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Best Miter Saws 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A miter saw sometimes called a chop saw or even a “Mitre Saw” in England. It is often the first semi-stationary tool that usually new woodworkers purchase. With the best miter saw, you can make repeated cuts all the same lengths as well as accurate miters or ankles. Unlike a table saw or a bandsaw, when using a miter saw your board remains stationary while the blade moves through it. This means the length of your cut is limited to the diameter of the blade. For this reason, a miter saw is primarily used for a cross-cutting, picture frames, crown molding, window casing, cutting board to link across the grain. Although a table saw can also make these cuts, but they are not compact and is comparatively a little bit difficult to use. So, it becomes quicker or easier to make cross cuts with the help of a miter saw

Miter saws are commonly available in 3 sizes based on their cut capacities and measured by their blade diameters: 7 and a half inch, 10 inches, & 12 inches. Miter saws are of 3 types:

  • Compound Miter
  • Sliding-Compound
  • Dual Compound
  • Or Even We Can Categorise It Into Cord Or Cordless.

So, let’s discuss all types of miter saws along with pros & cons and buyer’s guide at last. CLICK HERE to check the miter saw buyer’s guide.

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NOTE: In the below table, I have mentioned all types of miter saws according to the needs of different people. So, it doesn’t mean that the miter saw at the first position is best for you and the miter saw at no. 15 is bad.

This table will give you information about the types of miter saws available in the market right now. To help you to choose the best one, I have written “My Recommendation” & “Buyer’s Guide” at last. So, please read this article till last.

Comparison Table of 15 Miter Saws

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The 15 Best Miter Saws Are

1. Dewalt DWS779 – 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw For Occasional Users

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 If you are looking for a top-rated sliding compound miter saw with almost 100% positive reviews, then this Dewalt tool is best for your project. 

This 56 pounds Dewalt double bevel sliding compound miter saw comes with a powerful 15-ampere motor that rotates a 12-inch 32T carbide blade at the speed of 3800 RPM. The maximum cut thickness of this saw is 6.75 inches, the maximum miter cut is 50-degrees to the left & 60-degree to the right.

Things which I like most about this miter saw are:

  • It comes with a unique back fence design that cuts lumbers of dimension 2 x 14 at 90-degree and 2 x 10 at 45-degree. That means, for angle cuts, just tilt the blade at the proper position.
  • Dust collection bag collects approx 70% of the dust.
  • Tall sliding fences make it suitable for most types of cutting applications like a crown ( 7.5″ max ), base & nested molding.
  • For accurate miter angles, it has a cam-lock handle.
  • Miter detent plate has 10 positive stops for precise cutting.
  • It has also a blade guard to prevent injuries.

This branded model is best for the money. You get a premium sliding compound miter saw at this price range.

The only missing thing is the XPS light. You can get this feature too in its next model, i.e. Dewalt DWS780 ( mentioned at 9th of this list ) but the price will be high in comparison to Dewalt DWS779. If you are a beginner then this missing feature will not bother you but if are an ultra pro and have enough money then you should definitely go for Dewalt DWS780.

Dewalt DWS779 sliding compound miter saw comes with:

  • A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee,
  • Free Service Contract For One Year, &
  • Limited Warranty Of 3 Years.
WARNING: Don’t remove its transparent blade guard to enhance productivity. Many people get injured after removing this safety feature.


1. It has a powerful motor which is quieter, more versatile & cuts smoothly.1. No XPS light (not an issue for experienced DIY-ers).
2. Dual bevel & sliding feature helps it to make precise crosscuts.2. Dust collection is not good.
3. Comes with a strong carbide 32 tooth blade of diameter 12 inches.3. Comes with only one 5/8″ arbor.
4. Easy setup & no adjustment required.
5. Easy to do crown molding up & base molding up to 7.5 & 6.75 inches respectively.
6. Unlike some other cheap miter saws, it will not slide from the saw base after activating motor.
7. Comes with 10 positive stops.
8. The brake works perfectly.
9. Comes with 1 hold clamp & a dust bag.
10. A cam-lock handle for precise miter angles.

Check Our Full Review of Dewalt DWS779 Along With Labled Diagram 

2. Hitachi C10FCG – Best 10″ Compound Miter Saw

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 If you are looking for a lightweight, compact & portable compound miter saw then this Hitachi C10FCG is the best tool for you. Ideal for framers, trim carpenters & woodworkers. 

This 24.2 pounds Hitachi single bevel compound miter saw comes with a 15-ampere, 2.6 horsepower heavy-duty motor which rotates its 10-inch 24T TCT ( Tungsten Carbide Tipped ) blade at the speed of 5000 RPM. The maximum depth of cut is 5.65 inches and the maximum miter cut is 52 degrees both at left & right.

Some features which you will like about this Hitachi compound saw are:

  • Bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degree to the left.
  • For clean & precise cuts, it has an adjustable bevel stops.
  • You can do miter adjustments quickly with the help of its positive miter stops.
  • To hold your material safely in place, it has a large vice assembly ( table with a vice clamp feature ).
  • It has a dust port ( outside diameter of 2-3/8 inch ) & comes with a dust bag to prevent you from contagious disease caused by particles.
  • Premium features at an affordable price.

Hitachi C10FCG is the lightest 10″ compound miter saw till now and also the lightest & easy to transport. You can trust this tool blindly because it has got around 95% positive reviews. Another reason why you can buy this saw without thinking too much is its huge warranty period.

The Hitachi C10FCG compound miter saw comes with a warranty of 5 years.


  • Turn off the saw before pulling the saw back up because it will snag your work & can cause injury.
  • Dust collector only collects 50% dust, so use goggles for eye protection and also prevent your tool outlets from getting wood/aluminum chips into it.


1. It is portable & lightweight.1. You will get kickback while pilling the switch.
2. Horizontal handle for a secure hold.2. Dust collector collects only 50% of the dust.
3. Comes with a strong carbide 24 tooth blade of diameter 10 inches.3. No laser guide (not an issue for professionals).
4. Large table with a vice clamp to secure the workpiece in place.
5. It is comparatively very affordable.
6. Saw has positive miter stops for accurate miter cuts.
7. Hex bar wrench of 5 mm is included.
8. The blade can be changed easily.
9. Very easy to assemble.
10. It has an electric brake.

3. Dewalt DCS361M1 – Cheapest Cordless 7-1/4″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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 If you are looking for a miter saw which you can use both indoor & outdoor without any headache of extension cords for a longer period of time then this Dewalt DCS361M1 cordless sliding compound saw is a great tool for you. 

This 30 pounds Dewalt single bevel 20-volt cordless miter saw comes with a 3750 RPM motor &  a 12-Ampere, 20V lithium-ion battery (charger included) which helps its 40 TPI, 7.25-inch carbide blade to make 183~275 cuts on pine & baseboards. The maximum vertical cut capacity of this saw is 3.5 inches, cross-cut capacity 8″ and the maximum miter cut degree is 45 to both left & right.

Let’s see some of the features which you will like:

  • It can do bevel cuts from minus 3 to 48 degrees to the left.
  • For accurate miter cutting, it has 10 preset stops.
  • This miter saw can slide on crown nested, vertical & horizontal material.
  • XPS light included for better visibility & precise cutting.
  • For accurate miter angles, it has a cam-lock handle.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting & have a longer life.

This cordless miter saw can be more long-lasting if it comes with a brushless motor. Well, it is still compact, sturdy, powerful, efficient & durable in comparison to other cordless saws. It has also a dust collection port which gives you an option to attach a chute dust bag.

Dewalt DWS779 cordless sliding compound miter saw comes with:

  • A 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee,
  • Free Service Contract For One Year, &
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.


1. It is cordless and Li-ion battery used.1. Changing blade is time consuming due to the different types of bolts.
2. XPS light included.2. It is painful to make repetitive cuts because the bevel lever is in the back of this saw.
3. Comes with a strong 40 TPI carbide blade of diameter 7.25 inches.3. No blade brake but stops in 2 seconds.
4. Bevel angle adjustments are easy & accurate due to oversized bevel scale.
5. It has a dust collection port.
6. Saw has 10 positive stops for accurate miter cuts.
7. The battery gets charged within 40~45 minutes.
8. You can make approx 180~275 cuts.
9. Ten positive miter stops for the precise miter cuts.
10. One battery, 1 charger, carbide blade, blade wrench & material clamp included.

4. Bosch GCM12SD 12″ Miter Saw – Best For Professionals

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 This dual bevel sliding glide Bosch miter saw is a beast and it is highly recommended for professional contractors & enthusiastic DIY-ers. Don’t go for it, if you are a beginner unless you do some frequent home projects. 

Bosch GCM12SD is a 65-pound sliding compound miter saw which comes with a powerful 15-ampere, 3 horsepower motor which runs its 12-inch 60-teeth carbide-tipped blade at the speed of 3800 RPM. The maximum cutting thickness is 4 inches, the maximum degree of miter cut is 60 degrees to the left & 52 degree to the right. It can perform 45-degree crosscut of maximum capacity (4 x 10)” and (4 x 14)” for 90-degree crosscuts to both left & right.

The features of this saw which I like the most are:

  • It has an axial glide feature for professional control which will help you to do wider smooth crosscuts and it also saves 12-inch of workspace because it doesn’t use the traditional rail setup.
  • You can extend its 14″ horizontal cutting capacity & 6.5″ vertical cutting capacity with the help of its 2 sliding base extensions.
  • You can make bevel cuts from 0 to 47 degrees both to the left & the right. Bevel cuts become easier with the help of marked detents at 0, 33.9 & 40 degrees.
  • It comes with two square lock quick release fences for easy assembly & quick stability while working.
  • To slide the fence, you can just use the one-click lock/unlock feature.
  • It has a dust chute that is compatible with 1.25″ & 35 mm hoses.
  • The upfront metal bevel lock feature eliminates reaching behind the saw.
  • You don’t have to go back of the saw to make bevel adjustments because all-metal bevel lock lever & range selector are present in the front of this miter saw.

Bosch is known for their quality and long-lasting tools & this Bosch GCM12SD with 93% positive reviews is a great example of it because they have made everything perfect in it and added almost every premium feature. You might feel at first that the price is high but in terms of features, it is totally worth it. It is a highly recommended tool for experts.

Bosch GCM12SD comes with:

  • A Money-Back Guarantee Of 30 Days, &
  • 1-Year Warranty.


1. It has 15-Amp 3 hp powerful motor.1. Depth stop doesn’t work well.
2. Very useful sliding base extensions.2. Terrible at handling sawdust.
3. Comes with a strong 60T carbide blade of diameter 12 inches.3. It is heavy, i.e. 65 lbs.
4. Axial-glide feature gives a very smooth cut & saves workspace.
5. It has a dust collection port.
6. Electric brake to stop the blade quickly.
7. The crown molding stops are strong & easy to adjust.
8. Miter & bevel lock located in the front, so no need to reach back of the saw.
9. Ten positive miter stops for the precise miter cuts.
10. Twelve-inch long crosscuts.

5. Makita LS1221 – Best 12″ Compound Miter Saw

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 This single bevel miter saw is best for those who do woodworking, deck building, cabinet making, case & base installing, siding installing or any flooring applications. If you do this type of work then its good cutting capacity & lighter weight will benefit you. 

Nowadays, miter saws are usually dual compounded, which are fine for carpentry work, but if you are after hairline cuts that are just about “dead-on” then this is the best tool you will find in the market.

Makita LS1221 is a 37-pound compound miter saw which comes with a 15-ampere direct-drive motor running its 12-inch 40-T carbide blade at the speed of 4000 RPM. This powerful motor is dynamically balanced which helps it to stop from slipping. The maximum cutting thickness is 4.75 inches and it can perform both bevel cuts & miter cuts up to 48 degrees to both left and right. Hence, lighter weight and its D-handle design make it more comfortable for deck builders or cabinet makers.

Let’s see some of its key features:

  • The capacity of this saw is large, i.e. 3.88″ x 6″ at 90-degree which supports the larger stock.
  • It has also a 4.5-inch pivoting fence which helps you to cut 5.5-inch crown molding.
  • To set up all your common miter angle & compound cuts, this Makita saw has 9 positive miter stops, i.e. 15, 22.5, 31.6 & 45 degrees both left or right and also 0 degree for 90-degree cuts.
  • For safety purposes, it has an electric brake that quickly stops the miter blade.
  • Comes with a dust bag.

There is also a handy feature that makes it versatile, i.e. extension wings which helps to cut longer material. If you are framing your house, doing any standard trim molding task or doing any hardwood floors then this tool can handle it easily because of its large crosscutting capacities & large trim molding. But there is a limitation that it is a single bevel miter saw and it is non-sliding. So, choose it according to your job and expectations. Means, if you know the limits and you find that your ranges are good enough then this is the best tool under this price range.

Makita LS1221 compound miter saw comes with:

  • A 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, &
  • Manufacturer Warranty of 1-Year.


1. Dynamically balanced direct-drive motor.1. No soft start; kickback due to its large blade and powerful motor.
2. It is lightweight for its class ( 37 lbs ).2. The dust collection system is undersized.
3. Comes with a 40T carbide blade of diameter 12 inches which cut crown molding very smoothly without any marks.
3. No laser (Not a serious issue for experts).
4. You can do fine trim and finish carpentry with this single bevel miter saw.
5. Comes with perfect adjustment settings; you will never have to readjust it.
6. Saw has 9 positive stops & electric brake.
7. Easy to use, durable, sturdy, accurate, & long-lasting.
8. Moderate noise in comparison to others.
9. Horizontal D-handle design makes it comfortable & easy to use.
10. Comes with dustbag, blades, dust blower, hand Tools & side extension.

6. Makita XSL06PT – Best 10″ Cordless Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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 This is the best 10-inch cordless dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw with laser kit, which is best for remodelers, flooring contractors, cabinet, case & base installers. 

It is a 27.3-pound ( including battery ) sliding compound miter saw without any cord. This saw gets the power from its powerful 18-volt, 5-Ah lithium-ion battery. You get 2 batteries in the pack along with the charger ( that means 36V ) and you can charge both the batteries in the same charger at the same time. You may have seen that Makita use its special technology batteries, i.e. LXT Li-ion batteries in their power tools like cordless drills, chainsaws, jigsaws, & more. Here also, you will get LXT batteries, which help its electronically-controlled BL brushless motor to rotate the 40T 10″ x 5/8″ Micro-Polished Miter Saw Blade (included) at the speed of 4800 RPM for faster & smoother cutting. The battery charges within 45 minutes. If you have multiple cordless Makita tools, then you can even swap their batteries.

Some of the key features of this saw are:

  • In this saw, BL brushless motor is used which increases its efficiency for longer life and also, it makes the cutting smoother without heating up the motor.
  • You can perform approx 330 cuts on 2 x 4 SPF ( combination of Canadian Spruces, Pines & Firs ) lumber in a single charge using its 2 Li-ion batteries.
  • We can do miter cut from 0 to 60-degrees, both left & right while 0 to 48-degrees for bevel cuts ( both left and right ).
  • You can lock up or down the saw head for storage.
  • The large dimensional lumber cutting capacity of this saw is ( 2.81 x 8.5 )” at 45-degree & ( 2.81 x 12 )” at 90-degree.
  • It has 6 positive miter stops ( 0, 15, 21.5, 31.6, 45 & 60 degrees both left & right).
  • To make it more rigid and to make the bevel, miter cuts more precise, it has a 4.75-inch T-fence system.
  • Comes with built-in laser and it also works when the blade is not turning.
  • You can perform a single slide-glide operation with the help of its unique 2-steel rail sliding system design.
  • To increase its cutting accuracy, stability & safety, it has a linear ball bearing system, large aluminum base, and electric brake respectively.

It is portable but relatively heavy (compared to other cordless miter saws) so buy any miter saw stand ( also available from Makita ) to give it some support. Also, you will find some difficulties while installing its blade, so use its Allen wrench which comes with the saw. It is a perfect saw because it is not too heavy nor light, not too big nor small and 9 out of 10 people have highly recommended it.

This miter saw comes with:

  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • A 3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.
  • 3-Year Warranty Is Also Applicable On Battery & Charger.
NOTE: A mobile stand is a must-have accessory because this Makita saw is cordless & heavier (if compared to other cordless saws). Miter saw stand is available from the same Makita brand here.


1. BL brushless motor & 2 LXT batteries (50% more runtime) with charger (3X faster charging).1. Heavy (compared to cordless miter saws).
2. It is a lightweight saw; compared to corded miter saws ( 27.3 lbs ).2. No cord option.
3. Comes with a 40T carbide blade of diameter 10 inches which can perform 190~330 cuts (depending on lumber).
4. It has a bright laser beam (with a separate on-off switch).
5. For convenient operation, it has bevel-lock in front.
6. This Makita Saw has 6 positive stops & electric brake.
7. Its unique 2-steel rail sliding system is very smooth.
8. You get sliding option in this cordless saw which helps you to cut larger boards.
9. Dual dust collection port is one of the best parts of it.
10. Comes with dustbag, blade, hex wrench, vertical vise, & triangular rule.

7. Festool 561287 – For Professional Craftsmen Or Rich Brand Lover

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 If your work is too important to compromise & when smallest details matter while cutting & also if you don’t have any budget problem then you must try this Festool sliding compound miter saw because Festool is always known for their high-quality tools. 

This 47-pound sliding dual bevel compound miter saw comes with a 13-Ampere, 1600W variable speed direct drive motor which rotates its 60T carbide blade of diameter 10.25-inch at the speed of 3,400 RPM. It has a cutting depth of 12″ x 3.46″ at 90-degree and has a crown nested capacity of 6.62-inch. This Kapex miter saw can perform a maximum bevel cut of 47-degrees on both sides and 50-degree miter cut to the left side & 60-degree to the right side.

Let’s see what makes this Kapex miter saw special:

  • The motor of this saw uses Festool’s unique technology, i.e. Multi-Material Control ( MMC ). This feature changes the motor speed ( variable speed ) according to cutting material, reducing the risk of overloading.
  • It has dual lasers which can align cuts easily, on both sides which saves your time & money because it does reliable & precise cuts at first attempt.
  • To increase accuracy and to create a compact footprint, the Kapex comes with a rail forward design. This design allows Kapex to be placed against the wall which saves a lot of space.
  • Dust extraction is also good ( collects 90% of the dust ).
  • Along with dual laser, it has a micro bevel adjustment angle with an upfront rotary knob which also helps to make the cut more precise, accurate & efficient.
  • You can change its 60-tooth carbide blade quickly.
  • The last but not least unique feature of this saw is its trenching capability. You can easily adjust trench depth by turning the knob to cut the trenches.

This tool comes with the 3-year manufacturer warranty and it is perfect for the job site or for finish carpenter who makes cabinets or other furniture in their workshop. This 10-inch sliding compound Festool miter saw gives a tough competition to other 12-inch saws. Also, it is lighter in weight (if compared to others) and portable. If you are a beginner then don’t go for this. This saw is for professionals or for those who are very passionate or love the rich brand in the power tool category (like an apple brand in the cell phone category ).


1. Variable speed motor with Festool’s MMC technology to reduce damage due to overloading.1. Not for beginners.
2. It is a lightweight saw; compared to other sliding compound corded miter saws (47 lbs ).2. A lot of plastic is used in this model.
3. Comes with a strong 60T carbide blade of diameter 10.25″.3. It is difficult to adjust its dual lasers.
4. Dual lasers (for better alignment) are awesome.
5. Angle finder tool (necessary accessory ) is also included.
6. Better dust collection in comparison to other sliding compound miter saws.
7. It has a keyed clamp (to prevent from slipping) and compact rail forward design (for accuracy).
8. Micro-bevel adjustment angle for finer cuttings.
9. It is a great rival of a 12″ sliding compound miter saw.
10. Comes with an angle transfer device, 60T blade, hex wrench, hold down clamp, & wrench.

8. Dewalt DW716XPS – 12″ Compound Miter Saw With XPS Feature

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 If you are looking for a best Dewalt double bevel compound miter saw which has XPS feature then you can go for it. This is highly recommended for those who do carpentry cuts like flooring because it will give you millimeter accurate cuts. 

This Dewalt DW716XPS is a 51-pound double bevel compound miter saw which comes with a powerful 15-Ampere motor that rotates its 60-teeth carbide-tipped blade of diameter 12-inch at the speed of 3,800 RPM. This saw has the XPS ( Cross-Positioning System ) feature.

What is XPS feature?

XPS is basically a shadow line. When the XPS module projects bright LED lights on both sides of the blade then it creates a shadow on the material which you are cutting. This shadow helps you to see exactly where the blade cutting line is. There is an advantage of XPS light over normal laser guides: The thickness of the shadow line is exactly equal to the kerf ( thickness ) of the blade while in normal laser guide, the laser line does not match with the kerf of the blade. It will happen especially when you will buy a laser separately.

PROS: Accurate cutting because of the shadow line of the same size as the blade. Shadow will remain perfect even if you change the blade of the saw.

CONS: You will face difficulties if you work under sunlight because it will shine directly on your cutting material (but it works well in this DW716XPS model).

Now, let’s see some of the features of this Dewalt miter saw:

  • Of course, its XPS light feature for accurate cutting.
  • In this saw, you don’t need to twist the handle to lock in on the angle because it has cam-lock with detent override.
  • Comes with 11 positive stops which will help you to do repeated cuts at commonly used angles.
  • It can perform 48-degree bevel cut & 50-degree miter cut in both directions.
  • This saw has a 6.5-inch 90-degree cut height ( maximum cut thickness ) and maximum nested crown capacity is 6.62″.
  • Comes with a dust collection bag attached to its 2.5″ dust port at the backside.
  • It has an electric brake, and usually engages almost instantaneously, but certainly within 5 seconds.

Well, we all know how good is Dewalt in terms of the warranty period. This saw also comes with:

  • A 90-Day Money Back Guarantee,
  • One-Year Free Service Contract, &
  • 3-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


1. The powerful motor rotates its 60T blade at the no-load speed of 3,800 RPM.1. The dust collector is not so good.
2. It is a lightweight saw; compared to other sliding compound corded miter saws (47 lbs ).2. Kickback when starts.
3. Comes with a strong 60-tooth carbide blade of diameter 12-inches.3. Comparatively heavier.
4. XPS light feature for better accuracy & precise cuts.
5. There is an on/off switch to operate XPS light.
6. XPS light adjusts according to the blade.
7. For safety purpose, it has an electric brake.
8. XPS light of this saw works well in full sun.
9. It is comparatively quieter.
10. Comes with the 60T blade, blade wrench, & dustbag.

9. Dewalt DWS780 – Best 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw For Pro

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 If you are a professional and looking for a 12-inch dual bevel sliding compound miter saw (SCMS) with XPS light feature then this tool is highly recommended, otherwise go for Dewalt DWS779 model (mentioned at first position ), if you are a beginner & looking for 12″ SCMS. 

Dewalt DWS780 is the upgraded model of DWS779 dual bevel sliding compound miter saw which has a powerful 15-ampere motor that rotates its 60-teeth carbide blade at the rate of 3,800 RPM for smooth cutting. Let’s compare both the model. It will be easy for you to understand the differences between them.

Dewalt DWS780Dewalt DWS779
1. Blade: 60-tooth carbide blade of diameter 12″.1. Blade: 32-tooth carbide blade of diameter 12″.
2. XPS Light: Yes.2. XPS light: No.
3. Cutting Capacity: (2″ x 16″) at 90° and (2″ x 12″) at 45-degree.3. Cutting Capacity: (2″ x 16″) at 90-degree and (2″ x 12″) at 45°.
4. Weight: 57 lbs.4. Weight: 56 lbs.
5. Item Dimension: Height: 20″ & Width: 19″5. Item Dimension: Height: 18.8 & Width: 23.75″

So, these are the 5 differences both models have. Rest features are the same as Dewalt DWS779 (mentioned at first point).


1. The powerful motor rotates its 60T carbide-tipped blade at the speed of 3,800 RPM.1. It is a little bit unsafe because clamp has no locking mechanism.
2. It has an XPS light feature for better accuracy & precise cuts.2. The dust collector is not efficient.
3. Comes with a 60T carbide blade of diameter 12″, blade wrench, dust bag & vertical material clamp.3. You’ll have to use spacers because the blade will not cut all the way to the fence while using the depth stop.
4. Double bevel sliding mechanism.
5. Ten positive stops for accuracy.
6. XPS light adjusts according to the blade.
7. It has a back fence design.
8. To increase vertical cutting capacity, this saw has gearbox & belt-drive design.
9. Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, 1-year free service, & 3-year limited warranty.

10. Ryobi One+ P551 – Lightest Miter Saw | 7-1/4″

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 If you are looking for the most portable & lightest miter saw for the bench & stationary use, which you can even take in your vehicle then Ryobi One+ P551 is best for you. 

Ryobi P551 is a 15-pound cordless miter saw which gets the power from its 18-volt, 4 Ah lithium-ion battery ( not included ). It rotates its 24-teeth carbide-tipped blade of diameter 7.25″ at the speed of 4,500 RPM.

Some of its features are:

  • It can do up to 90 cuts on 2″ x 4″ lumber after a full charge.
  • The maximum cut thickness is 1.5″ and the max crosscut capacity is 4.25″.
  • It can do a compound cut but only on the small molding.
  • To easily change its blade, its motor has a spindle lock.
  • It has also an adjustable laser guide for precise cutting.
  • Adjustable bevel from 0~45 degrees with positive stops (0 & 45 degrees), which are adjustable.
  • It has miter angle stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 degrees in both directions.
  • For comfort, it has a D-shaped handle with over mold.
  • The dust bag is included.
  • 1.25-inch dust port.

The Ryobi One+ P551 miter saw comes with:

  • A 90-Day Exchange Policy, &
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty.
NOTE: This is a bare tool, i.e. neither battery nor charger is included. ( Only tool ).

You can buy its battery & charger here:

Ryobi P117 One+ 18V Charger

18V 4 Ah Li-ion battery


1. The motor rotates its 24T carbide blade at the speed of 4,500 RPM.1. It is difficult to read angle settings in low light areas.
2. It has a laser guide for accuracy.2. Bad for framing work.
3. Comes with a 24T carbide blade of diameter 7.25″, blade wrench, dust bag & work clamp.3. It slides while rotating the blade/platform because it is very light.
4. It can perform 90 cuts on (2 x 4)” lumber in a single charge.
5. The motor has a spindle lock.
6. This saw has holes in it so that you can mount it to the table to avoid slipping.
7. It has a 90-day exchange policy & 3-year warranty.

11. Makita LS1040 – Best 10″ Compound Miter Saw For Plumber Or Electrician

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 If you are a plumber or electrician then most of the times you occasionally cut the wood or plastic using the miter saw, so this Makita LS1040 is the best tool for you. This is not for prolonged use. 

This is a 27.3-pound compound miter saw that comes with a 15-ampere direct-drive motor rotating its 40-teeth micro-polished blade of diameter 10-inch @ 4,600 RPM. This tool is not recommended for professionals who use the saw for long hours every day. This is not for prolonged use. There is no surprising or any extraordinary feature but still good if compared to price. There is no problem in using it if you are a noob or plumber or electrician because you’ll not use it that much as experts do. Let’s see some of its specifications:

  • It can perform max 45-degree miter cut to left & max 52-degree to the right.
  • The maximum bevel cut is 45-degrees in the left direction.
  • Maximum cut depth is 3.7-inch.
  • Comes with 9 positive miter stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 30, 45, 90 degrees in both directions.
  • The blade is easy to change because of the shaft lock.
  • For safety purposes, it has a transparent blade guard.
  • It is very compact and portable.

This is the simplest miter saw available in the market right now. Just plug in and start cutting. It is easy to use than other miter saws because it doesn’t have any complex auxiliary features. Makita is known for making affordable power tools. The feature-price ratio is always best in the Makita tools. If you buy any other brand miter saws with the same features then you will have to extra. That’s why it is good to buy Makita saws if you don’t need any advance & complex features while you must go for the costly & branded tool if you are an expert and need a long-lasting & advance featured saw for complicated angled cuts.

It comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.


1. It has a powerful dynamically balanced direct-drive motor (15-amp).1. It is not made for prolonged use.
2. Affordable according to feature-price ratio.2. No laser guide.
3. Comes with a 40T carbide blade of diameter 10″, socket wrench, vertical vise, dust bag & triangular ruler.3. Too much plastic is used.
4. Blade speed remains constant under load.
5. The standard dust collection port works really well.
6. It has dual post compound pivoting arm.

12. Hitachi C12RSH2 12″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw – For Homeowner Or Contractor

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 If you are a Hitachi fan and looking for a 12″ dual bevel sliding compound miter saw then this is good for you. This tool is not for you if you are cabinetry professional. 

Hitachi C12RSH2 is a 59-pound sliding compound miter saw. This saw has a powerful & quiet 15-ampere motor which rotates its 60-teeth blade  @4000 RPM due to which you get silky-smooth cuts. The accuracy is fine for homeowners & contractors but it may seem less accurate if you are a fine finish carpenter.

Some of the features of this Hitachi miter saw are:

  • It has a compact slide system, which means the saw head can slide along fixed rails. This feature will help you in tight spaces.
  • Zero wall clearance (can be used right next to the wall).
  • This saw can bevel up to 45-degrees in both directions.
  • It can perform miter cut from 0~45 degree to the left & 0 ~ 57 degrees to the right.
  • The large sliding fences (can be raised up to 5.12 inches) can cut crown molding up to 7.5 inches vertically.
  • Dust collector collects up to 90% of the dust.
  • Comes with positive miter stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, & 45° in both the directions.
  • It has also an adjustable laser ( You can mark either side of the blade ).
  • You will feel less vibration in your hand due to its elastomer grip on the D-shaped handle.
  • 5-year warranty.
NOTE: 1. Empty your dust bag time to time while working because it collects 90% of the dust, hence bag overloads quickly. An overloaded bag will cause cutting integrity issues.

2. I would recommend you to buy a better high-quality blade for heavy-duty cutting.


1. It has a powerful 15-amp motor which is quiet & stable.1. It is not portable due to its weight ( 59 lbs ).
2. You can use it right next to the wall, making it best for crank work areas & shallow benches.2. Not suitable for cabinetry maker.
3. Comes with a 60T carbide blade of diameter 12″, box wrench (17 mm), vice assembly, & dustbag.3. Quality of the blade is not good.
4. Good transparent blade guard for safety.
5. The dust collector is awesome.
6. It can cut 4 x 4, 6 x 6 & 2 x 6 inch lumber vertically.

13. Genesis GMS1015LC – Cheapest Compound Miter Saw

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 No fancy features, but it is perfect for home use or job-site. If you are looking for the cheapest compound miter saw without compromising with the quality, then you can buy it. 

Genesis GMS1015LC is a 24-pound single bevel 10-inch compound miter saw with a heavy-duty 15-ampere motor that rotates its 60-teeth carbide blade at the speed of 4,600 RPM for a cleaner & faster cutting. Let’s check some of its features:

  • You get a quality compound miter saw at the cheapest rate.
  • Laser guide (work on battery) for accuracy.
  • This saw will not get rust due to its aluminum body, hence making it lightweight too.
  • It has a 0.62″ arbor lock so that you can easily and quickly change its blade.
  • This saw can do maximum miter cut of 45-degrees in both directions ( with 9 positive stops ) & 45-degree bevel cut to the left side.
  • Saw has dolly wheels which makes it easier to roll around ( but the size of the wheels is small ).
  • The maximum cutting thickness of this saw is 3 inches.
  • For increased capacity, it has 2 extension wings.
  • It can perform 4.75-inch maximum crosscuts @ 90-degree (in both directions) & 45-degree.
  • For safety purposes, it has an electric brake ( to stop blade immediately ) & a transparent blade guard.

Comes with 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty


1. Quality compound miter saw at the cheapest price with 92% positive feedback.1. Maximum crown molding width is only 3.62 inches.
2. No rusting will take place due to the aluminum body, making it lightweight too (24 lbs).2. Dolly wheel is small, making it difficult to pull over broken ground.
3. Comes with a 60T carbide blade of diameter 10″, 2 extension wings, clamp, blade wrench, batteries (for laser) & dustbag.3. The included clamp is not good & laser is difficult to adjust.
4. It has a good transparent blade guard & electric-brake for safety purpose.
5. Laser & fence system is included.
6. The blade can be changed easily due to its 5/8″ arbor.

14. Hitachi C10FCE2 – Second Cheapest Compound Miter Saw

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 In terms of the cheapest compound miter saw, Hitachi C10FCE2 comes after Genesis GMS1015LC but this Hitachi saw is more durable & has more features in comparison to the price tag. It is best for trim carpenters, framers, & woodworkers. If you want to do bevel, miter & crosscuts on the hardwood easily, then this tool is highly recommended. 

This 26.3 pound Hitachi C10FCE2 single bevel compound miter saw is very inexpensive saw in terms of feature. No compound miter saw in the 200 dollar price range gives this much features, as this saw give. It has a heavy-duty 15-ampere motor ( 1950 Watts power output ) which runs its 24-teeth tungsten carbide blade @5000 RPM. This speed can easily do bevel, miter & crosscuts any hardwood.

The features of this Hitachi C10FCE2 are:

  • It can perform the toughest cutting tasks easily.
  • This saw has a built-in clamp at the bottom of this tool which will hold your cutting material in place.
  • Comes with thumb-actuated positive miter stops which allow miter adjustments from 0 to 52 degrees ( 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45° ) in both directions.
  • A maximum 45-degree bevel cut in the left direction.
  • The flip fence can e raised to 4-inches which allow you to cut 2.31″ x 5.65″ (High x Deep ) lumber & crown molding vertically.
  • For the longer life of the saw, it has carbon brushes &  dust collector bag which protects the internal parts from the dust.
  • You will face less vibration in your hand due to its elastomer grip on the horizontal handle.
  • This saw is covered by Hitachi’s excellent  5-Year Warranty.
NOTE: 1. The capacity of this Hitachi miter saw is restricted to lumber no bigger than the regular 2 x 6, so carefully consider what projects to use it for before buying.

2. If you are a professional & looking for the perfect crown cutting then you must increase your budget.

3. Buy any 10″ carbide miter blade which has more than 60 teeth.


1. The 15-amp motor delivers stable current constantly for consistent cutting without slowing.1. The base casting is very light.
2. The instruction booklet is useless but it is easy to set-up this saw.2. This saw can not handle larger pieces.
3. Comes with a 24 teeth TCT blade of diameter 10″, extended fence, vise assembly, box wrench, & dustbag.3. No laser guide.
4. It has tough plastic housing.
5. A built-in clamp is included to hold your material in one place.
6. The dust collection is okay for its price class.

15. Delta 26-2250 – Fastest 12″ Sliding Compound ‘Cruzer‘ Miter Saw

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 If you are looking for something different like robotic arms instead of traditional rails in a miter saw which is perfect for tougher job-sites, then this unique Delta 26-2250 dual compound sliding miter saw is highly recommended. 

The Delta 26-2250 is a 57-pound dual bevel sliding compound miter saw which comes with a powerful 15-ampere 12-volt brushed motor that rotates its 60-teeth carbide blade of diameter 12-inch @4000 RPM. This space-saving saw is great for remodeling & framing but not so good for trim carpenters.

Let’s check the features of this Cruze miter saw:

  • It has a robotic arm ( made from military-grade aluminum ) instead of rails, that means, the Cruzer robotic arm folds rather than slides.
  • For maximum power & cooling of the motor, it has a 15 ampere proprietary motor with a belt drive rather than a direct drive.
  • Built-in tension adjustment for making own tension settings.
  • This saw allow you to do 18-inch crosscuts.
  • It comes with max 50° miter cut at left & 60-degree at right with 10 miter detents & positive stops at the common positions.
  • A maximum 47-degree bevel cut in both directions with 7 positive stops.
  • You can do accurate nested crown molding up to maximum 7.5 inches due to its flip-down slide lock & vertical cutting ( maximum cutting thickness )up to 6.5 inches.
  • For easy operation & adjustment or say for quick movement of this saw, it has a front bevel release & one-hand front miter controls with push-button miter detent override.
  • It has an electric blade-brake & transparent retractable blade guard for safety purposes.
  • For vacuum connection to collect dust, it has a 1.5-inch dust port.
  • Normally, the maximum cord length of other miter saws is 6 inches but this Delta saw has 7″ cord.
NOTE: The Delta company has tested the saw head spring and they said it will last over 1-million cycles and will loosen up over time.

RECOMMENDATION: Buy this Freud D12100X 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra Fine blade to increase the performance of this saw.


1. Cruzer robot-like arm instead of rails for super-smooth movement.1. The saw head spring will loosen up over time.
2. It takes very little space in comparison to rail miter saws.2. The 3″ long carrying handle & dust port is too small for a 57 lbs saw.
3. Comes with belt-drive motor instead of direct-drive (for maximum power & to keep motor cool).3. No laser guide.
4. The built-in tension adjustment is an awesome feature.
5. Blade stops quickly due to its electric brake.
6. There are detents on for the common bevel settings, which is a great feature.

I hope you may have got enough idea about top 15 miter saws available right now. But I know, it can be still confusing while choosing the perfect one. So, let me summarise the review in short:

  • Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw ( 12″ ): Dewalt DWS780
  • Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw ( if you don’t have a budget problem | 10.25″ ): Festool 561287

Well, I will NOT recommend you to buy the cheapest sliding compound miter saw because sliding saw must be of a higher quality & cheap sliding saws are of low quality. If you are a learner & looking for cheaper and better options for sliding miter then check this Genesis GMSDR1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Before proceeding to buyer’s guide, I just wanted to inform you that I have also an article on rolling tool bags which are great for storing power tools and easy to move it from one place to another. 

If you love gardening too, then you can also read this article on best gas weed eater for your yard.

Miter Saw Buyer’s Guide 2024


Which Type Of Miter Saw Should I Buy?

Basically, there are 3 types of miter saws but we can add one more category, i.e. cordless miter saw:

  • Compound ( Single Bevel ),
  • Dual-Bevel Compound Or Dual Compound,
  • Sliding-Compound, &
  • Cordless.

Compound Miter Saws (Single Bevel):

  1. It can make straight, miter & bevel cut ( bevel cut in only one direction & miter cut in both directions )
  2. Perfect for creating crown moldings.
  3. It is suitable for narrow materials.
  4. Cheaper, lighter & simpler.
  5. Difficult to make compound cuts.

Dual-Compound Miter Saws:

  1. It can also make straight, miter & bevel cuts but in both directions ( miter & bevel both ).
  2. Due to this ability, it is perfect for creating bevels.
  3. More versatile; better than single bevel compound saw.

Sliding-Compound (dual bevel):

  1. In addition to the tilt feature, it has sliding feature, i.e. you can move its blade back & forth along the rails.
  2. Perfect for cabinetry & trimming work.
  3. Increases cross-cut capacity from 12″ to 16″ or 10″ to 12″.

Cordless Miter Saws:

  1. Smaller, lighter, cord-free & easy to maintain.
  2. Quite & smooth in comparison to other saws.
  3. Comes with brushless motor for longer life.
  4. Great for medium-duty work.

Which Miter Saw Is Best: Cord Or Cordless?

It totally depends on your work. If you are a highly professional then you must go with a corded miter saw (of course sliding compound dual bevel ). But, if you want to do some small tasks or any medium-duty work & your priority is portability, cord-free, less noise motor then you must go for cordless one.

Nowadays, new technology has made battery & motor more powerful which lasts longer. Batteries also give long runtime and enough power to perform 300+ cuts on  2 x 4 SPF lumber.

Due to this, the cordless saw has attracted many tradesmen & DIY-ers to use it and they are fully satisfied too.

If you are purchasing a good quality cordless miter saw then it will cost you little more in comparison to compound saws.

If you are a beginner or an enthusiastic DIY-er then you can buy it. Buy Makita XSL06PT Cordless Sliding Compound Saw ( mentioned at number 6 ), you will not regret.

Which Blade Has Bigger Cross-Cut Capacity?

  • Bigger the blade diameter, bigger the cross-cut will be. Not only cross-cut but also bigger miter & bevel cut.
  • Miter blades usually come in diameter 7-1/4″, 8-1/4″, 8-1/2″, 10″, & 12″.
  • If you also have a table saw, then I will recommend you to buy a 10″ miter blade because you can use it in both miter saw & table saw.
  • Always buy a miter blade with higher TPI ( Teeth Per Inch ) to get a clean & smooth cut.
  • In a high TPI blade, there is no need to sand the edge.

What Is The Importance Of Angle Ranges & Detents?

  • There are different types of bevel & miter ranges depending upon the miter saws. The fixed or common point is that all the saws are able to cut 45-degrees.
  • The angle may be symmetric or asymmetric. For example, Festool 561287 dual bevel compound miter saw has max 50-degree miter cut capacity to the left & 60-degree to the right ( example of asymmetric ). In the case of symmetric, the angle is the same in both directions. All the miter saws have necessary angle ranges unless you are a highly professional carpenter who works on odd angles.

Positive stop detents are the standard feature of the miter saws. I would highly recommend you to buy a miter saw which has this feature.

What are detents in a miter saw?

The detent is actually a mechanical device that locks or resist the wheel rotation, spindle or axle. In the case of miter saw, detent locks the movement of the machine & it will not move unless it is released. This feature will help you to get accurate cutting angles without any guessing.

Common bevel detents are: 22.5, 45, & 90 degrees.

Hence, choose angle ranges according to your need and must choose bevel detents for accuracy.

Is Laser Guide Necessary In Miter Saw?

It is always good to use a laser guide, especially if you are a beginner. Professionals may not need this but most of them love to use it.

There are 2 types of laser guide:

  • Diode Laser, &
  • LED Light (XPS Feature)

Diode lights are not so good in comparison to XPS lights because it is difficult to see and the diodes are not tied to the blade, so there may be a small inaccuracy. Some miter saws use a green diode instead of a red diode because they are brighter but it is expensive.

XPS ( Cross-Positioning System ) feature is basically a shadow line. It projects LED light on both the sides of the blade, that’s why it creates a shadow line of thickness exactly equal to the thickness ( kerf ) of the blade. Hence, we always get accurate cut, no matters whether you change the blade, it will automatically adjust with the blade.

You will face a little bit of difficulty while seeing the shadow line in bright sunshine but it is still visible enough ( lot clear in comparison to diode laser lights. ).

You will find a good XPS feature in 12″ Dewalt DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw. ( Check its review at number 9 )

What Is The Use Of Fence In The Miter Saw?

The fence is used to keep the cutting material secure during the cut. The fence is actually a small wall against which the cutting material is pressed up or positioned.

What Is The Recommended Height Of The Fence?

The recommended height of the fence is minimum 4″ and it must stand exactly  90-degree to the table.

In a good miter saw, the fence is adjustable. Some fence even slides out or swing up which helps you to cut longer stock or pieces. ( this feature is very useful in bevel cuts.)

Why Dust Collector Or Extractor Is Necessory In Miter Saws?

Of course, the dust collector is necessary, not only to keep your working area clean but also preventing sawdust particles from inhaling. Inhaling sawdust can cause lung problems.

But, the dust bag which comes with compound miter saws is approx useless. Few of them ( like Makita XSL06PT, mentioned at number 6  ) are better (collects 70% of the dust ) but not best.

Hence, buy a shop vacuum with this saw or any other saw and attach it to the dust-collection port.

What Safety Features Should I Check While Buying A Miter Saw?

The 3 safety features which you must check before buying a miter saw are:

  • Electric Brake: To immediately stop the spinning blade.
  • Blade-Guard: It protects you from the dangerous spinning sharp blade.
  • Safety Switch: Prevents the miter saw from the accidental start.

Some people remove the blade guard to enhance productivity. After removing it, they get more cutting depth from their blade and also they get the better view but it is highly NOT recommended because many people cut their hands. Many cases like this come every year.


  • Always use goggles & ear guard for eye & ear protection respectively.
  • Don’t wear any loose clothing or any type of chains or ornaments.
  • Use mask especially if you are working indoors to prevent the sawdust from entering your lungs.
  • Read the manuals carefully before setting up your miter saw.

Do I Need Any Accessories For My Miter Saw?

Almost, all the good miter saws come with accessories like clamps, dust bag, blade, blade wrench, vertical vise, so you can start your work without buying any accessories.

  • But, for better results, I will recommend you to buy a miter table because it not only holds the miter saw but also increases the material support so that you can cut longer stocks easily.
  • The second accessory which you can buy is armlock, which will make your saw more compact & safe.