There are several instances when we come across some decorative piece of structure that is so precise that it leaves us awestruck. For such cases, it is clear that the old measurement methods are not used since a certain room is always left for human error. So how it is possible to make these awesome structures? The answer is the best laser measuring tools that are highly precise and offer remarkable measurement results for seamless structures.

However, the task of selecting the best laser measuring tool is also a bit complex since the availability of ample choices in the market often raises the question of which option must be selected and which one should be rejected. In such a dilemma, we are here to help you with the list of 15 best laser measuring tools, their key features and buying guide for the same so that you can make the best decision based on your demands from the best laser measuring device.

Top-Rated Laser Measuring Tools Comparison Table

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The Best Digital Laser Measuring Tools In September, 2021 Are:

1. Bosch GLM 20 – Best overall in laser distance measuring Tool

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If you are in search of a faster, easier and accurate method of measurement then Bosch Blaze GLM 20 is the perfect option for you. This tool comes with a real-time mode of measurement and also offers the technology of laser precision with reliable and instant measurements until 65 feet. The design of this tool is compact and square making it a portable device for anywhere. Easy viewing is offered by its display or back-lit.

Key features:

  • Precise: users are allowed to get more productive with increased Jobsite precision and accuracy
  • Accuracy: extreme accuracy is offered by the long-range of this device that measures up to 65 feet of distances
  • Live measuring: real-time default measurement is offered by this tool that adjusts as per user movement
  • Ease of use: this is a compact-sized lightweight device that operates on one touch press button
1. Faster operation.1. Outdoor readings are complex.
2. Measures in real time.2. Some issues are there with its range.
3. High accurate.
4. Versatile tool.
5. Operation of one button.

2. Tacklife HD60 Classic – Best precision Laser Measure Tool

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This is a classic laser measuring tape from Tacklife that is simple to use and portable. The design of this tool is intended to offer versatility to the user and it accurately meets the demands of distance measurements that require high precision on account of its laser precision technology. Multiple functions of this laser measuring tape allow single, Pythagoras and continuous distance measurement.

Key features:

  • Varietyof applications: this tape serves as an ideal option for industries,construction and home due to multiple modes of measurement
  • Accuracy:precise measurement is offered with 2 unique bubble levels with 1/16 inch ofaccuracy
  • Multiplesettings: it has data memory of 30 groups and performs volume and areacalculation automatically, deletes data manually to enhance working efficiency
  • Performance:user can enjoy convenient operation with its compact and handy mode
1. Automatic shutdown.1. Instructions are poor.
2. Compact and handy.2. Somewhat complicated for new users.
3. LCD with support of back light.
4. Water and dust proof.
5. 6 selection units.

3. Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C – Best laser measure with quick operation

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This is the perfect laser measure that suits for any specific job. Several functions are there in this device that includes length, volume, area, indirect and real-time length. The device remains free from damage with the help of its protection of soft grip. Quick operation and better measurement readability are offered by its illuminated display and simple keypad.

Key features:

  • Compact:design of pocket size and small dimensions makes this device perfect to suitany pocket
  • Accuracy:measuring of long-range offers high accuracy with which distances up to 165feet could be calculated easily
  • Livemeasuring: real-time default measurement that automatically adjusts as usermoves
  • Advanced:user can also enjoy several advanced features in this device such as doubleindirect, min/max, angles and stake out
1. Several modes.1. Low rating of IP.
2. Long life of battery.2. Limited memory.
3. Large memory.
4. Compatible with Bluetooth.
5. Display is easy to read and large.

4. Tacklife HD40 Classic – Best Outdoor Laser Measuring Tool

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This is the perfect tool to measure both outdoors andindoors and offers premium accuracy with two levels of bubbles. Users can carrythe device with them at desired places with the help of its carrying pouch. Thedevice can measure volume and area automatically on account of the severalsettings available in it. For 150s, if the device remains unattended runningcontinuously then it shut down automatically.

Key features:

  • Operation:it has a compact and handy mode for best operation and remains dust-free withcarrying pouch
  • Accuracy:precise measurement is offered by its 2 levels of bubbles
  • Settings:30 data memory groups, automatic volume, and area calculation and 6 selectionunits are there
  • Measurement:ideal for construction, home, and industries with several modes formeasurement.
1. Unwanted data is deleted manually.1. Beginners find it hard to use.
2. Measurement is more precise with 2 bubble levels.2. Screen went out in some cases.
3. Handy design.
4. Smart area and volume calculations.
5. Dust proof and water proof.

5. Leica DISTO D2 – Best Bluetooth Enabled Laser Measuring Tool

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Compared to the former products of this brand, the DISTO D2stands as the model offering several improved functions. This handheld, compactdevice can perform functions such as 2 and 3 points Pythagoras, volume, area,subtraction/addition, etc. Bluetooth functionality allows transferring measuresto several apps.

Key features:

  • Performance:This device features measuring range of 330 foot and offers accuracy of 1/16”
  • Measurements:it can also offer indirect measurements of width and height with the help ofPythagoras function
  • Bluetooth:users can share the measurements with their desired apps and software using itsBluetooth feature
  • Convenient:users can also work with this device in the corners that are complex to reachwith the help of its smart end piece
1. End piece could be extended fully for difficult corners.1. Controls are confusing.
2. Class II laser.2. Design is not much user friendly.
3. LCD backlit display.
4. Diagonal measurements are also possible with highest accuracy.
5. Measuring range of 330 foot.

6. Bosch Blaze Pro 165′ GLM165-40 – Laser Measure With Several Features

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This is an easy to use laser measure that is fully featured.The measurements are easy to read with the help of its display of backlit.Real-time measurements are offered by this device in terms of volume, the areaalong with other functions of indirect measurements. Over 10 measurement groupsare offered by this device and its technology of laser accuracy also makes it areliable option.

Key features:

  • Autosquare: automatic calculation is allowed with its auto square feature witha button push
  • Accuracy:measuring of long-range is there with optimum accuracy of 1/16 inch
  • Livemeasuring: real-time default measurement is offered with automaticadjustment with movement
  • Theconvenience of use: the device comes with the operation of a single buttonand backlit allows easy reading even in the dark areas
1. Offers range of 165’.1. Lacks rechargeable system.
2. Compact form factor.2. Fraction numbers are complex to read.
3. Affordable.
4. Accuracy of 1/16”.
5. Measurements are real time.

7. DBPOWER Digital Laser Measure 197FT – Best laser measure with quick operation

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If you are in search of laser measure that is an accurate,faster and easier method for measurement then DBPOWER is the perfect option foryou. The measurement model of real-time and technology of laser precisionavailable in this device allows users to get reliable and instant measurementswith the accuracy of up to 197 feet. So get your job completed within fewseconds conveniently.

Key features:

  • Measurements:Users can enjoy multiple measurements with this device including volume, area,length, distance, subtraction, addition, etc.
  • Handy:even the longest and shortest distances could be conveniently measured withthis device from a fixed point
  • Backlit:User can easily read the measurements even in the condition of low light withits backlit screen display feature
  • Accurate:This device measures with utmost accuracy of 1/13” offers reliable operation
1. Multiple measurements.1. Range is bit high.
2. Display with backlit.2. Measurements are not easily readable outdoors.
3. Handy maximum/minimum measurement.
4. Technology of precision measuring.
5. Could be accessed anywhere easily.

8. SUAOKI S9 330ft – Best laser measure with memory feature

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In the field of tools, this device stands as a newcomer butits performance is making it gain popularity at a fast pace. The accuracy thatit offers is of the popular tools standards and it features a clear and nicedisplay. The last 20 measurements could be saved in its memory and the deviceis dustproof and waterproof as well.

Key features:

  • Severalmodes: continuous and single distances, volume, area, subtraction,addition, Pythagoras
  • Precisemeasurements: its measuring range is about 0.05-330 feet with an accuracyof 1/16 inch
  • Display:the data is displayed with its LCD backlit display and last 20 data sets arerecalled by the device
  • Usage:this is an ideal tool to be used for several purposes including construction,engineering, real estate, etc.
1. Several modes of measurements.1. Lacks better control scheme.
2. Rugged housing.2. Confusing controls.
3. Display is easy to read.
4. Dust and waterproof device.

9. DMiotech – Best laser distance measure for convenience

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This is the laser measuring tool that offers simplemeasurements of subtraction and addition so that the user can perform easycalculations. 40 m measuring range is offered by this device and the resultsare also highly accurate. With the operation of a single button, it offersquick measurement of area, distance, and volume.

Key features:

  • Automatic:this device offers automatic calculation of volume and area to providehassle-free operation 
  • Functions:it comes with the technique of error report and auto-correction and backlightwith a large display of LCD. 
  • Usage:it is highly used in industries and construction such as real estate,apartments, factories, warehouses, etc. 
  • Measurement:volume, area, and distance could be measured quickly with the operation of abutton.
1. Pythagorean theorem for indirect measurement.1. Device itself shut down in some cases.
2. Error report technology.2. Problem of unwanted beeps.
3. Quick operation.
4. Automatic calculation.

10. URCERI Laser Measuring Tool: Comes with multiple features

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 This is the laser measure device in which precisiontechnology is used. This is a lightweight and cordless device that comes in acompact design. It serves as a perfect choice for both professionals as well asDIYers. Users can enjoy easy, fast and accurate measurements each time withthis device.

Key features: 

  • Multiplesettings: This device consists of several settings including subtraction,addition, self-calibration, etc. 
  • Operation:volume and area could be calculated automatically by this laser measure 
  • Accuracy:it offers 2mm of accuracy and precise results are offered with its bubblelevels 
  • Applications:switching is possible between in units among ft/m/in while volume, area andPythagorean measurements are possible
1. Portable with pocket size.1. Indoor use only.
2. 30 data units are saved.2. Accessing certain buttons is difficult.
3. Provides measurements in feet, inches and meters.
4. After 30 seconds, it power off automatically.

11. ieGeek Handheld Laser Distance Meter – Best for several applications

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The design of this device has 2 levels of bubbles to offermaximum accuracy. -9 to 9 mm is the accuracy of the self-calibration of thisdevice. This device could be used on any surface and offers remarkable jobefficiency. It is highly useful for engineering decoration, city planning,construction, monitoring of water projects, etc.

Key features: 

  • Ease ofuse: The device could be conveniently used with its handheld design andcompact size. 
  • Performance:laser pointer is bright that makes target easy and fieldwork become accurateand easier 
  • Protection:this is a dustproof device and has an IP54 feature of waterproof 
  • Design:better visibility is there even in the conditions of low light with its LCD. Itis well built and durable with rubber-like non-slip material
1. LCD backlight display.1. Not much user friendly.
2. Durable.2. Instructions are complex.
3. Compact and handy design.
4. Made with non slip material.

12. Stanley STHT77138X – Best laser distance measurer for constant operation

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A distance of up to 100 feet could be measured with thisdevice with 2mm accuracy. It is capable of measuring area, distance, and volumewith the tracking function for continuous measurement. It is easy and quick toachieve target from a distance with this device and it also serves a remarkabletool for the job site.

Key features: 

  • Measurement:is can conveniently measure in the field as well as for in-house projects withthe feature of subtraction/addition 
  • Tracking:distances could be found from target easily with its function of continuoustracking 
  • Accuracy:it offers accuracy of 2mm in measuring the distance of up to 30m 
  • Performance:it comes with a manual for quick start including TLM99 and AAA batteries
1. Useful even for beginner.1. Wobbly base.
2. Perfect for bigger jobs.2. Inaccurate reading problem in certain cases.
3. Offer all sort of measurements.
4. Easy to use operate buttons.
4. Excellent battery support.

13. UNI-T LD40 – The best versatile digital laser measuring tool

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The design of this device is intended to offer versatilefunctions and meets the demands of Jobsite distance measurements that need highprecision. It is simple to use, the lightweight, reliable and instant devicethat makes the task significantly easier. The structure design is ergonomic andinnovative that takes away the need for manual calculations.

Key features:

  • Accuracy:for a wide range of measurements such as volume, area, and distance, it offersremarkable accuracy
  • Operation:unit selection is supported of an inch, meter, and feet and Pythagorean theoremallows indirect measurement
  • Functions:data clear and data hold functions are supported along with data recall andstore function with a measure of 30
  • Design:it is compact, handheld device that makes it easy for the user to carry itwherever required
1. Fast speed of measurement.1. Lacks durability.
2. Indicates laser intensity.2. Complex instructions.
3. Innovative design of structure.
4. Versatile.
5. Eliminate manual operation.

14. Lomvum – Best multi-functional digital laser measure

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No matter what are the parameters under measurement, thislaser measure offers precise and accurate measures. Comfort is another factorafter accuracy that makes this device popular among users. The design of thisdevice is intended to offer remarkable multi-functionality and it is easy touse as well with the handy design.

Key features: 

  • Measuringreference: several measurements are supported by this device such ascontinuous, Pythagoras, volume/area, etc.
  • Design:it is easy to use and carry anywhere with pocket size design and lightweight.Even single hand operation is possible with the device 
  • Protection:the device offers dust and waterproof feature so that user can work with it inany desired environment with confidence 
  • Accuracy:using the outdoors also offers accuracy on account of its measuring range
1. Dust and water proof.1. If switched off, it gives memory problems.
2. Design fits in pocket.2. Fractions are not readable on screen.
3. Bright LCD display.
4. Multi functional.
5. Excellent grip.

15. InLife Digital Laser Measure: Top handheld laser measuring tool

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This is the device that comes with several modes ofmeasurements and versatile features for improving efficiency and measuringaccurately and quickly. The handheld laser design makes it easy to use andcarry anywhere since it is lightweight as well. Continuous measurement andsingle distance function is supported for user convenience.

Key features: 

  • LCD:the multi-line, LCD makes it useful for low light conditions as well
  • Severalmodes: multiple modes are supported by the device such as area, Pythagoras,distance, volume, etc.
  • Accuracy:fast and accurate results are offered by this device to meet the varyingdemands of users
  • Ergonomic:easy maneuvering is allowed with this device’s special design that also offersa good feeling of operation
1. Free of risks.1. Lacks AAA batteries.
2. LCD clear backlit display.2. Instruction manual is confusing.
3. Supports multiple modes.
4. Portable.
5. Highly accurate.

Laser Measuring Tool Buying Guide 2021

After looking at so many available options in laser measuring tapes, it is obvious to think of which option best can match with your demands. Have a look at this buyer’s guide as this will help you grab the best laser measuring tool. The following are the factors that you should look for in the laser measuring tool.


The reach of the measuring tool is given by its range sothat one can witness how accurately it can measure. 100 feet is the minimumrequirement that must be there in the tool. So the range is of much use even ifyou need the laser measure device for home use purposes.


Regardless of the nature of your job, whether professionalor DIY, accuracy is a must otherwise there will be no use of a measuring tool.Different factors can affect the accuracy of the laser measuring tool andtherefore make a careful selection of the device after considering itsaccuracy. Do not go for the models that work only in ideal conditions and arenot accurate when slight fluctuation is there.

Modes of measurement:

Several different modes are available in the laser measuringtool and it serves as the other major advantage that it offers over thestandard tool. With the help of these modes, the user can measure in a widenumber of methods instead of straight line measurements. The modes allow you tomeasure the area, distance, circumference, volume, etc.

Ease of use:

More controls are also there with more modes. However,operating the device becomes easier in case fewer modes are there in it.Therefore you can also select the simple model in case the need for severalmodes is not there.


It is important that you can read the display of lasermeasures easily. Just the visibility of numbers is not enough, all the labelsshould be visible and the user must be able to note the information properly.For example, it should be known to the user as to what the operating mode isand what it meant by each of the measurements available on the display. If thisis not the case, way off measurement will be there.

Rating of protection:

A rating scale is there on which grading of all the tools oflaser measurement takes place. The use of this factor is made for describingtwo factors that can reflect the working of the tool. The first digit presentsthe sealing of the device from dust and greater resistance is there with ahigher number. Water-resistance is presented by the second digit from a 1 to 9scale. So you need to select the model that can best stand with your workingconditions.


This is the measure of varied measurements that could betaken from the device. About 5 measurement memory is there in most of thedevices and some models also offer larger memory. This serves as a memorysaving feature.

Bluetooth compatibility

This is also a wonderful feature but can cost a bit.

Taking care of all these factors will help you select the best leaser measuring tool having enough power to take care of your operations.