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Best Gas Weed Eater 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For most people, the biggest challenge in maintaining their house is proper yard work. Grass trimming or lawn mowing is the main thing to be taken care of. With the information here, I shall help you so that this becomes easy and snag-free. All you need in this case is the best gas weed eater to make lawn maintenance simple and fun. Most of us think that it is very easy to buy the best gas weed eater since it has become a staple in the garages for decades.

However, the present trend of online shopping will make you realize that the task is not that easy as it is anticipated. It is a fact that the performance of equipment is always overinflated by the manufacturers along with their ad teams. At the same time, any of the possible shortcomings of the product is downplayed by them.

For this reason, I am here to help you in selecting the best gas weed wacker that can carry out the task efficiently and live up to your expectations. For making great purchase decisions, it is very important that the consumer is well informed. That is why I bring upon the collection of best gas weed eaters’ 2019 reviews list. You can also find the buying guide that will provide all the desired information regarding the best budget gas string trimmer before making the final purchase decision. In this manner, you will be able to find the best gas weed wacker model that matches your demands.

You might also think, why to go with a gas trimmer when the option of an electric trimmer is available. Well, these reviews about the best gas string trimmer will help you understand the benefits of gas trimmers over the electric trimmers as well.

Also, check frequently asked questions on weed eater at the bottom of this article.

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Best Gas Weed Eater 2024 Comparison Table


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1. Husqvarna 128LD – Top pick

Husqvarna 128LD is an equally good pick for both gardeners and homeowners for blowing, mowing, trimming and various other kinds of yard maintenance activities

One of the best lightweight gas weed eaters that serve multiple functions and is an ideal choice for gardeners or homeowners is Husqvarna 128LD. It comes with a smart start fuel pump and recoil system along with a braided, strong wire cable drive. The T25 trimmer head that is semi-automatic also helps in easy loading.

For serving the DIY-ers with easy storage and transport, it comes with a detachable shaft. The cutting guard of Husqvarna 128LD is versatile since you can use it either with the trimmer head or glass blade. The cable drive is of braided, strong wire and for the purpose of easy starting, there is a feature of automatic stop switch reset to on position.

  • Hardworking, lightweight design: When you are searching for the best lightweight gas string trimmer, Husqvarna 128LD stands as the perfect choice with just 10.8 pounds of weight. You get the freedom to take care of several jobs ranging from clearance of surplus branches to trimming the hedges easily and quickly.
  • Wonderful versatility: This is an easy-to-use tool with which you can perform a myriad of tasks. This model could also be transformed to sweeper, hedge trimmer, tree pruner, brush cutter, tiller, edger, etc. with the help of additional accessories that you can acquire based on the requirements in your yard.
  • Excellent product for your yards: Dedicated and high performing equipment are required by great yards. You will be glad to know that the varieties of garden equipment offered by Husqvarna are able to cover a myriad of yard maintenance activities from snow blowers to lawnmowers and chainsaws to trimmers. So you can have an exceptionally well-maintained yard with the help of Husqvarna 128LD.
1. Semi-automatic trimmer head for easy loading.1. Required to give repeat ignition if the throttle is kept open for a while.
2. Detachable shaft for easy storage and transport.2. The carburettor might require some time to cool-off for repetitive usage.
3. Lightweight design with a weight of just 10.8 pounds.
4. With the assistance of additional accessories, the modal can easily be transformed into hedge trimmer, sweeper, brush cutter, or tree pruner.


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2. Remington RM2560 – Best For The Money

Remington RM2560 is a good choice for those users who are looking for a reliable gas string trimmer within a reasonable budget.

This is yet another good option in the best budget gas string trimmers. Remington RM2560 comes with a straight shaft making it perfect for fence corners or for getting under the bushes or other hard to reach areas. The cutting width of Remington RM2560 is 16” that is respectable but not the longest when compared with other options in our list. The weight of this model is 14 pounds that is almost 33% heavier when compared with the other options available in the market at present. The shaft of this model is also short that creates difficulties even for the shorter people since they need to bend for using it. This is the reason why those who fall on the taller side should avoid using this product.

Quality control problems are also there with Remington RM2560 and therefore you can never be sure about the impending problem. So look for other options if your search is for something that is long-lasting as Remington RM2560 cannot go with such demands.

However, with the help of its straight shaft, you are able to trim the places that are hard to reach and under bushes fast and easily. Remington quick start technology is featured in this dynamic grass and weed trimming machine that makes pull starting easy and helps in instantly running and getting up. All the desired power is pulled easily by the 2 cycles 25cc engine so that the process is carried out comfortably. A bumped head comes fully equipped with a Remington trimmer so that you can quickly and easily trim and edge your yard with the line that is .095” twisted.

1. User friendly design featuring a straight shaft for quick and easy trimming under the bushes.1. The cutting width of this model is limited when compared to other models.
2. Adjustable handle to operate from different positions to curtail the chances of fatigue.2. With a weight of 14 pounds, the model is comparatively heavier for operations when compared to other names on the list.
3. The trimmer with large bump feed to conduct multiple chores in less time.
4.Powerful cutter with 25cc 2 cycle type gas engine.


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3. Husqvarna 967055801 – Best For Thick Weeds & Long Grass

Husqvarna 967055801 weed eater is a good option for both individual users and professionals demanding both performance and power (Heavy Tasks).

This is a dominant string trimmer that comes with a straight flex drive shaft, 4-stroke engine, loop handle, and bevel gear. For all the gardeners, homeowners, and DIY-ers who are in search of the best commercial gas string trimmer with performance and power, Husqvarna 967055801 stands as the perfect choice.

There is no hassle on the user end for mixing the fuel and oil as the 4 stroke engine of Husqvarna 967055801 runs purely on gas. It also serves easy starting since the air from the fuel system and the carburetor is removed by the air purge. Users can enjoy the minimum effort and a quick start with the design of a smart start engine.

Strings of professional-grade that is as thick as 0.095” could be used by this trimmer. It, therefore, becomes easy to trim almost any weed or grass that you are having in your yard. It stands as the perfect option in the best gas weed eater since a myriad of purposes is met effectively while taking care of user convenience as well. The head of its line could be simply tapped against the ground for getting the desired length instead of any need for manual winding. Users can enjoy greater precision with the minimized consumption of unwanted lines. However, Husqvarna 967055801 is not as convenient in use as the automatic line feeding.

The two-line system is used by Husqvarna 967055801 trimmer that means double the weed whacking job is done by this allowing faster and more even trimming of everything as desired by the user. Husqvarna 967055801 also provides several accessories so that the trimmer is allowed to be used as a brush cutter, edger, pole saw, or even a cultivator.

1. Air purge for an easy starting by removing air from a carburettor and the fuel system.1. Not recommended if you are planning to use it as automatic line feeding.
2. With 0.095” strings, it can trim any size grass or weed in your yard.2. A bit pricey when compared with other models.
3. The two line system allows the trimming with greater precision.3. Your neighbours will be unhappy because it’s quite loud.
4. The model can be easily customized to brush cutter, cultivator or pole saw with the help of other accessories.


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4. Hitachi CG23ECPSL

This is yet another great option available for those looking for best gas weed eater that is powerful enough to meet the demands of yard maintenance. The shaft of Hitachi CG23ECPSL comes under the length of 70 inches making it the perfect choice for the tall people so that they need not to bend over for the purpose of weed whacking. The starting system features S-start recoil ensuring that it will start in 2 pulls or even less consistently. Also, the desired force on each pull is less compared to the other models in the market.

A system of anti-vibration is also featured in Hitachi CG23ECPSL so that stress on user’s body is lowered while he is making use of this trimmer. So, at the end of weed whacking process, you can rest assured of being less worn out.

With the weight of only 10 pounds, it serves to be the lightweight model and therefore the best lightweight gas string trimmer. This model, however, comes with bump head dispensing from the trigger line. Pure fire 22.5cc 2 stroke engine is able to meet the levels of emission and that too without adding any weight, sacrificing power or creating headaches for maintenance. The force that is required for starting the system is reduced by the S start recoil and fatigue on the user end is also reduced with the system of anti vibration.

So you can go for Hitachi CG23ECPSL having all these features to make weed whacking and yard maintenance a fun and easy to accomplish task. The bump thing could also be replaced with some other parts available in the market making it flawless.


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5. Troy-Bilt TB42 BC

Troy-Bilt TB42 BC is the reliable option available for you when the job could not be done alone by the regular string trimmer. It offers you with the ability to work up on dense brush and weeds. For the purpose of heavy brush taming, Troy-Bilt TB42 BC is considered to be the king. This is the best gas weed eater for the money that consists of components that are most durable. These include a steel boom, premium engine, blade with steel tip and gearbox of commercial grade. Performance and power are delivered by Troy-Bilt TB42 BC through long run.

User can enjoy weed wacking with low vibration using Troy-Bilt TB42 BC that has fully supported crank shaft and powerful engine to offer longevity. Trimmer Plus attachments are allowed by the coupler like edger or pole saw that are powered via engine. This weed wacker is easy to start with 2 cycle 27cc full crank premium engine having less vibration compared to others. The need of pulling cord is eliminated since its engine is jump start capable. Also, user can enjoy extended reach under the bushes and shrubs with its design having straight shaft.

Easy left or right handed use and additional control are provided by the adaptable J-handled. Troy-Bilt TB42 BC comes with standard system of line replacement. For the purpose of taking on the heavy vegetation, it comes with 4 tooth plus 8 inch steel brush blade. This is best gas string trimmer with the design that is attachment capable, that engine is able to power 10 varied attachments of Trimmer Plus. In this way, you can have the trimmer that can turn in garage that is filled with tools.


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6. Poulan Pro 967105301

This is another option available in list of best budget gas string trimmers that comes with simple staring model. It has design that allows starting the trimmer in first or second pull and features pull cord of low force. It is easy and quick to clear the large areas with its 17” large cutting width. A separable shaft is also featured in Poulan Pro 967105301 gas weed eater that allow the user to buy and add a cultivator, hedge trimmer, brushcutter, blower, pole pruner or edger attachment.

With this, a single engine offers bundle of versatility while the value is increased till it lasts. However, some significant problems are there with the durability of this gas weed wacker that makes it a better option for irregular yard worker. This is not a suitable option for gardeners, woodworkers etc. who carry out the task frequently. Loose handle is also featured in some of the units. It does not damage the model but user get the feeling that he is not having great precision or control. While this model is not the most exclusive one in market, it is neither the cheapest and probably you might feel of not having good value.

However, this trimmer comes with straight shaft powered by reliable 2 cycle 25cc SureFire gas engine making it suitable for demanding applications of lawn maintenance. The trimmer can convert to the yard machine capable for multiple functions with attachment system of Pro Link in Split boom shaft. For superior result of cutting, it comes equipped with Tap’N dual line feed Go head. It is simple and quick to reload the spool of trimmer.


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7. Remington RM2510

Remington RM2510 is the best lightweight gas string trimmer having a 2 cycle 25cc engine. The effort needed for pull starting the engine is reduced with its technology of Quick Start. It comes with ergonomic design of curved shaft so that the user can experience less fatigue while trimming medium to small yards easily. There is no need to stop for refilling the line of trimmer since it comes with dual bump head line and cutting swath of 16-inch so that it becomes easy to trim even a wide area covered with grass.

Tap cutting head on ground for easily replacing the trimmer line at the time of operation. It is backed by limited warranty of 2-years. Remington string trimmers help keep the weeds and tall grass at bay. For the best maintenance of yard, it is important to check the stubborn vegetation. Hard working trimmers come with Remington RM2510 so that minimal effort is required for getting a lawn that looks well-manicured. For the yards ranging from medium to small size, ideal Rustler trimmer options are available in Remington. These trimmers are powerful, lightweight and easy to use. While cutting, users can enjoy optimal comfort with the Remington RM2510 trimmer (curved shaft). Cutting line also has direct view while operating. It is the best lightweight gas string trimmer for woodworkers, gardeners, DIY-ers etc.

Greater control and more durability come with the thicker line so that is it easy to get the thicker shrubs and grass patches. It takes less time to trim tall grass’ wider sections. Users can enjoy balanced and comfortable trimming and cutting with RM2510.


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8. Weed Eater W25SBK

A gasoline 25cc engine powers this weed wacker that features straight shaft for 16-inch wide and long reach in yard area. Breaking down the shaft in 2 parts becomes easy with the coupler so that the trimmer could be transported or stored more compactly. The starting system of Weed Eater W25SBK is very simple in which it comes alive immediately with prime and pull. It also features cutting head that is Tap ‘N Go for automatically feeding the trimmer line quickly while pushing the head into ground.

It is possible to easily get rid of the wide weeds and grass swaths with the help of its 16 in. large cutting path. The knock-down handy coupler offers convenience of quick assembly as well along with ease of storage and transport. This is the best budget gas string trimmer offering effortless mobility round the yard with the lightweight design. The spool changing system of 10-second allows quick replacement of the spool so that it becomes easy to quickly return back on job. Attachments are not accepted in this trimmer so the feature of multi-tasking machine is not available in Weed Eater W25SBK. Anti vibration system is also absent in Weed Eater W25SBK so user is likely to experience fatigue once the job is done.

If someone is in search of lightweight gas string trimmer then Weed Eater W25SBK can be considered but do not forget the overall operating process of this weed wacker. Weed Eater W25SBK belongs to feather lite weed eater family. Soft grass is worked quickly but Weed Eater W25SBK did not offer desired performance in cutting the thick weeds.


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9. Homelite ZR33600

When it comes to the perfect choice in best gas weed eater for the money, Homelite ZR33600 stands on top. For the purpose of clearing the weeds out of open yard area, this model stands best with curved shaft design. However, it is less competent in the case of tight spaces. The quick fire carburetor of Homelite ZR33600 offers convenience of starting it every time on first or second pull. The force required in each pull is also lowered with the quick fire carburetor. With the Homelite ZR33600 model, less passes are required for clearing same area compared with the other models since it helps to cut 17” swath.

This is also the best budget gas string trimmer offering great value for money with price that is nearly half in comparison with the top models of this list. However, installation problems are sometimes possible with this model. Restarting the engine is easy but it would be better if it offers lasting performance while idling so that there is no need to start over for repositioning. The bump head problems are also there in this model like some others in this list. Due to the bump head, there is inconsistent dispensing of trimmer line. However, it is possible to fix this problem with the help of parts available in the market for the purpose. But the overall price will be increased with this. Homelite ZR33600 is overall a decent option available in weed eater at a great price.


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10. Weed Eater W25CBK – Best Lightweight Gas Weed Eater

This is the best lightweight gas string trimmer available in the market for proper yard maintenance. Gardeners, woodworkers and DIY-ers find Weed Eater W25CBK as a convenient option for the job on account of its light weight. It comes with the feature of cutting head that is Tap ‘N Go. So there is no need make any extra efforts since the trimmer line is feed automatically and quickly when the head is pushed against the ground.

Quick assembling is provided by the convenient coupler that comes with knock down option. This is also useful foe easy storage and transport since the parts could be divided easily. Easy mobility round the yard offered by the lightweight design of Weed Eater W25CBK makes it the best gas weed string that requires minimal efforts for the job. This model belongs to the feather lite weed eater family similar to another weed eater model discussed above in this list.

This gas trimmer could be considered as the lightest option compared with all the others present in this list and therefore serves as the perfect pick for all those who are in search of best lightweight gas string trimmer. This trimmer features, bump feed, dual string cutting head so that there is no need to stop during weed wacking. This is cost effective option that can serve the purpose of the best budget gas string trimmer that allows easy and quick yard maintenance and that too with minimal effort.


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11. Craftsman WS405

Craftsman WS405 is the best gas weed eater that makes yard cleaning an easy and trouble free task. It comes with powerful 4 cycle, 29cc gas engine and do no cause much noise. The product has cutting width of 17” that helps you in cutting more grass and that too in less time. Craftsman WS405 is the gas weed eater that features pull starts and simple prime with 2-step advanced starting and simple start technology. It is possible to head feed line of 095” with this easy winding weed eater that allows user to quickly refill the head of cutting and enjoy easy engagement.

This weed eater is capable for attachments with the brands such as trimmer plus and more so that you can turn the device into several other products of lawn care with the help of separately available attachments. It is easier to trim the places that are hard to reach and bushes with the help of straight shaft of this tool.


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12. Husqvarna 128CD

This Husqvarna 128CD is a go to option for you in gas weed eaters when you are in search of an easy to use and powerful tool for weeds, grass etc. The resistance of starter cord is reduced by about 40% by the technology of smart trimmer start so that easy engine starting is allowed and you can get the braided and strong trimmer line on work. You are able to enjoy protection from debris and flying rocks with the help of cutting shield with high visibility. With this you can have better view of cutting area. It is easy to transport and store the trimmer on account of its feature of detachable head.

This gas weed eater is the part of the family of smart multi tool and three clicks on attachments are compatible with its power base- cultivator, purchase the edger and pole saw attachments so that you are able to handle the different yard job effectively.


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13. Poulan Pro PR28SD

The features that Poulan Pro PR28SD boasts are best for anyone who is in search of a tool best for the yard maintenance job. You can get features such as 2 stroke, 28cc engine with the cutting path of 17″ and straight shaft in Poulan Pro PR28SD. The trimmer is capable for attachments since it is designed for accepting 6 voluntary attachments making it all the more versatile. These attachments allow Poulan Pro PR28SD to deal effectively with tasks including blowing, trimming, hedge trimming, tiling, brushcutting, edging, tree pruning etc.

It features surefire system of fuel delivery that is simple as choke, prime and pull. The pull starting system makes it effortless to start this tool. It also features dual line feed head for Tap N Go offering superior results in cutting. The air from fuel system and carburetor is removed by air purge to allow easy starting of this tool.


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14. Troy-Bilt TB525 EC

If you are in search of a true workhorse then Troy-Bilt TB525 EC is the perfect option for you. It is designed to offer consistent cutting regardless of the season. The 4 cycle, 29cc engine has both the capability of Jumpstart and spring assist technology so that you can enjoy as simple starting as possible.

Cord pulling becomes very easy with the help of spring assist. Also, there is no need to pull the cord since this demand is eliminated by the engine that is capable of jumpstart. You can acquire the engine starter separately. For user comfort, curved shaft comes with an angle and offer cutting line’s direct view. You can also enjoy easy and fast loading with the help of its speed spool 2 bump head. Trimmer engine is able to power 10 varied attachments of trimmer plus on account of its design that is trimmer capable. This is reliable and durable tool for yard maintenance.


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15. Tanaka TCG23ECPSL – 

When it is required to meet the levels of emissions without any additional weight, power sacrifice or maintenance headaches then the best option is Tanaka TCG23ECPSL with its Purefire 22.5cc two stroke engine. There is no fatigue of bending since it comes with overall length of 69.6” and system of anti vibration. The force required to start its engine is reduced with the starting system of S-start recoil.

In the lineup of grass trimmers from Tanaka, this tool boasts the latest design. For improving user control and comfort and reduce the fatigue, it features straight shaft with overall length of 69.6 in., 10.4 lbs weight, system of anti vibration and steel drive shaft. It is lightweight and offer maneuverability and ease of use.


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Gas Weed Eater Buyer’s Guide 2024


Why Should We Consider Weight As An Important Factor ?

Do take this factor into consideration before buying the gas weed eater. This is important since the overall fatigue that you will experience with yard maintenance task will be very less when you opt for an effective model having less weight. As a result, you can stay fresh instead of getting completely exhausted after clearing yard with less weighing gas weed eater. This heavy duty machine serves extremely helpful in cutting more grass and that too in short time span without draining you out.

Grass trimmer’s maneuverability is also determined by this aspect. The attempt to instantly change direction of a running machine that weighs 30 pound can go in vain. Still it is easy to work with lightweight weed eaters in fields where you need to select which plot to trim and which one to wander around. The distribution of weight is also determined with the help of shaft length.

How Does The Engine Type Can Affect Your Experience?

Your experience of yard maintenance with gas weed eater can change dramatically with some features of this machine and power is the major feature in these. You need to consider the horsepower or cc of different engines for checking their effectiveness. Weed eater that is gas powered has engine as the fundamental part that help determine the speed of grass trimmer and its toughness. You should select the weed eaters having high capacity for effective yard maintenance in less time.

Number of cycles of engine is yet another aspect of grass trimmer that should be considered. You can find engines having double and even quartet cycles. Mix of both oil and gas is there in the two cylinder engine while different section for lubricant and petrol is there in the four cylinder engine. The weight of gas weed eater is also determined by engine size since it contributes to device’s gross mass. Do consider type of engine at the time of selecting gas weed eater since most of the concerns could be resolved with the help of a reliable engine.

Which One To Choose: Straight Or Curved Shaft?

Most of the people are often not clear about impact of a straight or curved shaft on weed eater and therefore they purchase one without considering this fact. When your yard has only few areas that are hard to reach and large clearing areas then curved shafts are best option for you. With the help of curve, it becomes easy to clear large areas since it is ideal for sweeping, long cuts.

On the other hand, the best option for getting under bushes and corners is straight shaft since it offers some additional reach compared to the other option. Do take care of shaft length if you are tall or short. Go for long shaft if you are tall and short shaft if you are short. This will help you to remain in natural position while holding the weed eater.

What Should Be The Cutting Width?

This is the next important feature that you should consider while selecting the gas weed eater. The most preferred option in this case is long cutting width since it help in saving time in one area’s grass cutting. Diameter above 15 inches helps provide sufficient output in most of the gas weed eaters. It is best to select weed wackers having support for several attachments to head of trimmer whenever possible. In this manner, adjustments are possible on the basis of workload or preferences that you have for yard maintenance. This ability enhances durability of the machine making the overall process easier.

How Does Some Additional Features Like String Gauge & Low Vibration Can Help You?

The purchase value could be increased or decreased with several minor features based on your demands. For example, most of the people prefer gas weed eater having low vibration so that they can avoid the exhaustion after yard maintenance.

Number of matched string gauges is another important factor for some people. String with thick diameter help in clearing thicker vegetation easily while the same task might need multiple passes with string having lighter weight. However, it is also important to note that string with heavy gauge is tough to move around and demands powerful weed eater to easily clear the area using heavy gauge.

How To Use A Gas Weed Eater?

To learn about how to use a gas weed eater, watch this video. I haven’t written any article on it because I felt you will learn more quickly by seeing this video:

Frequently Asked Questions On Weed Eater

Q1. What is a gas weed eater?

The biggest task for every gardener is to maintain the garden or lawn. Lawn mowing and grass trimming are the two important parts of maintaining the lawn. To make your task simpler, weed eater was introduced that helps to trim your garden. They can be further categorized based on the type of power used such as gas and electric weed eater.

Gas weed eaters are those trimmers that work with the help of the mixtures of gas while the electric one works with electricity.

Q2. How much oil to mix with gas for weed eater?

Weed eater of all the brands having two cycles utilizes the ratio of 40:1 ratio of gas to oil. It is equal to 3.2 ounces of oil to 1 gallon of gas.
The gas which is utilized in weed eater should not comprise more than 10 percent alcohol and also have 87 octanes.

Always remember that the formulation of oil is done for two-cycle engines. Moreover, don’t utilize the oil of automobile motor as it comprises of additives that are non-combustible and may choke the engine.

Q3. How much gas does a weed eater hold?

Weed eater comes with different sizes of the tank that varies with a capacity too. So, it cannot be concluded on a general basis.

In addition, I would like to suggest looking at the description of the gas weed eater which you are going to buying. It should be chosen on the basis of the size of your garden area. If you have a small area, go for less tank capacity weed eater and vice-versa.

Q4. Does String Trimmer use regular gas?

No, we do not use regular gas for the string trimmer alone. Gasoline that is being used is blended with 10% alcohol with the fresh gas and then mix it properly. It is recommended that not use regular gas alone as it will destroy the engine within minutes.

Q5. How to install a string trimmer line?

Trimming a string line usually requires a wound around a spool so if you want to replace it you will need to feed it into the spool.
Some basics steps for trimming the string line are:

1. Line preparation.
2. Turn off the engine.
3. Removal the retaining cap.
4. Locating the spool’s starter cap.
5. Align the retainer with the outside of the head.

Q6. How much gas does a weed eater use?

Two cycles engines are there in the lawn care weed eater product. This engine needs oil additive along with gasoline for lubrication. 87 grades are the regular unleaded gasoline fuel mix that is proper. 10% of the alcohol content could also be there in the 87 grades fuel mixed in 40-to-1 ratio with two-cycle synthetic engine oil with air cooling properties.

Q7. Electric versus gas weed eater – Which one should I buy?

Mainly, weed eater can be categorized into two types: electric and gas. Both of them have their pros and cons but work best for certain people only. An electric model will restrict how far you can reach since it requires an outlet module. While, a gas model has no restrictions on how far it can go, as long as you fill it with gas.

I would like to recommend that if you do not have any budget issue then go for the gas weed eater.

Q8. Which gas weed eater comes with an electric start?

Yes, there is a gas weed eater comes with the electric start.
Ryobi Touch Start Straight Shaft Trimmer accompanies a robust 30cc 2-cycle motor, making it an entirely incredible product. It gives plentiful insurance over the hot section of the engine and vibration on the Touch start was extremely low, making this a very comfortable tool to use. Noise output during idle measured 85 dB and at maximum throttle measured in at 102 dB SPL.

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