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What is a mower?

It is a grass-cutting machine. It is used in lawns and gardens to maintain the beauty of the place with shaped shrubs and grass. A beautiful lawn is necessary to spend a good time and enhances the outdoor look as well as the look of the house.

When talking about different machines we need to understand two different types of lawnmowers, 

these are –

  • Self-propelled &
  • Push Mowers

What is a self-propelled lawnmower?

Self-propelled mowers are different from traditional mowers as they have automated facilities and make your work easier. It is an all-wheel drive which means it has front, rear and back drive. The mower helps with the movement in the complicated areas of the lawn, the engine of the self-propelled mower is advanced and has an automatic choke recovery system. This feature ensures that the mower doesn’t need quick replacement and gives long-term benefits. It has multiple speed modes to help you with mowing different areas. A self-propelled mower makes your mowing job very easy and convenient.

What are push mowers?

Push mowers are simple and basic grass-cutting machines. They are easy to handle and are not complicated. The push mowers work by tearing and chopping the grass which makes the grass healthier the other mowers simply cut the grass with scissor blades. They help in cutting the grass more evenly which makes the lawn look beautiful, organized, and professional. The push mowers are quiet which means that it reduces noise pollution. Loud noise can irritate the ears and make the mowing process very frustrating and hectic. These mowers are very affordable. The push mowers also help your body to remain fit and healthy by making you exercise while doing the mowing process. They are safer and easier to use.

Push mowers Vs Self propelled mowers –

  • If you are considering the work factor. Self-propelled mowers needless manual work as compared to the push mowers as many tasks are automated in the self-propelled mowers it works with a gearbox and back tires.
  • While considering the speed a push mower will move as fast and slow as you move it while the self-propelled mowers have a speed setting system. You can set up the self-propelled mower to go from 3 to 3.5 miles per hour.
  • While considering the weight of the machine self-propelled is heavier than the push mowers. This is because the gearbox
  • Talking about the cost of the product the push movers are much cheaper than the self-propelled mowers.
  • The engine of the self-propelled varies from machine to machine. Though when compared with push mowers self-propelled mowers have bigger, heavier, and more advanced engines.

Push movers are great for smaller areas like a yard or a small lawn or garden also it works better with flat mowers. whereas, self-propelled mowers are great when you use them to shape the shrubs. The self-propelled mower uses a gearbox and front and rear wheels for better and easy movements. They will help you add beautiful flower beds.

Push mowers are simple and don’t have much variety and variation.

Though there are three types of push mowers –

  • Reel mower – reel mowers constitute the vertical moment of blades to chop the grass. It uses a scissor-like method to cut the grass it is mostly used in golf fields. The reel mowers cut grass very cleanly and sharply with the scissoring action. This old-school model is very systematic. Reel mowers work with the course of frictional force to accomplish the task.
  • Electric motor mower – the electronic mowers use batteries to operate the mower. These batteries are rechargeable. The volt and capacity of the batteries may vary from the mower to mower. The voltage decides the power and efficiency of the mower. These mowers have rotatory blades. These are very lightweight, easy to handle and operate. These mowers are inexpensive and are also environment friendly as there is no fume emission. These can also be used for larger lawn areas.
  • Motorized mower – the motorized mower is easy to handle and use. It has self-powered cutting blades. The mower is very convenient and basic.

Push mowers work best with flat or leveled lawns or areas.

The self-propelled mowers are very easy to use as they use automated processing. You don’t have to use your strength and power to use these mowers they save your time energy and reduce the manual labor and work. The speed setting allows you to cut grass according to the area. These mowers are very easy to use in the corners as well as to shape the small flower beds creatively. 

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There are two types of self-propelled mowers –

  • Front-wheel drive self-propelled mower – as the name suggests, front-wheel propelled mowers are propelled by the wheels in the front. These are inexpensive and easier to use as they can turn at an angle of 180 degrees very smoothly. These do great work on the flat and even land or terrain.
  • Rear-wheel drive self-propelled mower – again as the name suggests they operate and are propelled via the rear wheels. They are a little complex and hard to use when compared to the front-wheel-drive mower. It is not that lightweight and a shorter person can have difficulty while trying these mowers.

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How to use a push and self-propelled mower?

You have to be careful while buying as well as handling a mower. A mower needs to be handled with care, safety so that you don’t hurt yourself. Also if you don’t know to use it properly working with a lawnmower can be a heck of a task and can make you feel very tired. If done efficiently lawn mowing seems more like fun. Few things to keep in mind about the machine is the –

  • Power – More power is equal to more efficient work. It helps to cut the grass evenly with less labor.
  • Sharp blades – Sharp blades will ensure that your work has been done in the first go and you down have to keep mowing the same place again and again. So this part makes your work easier.
  • Height of the mower – This can be a matter of one’s comfort and perception. You can set the height of the mower according to your height and comfort. Make sure that this height remains fixed and you don’t change it while chopping off the extra grass height otherwise they will become uneven and have different heights.

Benefits of a mowing –

You get firmer and stronger grass and helps in better growth of the grass and the grass is nourished and fresher. There is a better recovery of the lawn and better grass results in better shape and appearance. Better grass holds the soil tightly. Mowing makes sure that the lawn is updated and maintained.

Mowing makes sure that your lawn, garden. The sports field is clean and well maintained it eliminates any chance of growth of bacteria, pesticides, and parasites which could cause diseases and illness. Mowing keeps your garden lively and free of any wild plants and weeds. A lively lawn or garden is the best place to spend your mornings and evening relaxed to sit calmly or energized to run, exercise, and play.

This exercise and relaxing pattern will keep your body healthy and your mind fit.

Which one to choose between self-propelled and push mowers?

Different mowers might suit different places and different individuals. You can compare the different machines and choose what is apt for you. The push mowers can be used for smaller gardens, they may fit your budget and won’t disturb your pocket. Whereas, the self-propelled mowers might be a little expensive in comparison but gives you an effortless finish with lesser manual work it doesn’t make you tiresome and is good for the long run. If you have a larger area and need to arrange flower beds and shape up the shrubs self-propelled mowers can provide you with a seamless finish and effortless work. You don’t want to spend the whole day mowing your yard and then lie down exhausted and feeling sick on your bed.

Such great manual work with push mowers can give you back pain and joint pain. It will make you so tired that you won’t feel like mowing the lawn for the next time. 
So you can invest in the appropriate mower according to the need and area you want to mow regularly. If you think that your small yard or lawn needs mowing once a month and you can manage to do it yourself with a push mower and don’t want to increase your expense you can go for the same.
So which one to buy can be a matter of perception and need.