these stuffs to save your time so that you can choose always the best. I also put my affiliate links so that I also get benefited . So , feel free to read my articles because it is not written only for my profit but also to help you.


Please give your feedback in comments or through my newsletter so that I can do my best.