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Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review

Bosch RA1181 Router Table Review

A professional woodworker would never deny the fact that a good and reliable router table is as important as the wood router machine. A good router table is the one that is flexible in terms of fitting and supports a wide range of routers. It is essential for any woodworking shop, as different forms of cutting, trimming, and designing could only be achieved with the help of diverse sorts of tools.

The product that we are going to discuss right now in this review section in one of the most talked-about benchtop router tables across the Internet. While going across its features and customer feedback, I was pretty much curious about the claims that its parent company makes and to what extent pertinent they are in terms of ground reality.

Yes, you have guessed it right! We are going to dedicate the next few paragraphs of discussion to the Bosch RA1181 benchtop router table, which I had successfully ordered from Amazon and using it at my workshop for the last few weeks. I have personally found it good in terms of the standard dimensions and the large work surface that it offers for better precision and finesse at the time of cutting.

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Who Should Buy Bosch RA1181?

RA1181 model of Bosch router table is an ideal choice for those who do not wish to buy a separate router table for each of their routers. This router table from Bosch is compatible with most of the wood routers accessible in the market. That is the reason why, even if you are required to change your wood router in the near future due to one or the other reason, you are not required to do a makeshift with the table.

Bosch RA1181 router table is also for those who are looking for an affordable option without compromising the quality.

Diagram of Bosch RA1181

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Bosch RA1181 Diagram

Bosch RA1181 Assembly Diagram


Product Description Table of Bosch RA1181

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Features of Bosch RA1181

Features that can make Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table an Integral Part of your Workshop Assembly

Let us see some of the features that can be termed as the USPs for this router table. I personally came across these features in the past couple of weeks and believe that they can make a positive impact on your approach to woodworking.

Router Mounting Plate Made of Aluminium

A router table made up of aluminium top would result in more durability. The aluminium mounting plate is pre-drilled to ensure a better compatibility match with a range of routers. The mounting plate can easily be adjusted as per the height of the common routers.

Proper Collection of Mounting Hardware

The RA1181 Benchtop Router Table from Bosch provides a tall aluminum fence featuring adjustable MDF faceplates. The featherboards can be easily adjusted to offer better kickback protection. There are two outfeed shims, a starter pin as well as a guard for properly routing the curved workpieces. Additionally, for the sake of convenient storage, there is a built-in cord wrap to effectively manage all the components on the tabletop and can easily store a power cord up to 6 feet without much hassle.

Dust-Collection Port

I always prefer to work in a clear area, and I firmly believe that you too. That is the point where a reliable dust-collection port comes into play. The dust-collection port that comes with Bosch RA1181 can easily fit in 2-1/2 inch standard size vacuum hoses. I personally felt it to be one of the best features as you can simultaneously clean-up all the debris, waste wood chips, and wood dust while operating the router on the benchtop.


As the brand is considered to be one of the most durable names in the market, it comes with a lasting warranty period. It would be too early for me to claim about the warranty benefits, but when compared, I found them at par or even better than some of the other popular brands available both online and offline.

Now, let us bifurcate the features of this popular benchtop router table on the grounds of the common pros and cons associated with it.

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PROS & CONS of Bosch RA1181


✓ I tried to check the compatibility of this router table with various wood routing models available from popular brands. I took some of the routers available in my own workshop as well as encouraged my colleagues to try their models with it. I found it working pretty well with Bosch 1613-Series, 1619EVS (Plunge Routers) as well as 617-Series and MRF-Series Routers (fixed base only), Craftsman Collet Routers 1/2 inches, DeWalt DW616, DW618 Routers (fixed base only), M12VC Routers from Hitachi, both RF1100 as well as RF1101 Routers from Makita. It is also compatible with 5615 along with 5616 Routers from Milwaukee, in fixed bases for 690 and 892-895-Series and for Plunge Router 7529 series from Porter-Cable. It is also compatible with modern PL routers of Ryobi.

✓ The router table comes with a storage pocket facilitating the depot of various router accessories at one place.

✓ The model also provides security against unauthorized usage with the help of a power-cord lock. I frequently use it at my workshop, whenever I am not at my workstation, so that others workers never disturb the settings unknowingly.

✓ 5 Quick-Connect spray tips for quick and reliable connections to carry out the different range of cleaning jobs.


✗ One of the common issues that I came across is while loosening up the components. It is not easy to remove the fence when the work is done. It is a bit tiresome and you are required to unscrew all the way.

✗ I was a bit surprised when came to know that RA1181 does not support any template guides. I personally tried to set the available guides at my workshop and realized the fact that it does not accept them at all.

Additionally, I have also came across some of the reviews claiming that the aluminium topping tends to corrode a bit with time. It is probably due to the impurities in the casting. I have not personally experienced the same yet as I am new to the purchase, but it would be interesting to see what would happen with the passage of time.

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routers compatible with Bosch RA1181



When we look at the name that is backing it, we always expect RA1181 to be a great addition to any woodworking garage. For the price quoted, I personally do not think it to be a bad deal at all. As the model is compatible with most of the contemporary wood router models, it certainly adds value when we speak about the long term investments. But one thing that disappointed me is the non-compatibility of this benchtop with template guides. I hope the future versions from Bosch would address this issue.

Assembly of Bosch RA1181 Router Table

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Frequently Asked Questions On Bosch RA1181

Q1. Which Dewalt Wood Router is compatible with Bosch RA1181?

Dewalt DW616 & DW618 fixed-base router fits perfectly with Bosch RA1181.
I have attached an image below in which you can see which router brands ( with the model number ) are compatible with this Bosch router table

routers compatible with Bosch RA1181

Q2. Can we mount Triton TRA001 wood router on Bosch RA1181 table?

Yes, you can mount the Triton TRA001 router on this Bosch router table BUT not directly because you will have to drill some holes on the mounting plate.
Only those routers can be mounted directly (without making holes) on the table, whose names are listed in the above-attached image.

While looking for customer reviews, I saw, one guy stated that you need to do only 3 holes with a countersink.
Many people are using Triton TRA001 on Bosch RA1181 after drilling some holes without any problem.

Q3. Can we mount a palm or trim router on Bosch RA1181?

No, you can not mount a trim/palm wood router on this Bosch model because it is very small for the table. BUT if you are creative then you can use it by constructing your own mounting plate.
You can use a 3/8 inch thick aluminum sheet for this purpose ( acrylic sheet can also be used )

Q4. What is the material used for the base of Bosch RA1181?

The base of the Bosch RA1181 router table is made up of very hard & durable plastic, making the whole router table lightweight & also stable.

Q5. Are Hitachi, Craftsman, Porter-Cable, Ryobi, Milwaukee & Makita routers compatible with Bosch RA1181?

Yes, you can mount all these wood routers on the Bosch RA1181 router table BUT please check the model number in the above-attached image because not all models of these brands are compatible with this table.
If your router model number is not listed in the above image then you will have to drill some holes on the mounting plate.

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