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Best Electric Pressure Washers 2024 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best electric pressure washers

Have you ever used a regular hose to work with the greasy surfaces or have attempted to remove dirt then the time taken by this task must be known to you? This is the reason why we are here with the list of best electric pressure washers to help you with this task. In this list, you will find the best options available in electric pressure washers in terms of performance, power, time of operation, etc. On paper, the pressure washers might appear to be simple but they widely differ from one another in terms of design and other such factors.

The difference might also be there in the features, their working pattern, and the method of usage. You might get tempted by the attractive models and brands. However, it is very important to consider your requirements before making any final decision so that the right product is selected. Do not forget that not every task could be met effectively with the help of every pressure washer and this is especially true with the case of niche or delicate jobs. So If you too are looking for pressure washers then have a look at the best electric pressure washers reviews and choose the option that perfectly matches your demands.

Electric Pressure Washers Comparison Table

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15 best electric pressure washers reviews

The Best Electric Pressure Washers Are

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 – Best Electric Pressure Washer Overall

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With Sun Joe SPX3000, you can handle a wide range of applications since this pressure washer can tackle the dirty work without any hassle. Several cleaning tasks could be accomplished with the help of Sun Joe including buildings, trucks, homes, cars, driveways, lawn equipment, patios, boats, etc. This electric pressure washer stands to be the perfect amalgamation of performance, power, and versatility. The maximum power of cleaning is given by this pressure washer with a water flow of 1.76 GPM and pressure of 2030 PSI.

Key features:

  • Versatile: Wide range of cleaning tasks could be handled with this device to serve the user with maximum convenience
  • Design: it comes with removable tanks, detergent tanks and can simultaneously store different projects of cleaning
  • Powerful: Power of 2030 PSI delivered by this pressure washer offers maximum cleaning with its 1800watt/5 amp motor
  • Pressure: as per the standards of CSA, it offers max rating and even when it works under heavy load, the pressure of working is 1450 PSI

1. Dual tanks for detergent.1. Trigger lock has some issues.
2. Total stop system.2. Power is surplus for simple projects.
3. 5 tips of quick connect.
4. Powerful motor.
Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer diagram

2. Sun Joe SPX3500 – Best Electric Pressure Washer Under $300

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In the game of pressure washing, it stands as the veteran with classic colors used in its design. It serves highly useful for those having less space for storage with its upright design. The installed system of 2 wheels makes it easy to carry this device around. The induction electric motor of 13 Amp offers 3404 unit cleaning power.

Key features:

  • Brushless induction motor: this motor lasts longer compared to the traditional one and runs at the best speed
  • Performance: 13 Amp powerful motor offers the best performance
  • Tank: it comes with a large tank for detergent
  • Fighter: it fights with grime to offer the best cleaning with the desired power
1. Leak-proof connections.1. No tank for detergent.
2. 4 nozzles of quick connect.
3. High pressure foamer.
4. 25 foot pressure hose.
5. Power cleaning force.

3. Stanley SHP2150 – Best Electric Pressure Washer For Complex Task

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The latest technologies and features loaded in this pressure washer have made it stand in this list of best electric pressure washers. This excellent and amazing device offers a highly satisfying performance and takes very little time to complete complex tasks. No need to take a load of heavy dirt since Stanley SHP2150 offers the utmost power for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Key features:

  • Connections: it has leakproof 22mm connections and brass garden hose of professional-grade for premium quality accessories
  • Foamer: the foamer included in this is of high pressure with a detergent bottle designed specially to remove tough stains
  • Attachments: for handling maximum projects, it supports attachments such as pressure washer wand, washer gun, detergent tank, replacement kit
  • Power: the force it offers helps in powerful cleaning perfect for decks, siding, pools, pavements, etc.
1. 5 nozzles of quick connect.1. Not helpful for hard stains.
2. Hose of 25 feet.2. Issues of tipping over.
3. Rotary brush.
4. Attachment for patio and deck.
5. Convenient.

4. Greenworks 1700 PSI – Electric Pressure Washer With Less Noise

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This is another significant option in the electric pressure washer category. This option stands highly durable and the performance is also amazing in terms of power and washing. User can efficiently and quickly complete the yard work with this tool that help leave all the operational hassle behind. It does not make much noise such that the option is ideal for residential purposes.

Key features:

  • Power: it helps in surface restoration by removing dirt and grime with 1700 PSI pressure
  • Design: inline GFCI with the power cord of 35 feet to make it useful on all outlets of the exterior area
  • Stability: user can enjoy premium stability with its horizontal or vertical use
  • Applications: several applications of cleaning could be done with the soap applicator for complete cleaning
1. Do not make much noise.1. The hose is a little short.
2. Used horizontally or vertically.2. Number of washes is restricted.
3. Offers pressure of 1700 PSI.
4. Power cord of 35ft.
5. Connect tip of 40° and 25°.

5. Sun Joe SPX4000 – Versatile Electric Pressure Washer Under $200

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Professionals and experienced DIYers find this electric pressure washer to be a highly useful option. It is a stationary tool with the design having system of 2 wheel and vertical frame so that tilting movement is also possible. The top has a heavy-duty handle making it best in terms of portability. It also helps in saving time and detergent.

Key features:

  • Spray tips: 5 spray tips of quick connect are there for handling medium, light and heavy-duty tasks of cleaning
  • Powerful motor: 2030 PSI is generated by its14.5 Amp motor to deliver maximum power for cleaning
  • Technology: two powerful options for cleaning are there to take care of the toughest tasks of cleaning
  • Pressure: as per the standards of CSA, it has maximum ratings for pressure and works great under conditions of the typical load as well
1. Delivers power of 2030 PSI.1. Smaller tank of detergent.
2. Ergonomic design of frame and body.2. Wheels demand improvement in size.
3. Power saving structure.
4. 5 nozzles of quick connect.

6. Powerhouse International – Electric Pressure Washer With A Lots of Features

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Both the looks and performance of this electric pressure washer make it live up to its name. The platinum red finish of this model and 4 system of wheels on which the entire system us mounted offer utmost ease and convenient maneuvering to the user round the area. It could be stored simple and is portable as well on account of its weight.

Key features:

  • Hose: it comes with a flexible hose that offers up to 30% more suppleness compared to the earlier models
  • Power: it offers 2.2 GPM and 3000PSI for an utmost power-packed performance
  • Spray gun: 2 lances of stainless steel are there in the model to offer desired sprays
  • Accessories: it comes with angle and turbo nozzles, cleaner for the surface of patio and sprayer for soap foam
1. 4 caster wheels.1. Smaller wheels.
2. Highly portable.2. Soap module lacks desired size.
3. Messy corners could be reached easily.
4. Convenient rotating brush for patio.

7. Ivation 2200 PSI – Best Electric Pressure Washer For Hassle Free Experience

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This is yet another remarkable option in the list of best electric pressure washers that serves a wide range of desired jobs easily offering utmost convenience to the user. The performance of this tool is remarkably pleasing for the user offering them a nice Jobsite experience. Simple attachments are there in this system that is easy to handle for effortless operation.

Key features:

  • System: the setup demands just 30 seconds making the overall system easy to use
  • Power: it offers wonderful power of cleaning with its motor of 14.5 Amp that gives 2200 PSI
  • Cleaning: pressure cleaning serves ideal for a wide range of things such as boats, cars, driveways, homes, etc.
  • Pressure nozzles: 5 low and high-pressure interchangeable nozzles are there to take of the several surfaces with ease
1. Soap dispenser.1. Handling is quite complex.
2. Total stop system.2. New users need time for proper usage.
3. 5 pressure nozzles.
4. Setup of just 30 seconds.
5. 14.5 Amp powerful motor.

8. AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS – Light & Easy To Assemble

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Users can get the best results with this electric pressure washer for outdoor cleaning. Ultimate features are there to ensure that perfect Jobsite experience is delivered to both novices as well as professional users. Cleaning is not just efficient but quick as well with its ideal abilities that offer premium power blast best for even toughest of dirt.

Key features:

  • Assembling: the assembling of this tool is easy that does not even demand an instruction manual
  • Eco-friendly: almost 80% less amount of water is used delivering 40% enhanced power that in conserving water
  • Attachments: it comes with washer gun of professional style and quick-change nozzles for convenient operation
  • Power: the power that it delivers for outdoor cleaning serves best and quick for patios, decks, outdoor furniture, cars, etc.
1. Conserves water.1. Design has several plastic parts.
2. System of total stop.2. Lacks durability.
3. Enhanced life of pump.
4. Highly convenient.
5. It has a great power.

9. Karcher K5 Premium Washer – Onboard Removable Detergent Tank 

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If you are in search of a tool that can take care of wide-ranging demands then this electric pressure washer from Karcher is the perfect option. It has modern looks and serves best with its colorful parts. A system of 2 wheels is there on which the entire body is mounted vertically. Its stability is enhanced with the design that has front legs.

Key features:

  • Motor: its induction motor is water-cooled that helps in enhancing the life of the tool
  • Spray wand: even the toughest of jobs are completed quickly with its spray dirt blaster wand
  • Storage: the tool could be easily stored with its incorporated hose reel and pressure hose of 25ft
  • Tank: user can enjoy convenient operation with its detergent tank available onboard
1. Portable tool.1. Lacks additional set of spray nozzle.
2. Longer session for cleaning.2. Slightly irritable movement.
3. Durable materials of pump.
4. Varying spray wands.
5. Wand for dirt blasting.

10. Greenworks GPW1602 – Best Electric Pressure Washer Under $100

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For pressure washing of any sort, this product from Greenworks’ family of power washer serves to be an ideal option. It could be easily moved around the Jobsite with its 17.5 pounds of weight. Users can also select the movement on the basis of his choice that is either in the horizontal or vertical direction. The coverage offered is great with hose of high pressure.

Key features:

  • Certification: This product is PWMA certified that adds to the reliability
  • Design: the model is compact and small in size with easy portability on account of its lightweight
  • Soap applicator: any surface could be conveniently cleaned with its soap applicator
  • Nozzles: quick connect turbo nozzles are there along with the detergent bottle that is attachable for convenient job completion
1. Compact and lightweight.1. Brass connectors are problematic.
2. Portable.2. Time taking replacement.
3. Wide range of accessories.
4. Affordable.
5. User manual is comprehensive.

11. Briggs & Stratton S1800 – Durable Electric Pressure Washer Under $150

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Looking for a tough and durable pressure washer, Briggs & Stratton brings the best option for you in the form of this model.

I know Briggs & Stratton are usually known for their gas models but they haven’t disappointed us by launching their electric model. This model is doing great in the market.

It remains safe from weather-related damage with its plastic casing and physical damage is prevented by the metal frame. Water could be sprayed at a wide range of angles with its 20-foot flexible hose.

It can clean your car properly without damaging the paint.

Key features:

  • Cleaning: it cleans most of the surfaces easily with a powerful spray of 900 PSI without damaging the nozzle
  • Less wear and tear: the water PSI is stable that prevents slow wear and tear
  • Detergent tank: it has incorporated tank for the detergent that prevents the need of adding water supply permanently
  • Power: it offers sufficient power to effectively clean the dirt and grease from most of the surfaces
1. Incorporated tank of water.1. Lacks support.
2. Flexible, long hose.2. Output power could be improved.
3. Turbo nozzle.
4. Frame is durable.

12. Stanley SLP2050 – Best Electric Pressure Washer for professionals

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It is yet another amazing option in this list of electric pressure washers that are designed to offer flexibility, power, and versatility to the user for both regular as well as professional tasks. The 4 wheels make carrying along with the tool easily, while it can also be detached for alone usage. Outdoor cleaning can be easily achieved.

Key features:

  • Design: this pressure washer has a hefty frame with 2-in-1 design for usage as a mobile cart or separate unit.
  • Operation: it comes with tri-axial pressure washer pump running on a motor
  • Detergent tank: spray nozzle can be attached with soap-nozzle on low pressure for carrying out cleaning
  • Performance: the hardest jobs could be tackled in nearly half the time with this compactly sized powerful equipment
1. Water and electricity is saved.1. Inflexible pressure hose.
2. Meets varying cleaning demands.2. Soap can be passed out on low pressure.
3. Compact yet powerful unit.
4. Durable, sturdy and easy to assemble.
5. Affordable and portable.

13. Sun Joe SPX3001 – Best Electric Pressure Washer for Money

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This Sun Joe family electric pressure washer is a worthy purchase for money due to the efficient performance it gives out apart from being compactly designed. Many amazing features make for this electric washer which is useable for all light, medium, and heavy applications. Maximum cleaning can be achieved with its powerful 1800 watt motor.

Key Features:

  • Nozzles: Spraying can be done with five nozzles of 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees and the last one being a soap
  • Maneuverability: Carrying around the washer is easy
  • Usage: Running the machine is not complicated at all
  • Life: When the trigger is not depressed, the pump shuts off on its own
  • Power: It can run on 2030 psi with 1.76 GPM which is powerful enough to achieve an excellent cleaning result
1. Automatic switch off.1. Inept hose reel.
2. Varied nozzles to achieve deeper cleaning.2. Handle is short.
3. Outdoor cleaning can be carried out.
4. Durable.
5. Hassle-free usage.

14. Greenworks GPW1501 – Best Affordable Electric Pressure Washer

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This washer is adept for light and medium tasks, not suitable for commercial purposes. The 1500 psi operation makes it an ideal option for bringing out a cleaner surface under light dust. This lightweight design is not wheel supportive, but, compact enough to not eat up large storage space.

Key Features:

  • Motor: The 13-amp motor using 1.2 GPM can easily work in low water areas
  • Usability: The unit is portable because of its weight
  • Nozzles: Dual nozzles of 25 and 40 degrees calls for uniform cleaning
  • Versatility: This equipment can be used in vertical as well as horizontal directions
  • Eco-friendly: No vapors are radiated in the air and electric washer does away with exhaust emissions as well
1. Environmental-friendly washer.1. Commercial purpose is unsuitable.
2. Versatile.2. Leakage issues.
3. Smoothly longer run-time.
4. Easy plug and clean mechanism.
5. Less noisy and uses less water.

15. Stanley SHP1600 – Best Portable Electric Pressure Washer

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Last, but not a kill, this Stanley unit is not the one to be judged with its size. It is very much capable of carrying out residential cleaning operations, with just enough power. This non-noisy equipment is not at all bulky with options available for choosing in cleaning and pressure.

Key Features:

  • Pump: The tri-axial pump runs on a motor of 1600 psi with 1.3 GPM.
  • Design: Lighter on the weighing aspect making the unit highly portable, but with no wheels
  • Accessories: The pressure hose spray nozzle lance and gun and washer wand makes choosing the pressure easy.
  • Detergent tank: A 14 oz. the detergent tank is lodged in the unit for carrying the soapy mixture
  • Garden hose: This is useful for carrying out a garden cleaning job.
1. Variable settings to choose from.1. Wheels are absent.
2. Adjustable pressure settings.2. Tough jobs cannot be done.
3. Light weight.
4. Portable.
5. Less noisy.

Buying Guide For Electric Pressure Washers

So now you are aware of the fact that most of the electric pressure washers differ in the functionalities that they offer and can meet varying demands based on their construction. Not every pressure washer can serve best for all sorts of needs. So it is important to make the selection carefully such that the pressure washer can be/st match with your demands. Here are some of the important factors that must be considered while getting electric pressure washers:

What is PSI in Electric Pressure Washer?

It reflects the amount of water that will be flowing out from the hose of the washer. It clearly signifies the cleaning power and indicates that the water stream has a stronger force working behind it. However, if the applicable surface is weak and a large amount of power is used then the perfect balance has to be maintained to get better cleaning.


The pressure washer could technically be attached with its own hose but with a limited budget, this option does not stand reliable. Also, the demand for a particular type of hose could also not be met every time. So go for a strong option that can match well with the demands.

Hot or cold water washers:

See whether the pressure washer supports a hot water washing or a cold water washing. Some of the washers are specifically designed to only support a particular temperature of the water, hot or cold. If the washer is cold water only, hot water can cause serious damages to the coils inside and can damage the washer completely, or vice-versa. Therefore, hot or cold support should also be looked for before purchasing the pressure washer.

Hose and Length of Cord:

In an electric pressure washer, the length of the cord should also be considered. If the cord will be shorter than the optimum length required for connection with the power outlet, extension cords will be additionally required. Also, the hoses should not be less than 20-foot.

Using an electric pressure washer:

Getting the power supply is the first step in the usage cycle of the electric pressure washer. The power requirements of certain pressure washers are designed in a specific manner that is not normally visible in regular usage. The hose connection should be ensured to be tight so that no cuts or gaps are left that can result in the wrong direction spraying of water.

Sufficient water supply should also be ensured so that it can take care of additional Jobsite requirements instantly when needed. The detergent tank should also be kept ready with full capacity so there is no loop in the usage cycle.


The carrying of the equipment from one place to another is also a feature to considerably look for before purchasing an electric pressure washer. The weight and wheels play an important part in terms of the comfort of the user while performing the task.


Nozzle controls the pressure and intensity of the solution being sprayed. Different kinds of nozzles come compatible with the unit, which should be looked into carefully. Nozzles that support adjustability are a better option to go with while the zero degree nozzles (replaceable ones) are a strict no-no.


Many people get injured because they think how can a small washer pressure hurt them but that’s not true. It is recommended to not go for zero degrees spray which is signified with red color as it blasts the water with a pin-point force which is very risky and can cause serious injuries. The wider-angle setting is preferable so that safety can be maintained.