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Best Nail Guns 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

We understand what it means for the D.I.Y lovers and seasoned professionals to have the perfect tool while they are at job. We are not against hammers but nothing can substitute the best nail guns when it comes to workmanship and productivity. It takes all the worries that one needs to deal with in case of hammers such as a dent producing misplaced blow or tapping the nail head with hammer below the surface. If you are in search of the tools for wood projects then the best nailers stand on top.

You can enjoy the ability to drive several nails accurately and consistently with the help of the best nail guns that are precise and fast. The design of these nailing tools is intended to produce an easy effect on the material of work. This is the reason why users can enjoy effective and simple to operate nailers that are low maintenance as well. When you in search of nailing tools for a demanding project then it is important to have something efficient as well as reliable and the best nailguns are a premium option in this case.

To help you in the process, we are here with the review of the best nail guns for woodworking so that you can have detailed information regarding the performance and efficiency of the top options available in the market.

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Also, check below some frequently asked questions on nail guns.

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NOTE: All the nailguns mentioned below are not arranged according to priority. All the nail guns are best but not for all. So, I have mentioned in each product, which one is for whom. Please choose it according to your needs

Top-Rated Nail Guns Comparison Table

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The Best Nail Guns In [month_year] Are

best nail guns

1. Bostitch F21PL – Best Framing Nailer

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This is the most reliable tool used by pro DIYers in their projects. The professionals in construction have F21PL as the famous nailing tools and same is true for the serious DIYers as well. If you also want to have the best nailgun to use at professional level and that too without much burden on your pocket then Bostitch serve as the best option available. No need to struggle in firing the nails as this device comes with the driving power of 1,050 inch/pounds. The air compressor must be purchased separately.

Key features:

  • Plastic collated
  • Converts to application of metal or framing connectors with 2 nailers available in one
  • Incorporated rubber skid pads
  • Lightweight housing of magnesium
  • Rubber grip


1. Trusted and used by professionals.1. The air compressor is available separately.
2. Works with nail lengths of wide range.2. The power offered by this tool might be more than that required by some DIYers.
3. Affordable.
4. Nail jams are rare.
Expert note:

The design of this nailer is intended for driving nails in the engineered lumber and user can enjoy easy management since it is lightweight and easy to control.

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2. Porter cable PCC790LA – Best Cordless Brad Nailer

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This is best nailgun for woodworking being the perfect blend of value, nailing power and convenience. If you are searching for best brad nailers then Porter-Cable PCC790LA is the perfect option for you. With the 20-volt battery, this nailer can complete the projects while giving good longevity as well as portability. One can enjoy easy operation with this tool that works with brad nails of 18 gauges. Even if the battery runs low, one can enjoy consistent depth of nail with this brad nailer.

Key features:

  • The depth amendment wheel of this nailer let the user enjoy easy operation
  • Cordless and battery powered brad nailer
  • Jam release
  • No need of hose or compressor


1. Long-lasting lithium-ion battery.1. Not much affordable in comparison with other similar nailers.
2. Least nail jams.
3. Nail depth is maintained in waning power as well.
4. Lightweight .
Expert note:

This nailer has enough power that can take care of all projects of woodworking and since it does not jam much often, one can rely on this model.

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3. DeWalt D51257K – Best Finish nailer

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This is the perfect tool for those who want best finish nailers for their job. User can enjoy several remarkable features in this product and that too in an affordable price. The nails of 16 gauges between the length of 1 and 2.5 are accepted by this tool. It is a versatile tool as well on account of its power. For both the large as well as small projects, these nailers serve to be the perfect option. This is a great option for money and most of the users find it best for use at home.

Key features:

  • Adjustable belt hook
  • Jam clearing
  • Adjustment of nail depth
  • Motor serves as unit that is oil free
  • Sequential trigger action
  • Sample finish nails
  • Carrying case is also included
  • Exhaust of 360 degree


1. Versatile.1. Loading nails in rail is difficult.
2. Trusted brand.2. Air compressor has to be purchased separately.
3. Handle both small and large projects.
4. Offers excellent power level.
Expert note:

This is the perfect nailer that is capable of handling project of any size with perfection.

4. Hitachi NR90AES1 – Second Best Framing Nail Gun

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This is smart choice in pneumatic nail guns that offer enough of power to handle all the projects with ease. Users find best performance and that too at best price in this device. However, the air compressor is available separately. All forms of DIY projects are easily completed with this tool since it is handy and can perform heavy as well as light duty jobs. Nail depth adjustment is also possible between flush and countersink.

Key features:

  • Lightweight design
  • Rubber grip makes it handy
  • User does not experience any fatigue even after long working periods
  • Comfortable use
  • Enough of power to perform various tasks


1. Framing nail gun with remarkable power.1. This nail gun is not durable when compared with other models.
2. Comfortable for use.2. Nail jams might create problems.
3. Proportionate design.3. Air compressor has to be purchased separately.
4. Stable performance.
5. Takes care of several home jobs.
Expert note:

This tool is perfect for the DIYers who want to have lot of versatility and power to make their job easy.

5. Bostitch RN46 – Best Coil Roofing Nailer

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Even if a roofing nailgun is not needed very often, when you select one, it is important that it is able to meet all you requirements. The light design enables user to perform his job for long time without having fatigue problem. It is possible to load this gun with several nails that makes it work for extended duration before reloads. This roofing nailer also work with the roofing nails available in general at the hardware stores that makes the task simple for user.

Key features:

  • A magazine of coil style is featured in this nailing tool.
  • The tool can sink all nail lengths without recoil that enables faster operation.
  • Nail lengths from 0.75 to 1.75 inches work well with this nail gun.


1. Lightweight design.1. This model face certain issues with longevity .
2. Best price roofing nail gun.2. Air compressor has to be purchased separately.
3. Fitting nails could be found easily.
4. No recoil is there.
5. User can operate the tool for extended time without fatigue.
Expert note:

No need to struggle with the job of roofing since this nail gun is here to make the task simple for you.

6. Hitachi NT50AE2 – Best Corded Brad Nailer

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If you are looking for the nail gun that can best take care of the detailed projects of carpentry then this is the perfect option for you. It stands on top in the list of brad nailers with 18 gauges and lightweight design. User can enjoy enhanced comfort and control with its design having flexible elastomer grip. It is extremely easy to use this nail gun and user can also make precise modifications with the help of its drive depth built-in adjustment knob.

Key features:

  • Bottom loading, high capacity magazine.
  • It can hold about 100 brad nails of 5/8-2”.
  • Dual firing choices.
  • User can make simple selection between continuous or intermittent nail firing.
  • Useful for wide range of application.


1. Aluminum body that makes it lightweight.1. Proper functioning needs operating pressure of 70-120 psi.
2. Added control and comfort with elastomer grip.
3. Work piece remains free from debris and dust with its adjustable 360 degree exhaust port.
4. About 100 nails are held in its magazine that is bottom loaded.
Expert note:

Aluminum lightweight body makes it perfect tool with optimum comfort and control.

7. WEN 61720 Brad Nailer – Best Value For Money

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This is one of the most affordable and best brad naillers that one can find in the market at present. User can enjoy best quality results with this brad nailer that offers effortless functioning. It has the ability of firing brads of length from ¾”-2” (18 gauges) and the features available in this tool are not found even in the most expensive options available in the market. So it is best value tool that can match well with user expectations.

Key features:

  • It is able to operate at 60-100 psi.
  • About 100 brad nails could be accommodated in its large magazine.
  • No need to reload the tool frequently.
  • Only few seconds are required to clean the jammed nail.
  • Nail setting depth could be customized easily as per the project demands.


1. Quick release device.1. Not a perfect option for projects of hard wood
2. Magazine of high capacity.
3. Wheel for depth adjustment.
4. Best for extended use.
5. Durable & lightweight.
Expert note:

This is the best option in the market at present with its kit loaded with adjusting wrenches, oil and carrying case.

8. NuMax S2-118G2 – Best For Home Renovation & Carpentry

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This is 2-in-1, 18-gauge stapler and brad nailer that serves as a high variety tool for home improvement. When it comes to the projects of home renovation and carpentry then this tool stands as the top choice. It has ability to shoot 3/8”-2” brads of 18-gauge and ½”-1 5/8” staples of narrow crown. This makes NuMax S2-118G2 to effectively tackle crates, cabinetry, chair rails, baseboards, fencing of light wire, window casings and wide range of hobbies and crafts. Both staples and brads are accepted by its aluminum black oxide magazine with enhanced durability.

Key features:

  • Both narrow crown staplers and brad nails (18-gauge) are used by this versatile tool.
  • Die-cast sturdy aluminum body.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Adjustable 360 degree exhaust vent.
  • Dial for depth adjustment.


1. Dial for depth adjustment so that user can set the nail head depth based on demands.1. Not much affordable compared to the other options available.
2. Enhanced accuracy with sequential firing.
3. Better durability.
4. Easy to use with better control.
5. Anti dust cap.
Expert note:

Best tool for DIYers giving the function of both stapler and brad nailer.

9. Makita AF505N Brad Nailer – Best For Makita Lovers

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This is a durable and remarkably lightweight nailer that stands among the best nail guns at present on account of its excellent features. The design of narrow nose allows nail gun tip to fit inside the tight spaces as well and therefore it is able to work perfectly for wide range of applications. Whether the need is for driving the nail into crown molding and baseboard, cabinetry, trim, flooring or other projects of woodworking, this nailer stands best in all the cases. It is possible to clear the jammed nails quickly with its cam-lock, tool-free magazine.

Key features:

  • Jam clearing and depth adjustment tool-less mechanism.
  • Magazine of high capacity.
  • Multi-directional, 360-degree exhaust.


1. Easy to control and use.1. High operating pressure is needed for precise performance of this tool.
2. Dial for depth adjustment.
3. Can serve wide range of applications.
4. The exhaust port is multi dimensional and rotates about 360 degrees.
Expert note:

User can enjoy enhanced efficiency with this tool that is able to hold about 100 brad nails.

10. Stanley TRE650Z – Best For Simple Projects

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This is the well known brand for tools of high quality that can offer desired results and Stanley TRE650Z is no exception. This tool is designed to match the demands of several projects, offers wonderful versatility and efficiency and is easy to operate as well. One can take care of wide range DIY projects with the help of this go-to tool that stands as the top nailer in its class. The slide out magazine helps in easy loading and a brad empty indicator is also there.

Key features:

  • Indicator to notify brad empty.
  • Ergonomic, simple design that allows easy handling.
  • It is durable & compatible with brads of heavy duty.
  • Helps for extended use with light design


1. Driving power could be adjusted quickly.1. This tool has issues with its longevity.
2. Plastic durable body makes it lightweight.
3. User can enjoy stability and comfort even in prolonged operation.
4. Can deal with wide range of projects.
5. Best for several DIY projects.
Expert note:

This reliable and efficient nailer is an ideal option for the job in tight spaces and is affordable as well.

11. Freeman PFR2190 – Best For Both Professional & DIY-ers

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This tool stands on top in the list of consumer preference for a reason. This framing stands as the best option available in the market with its performance, lightweight design, reliable and durability. Whether you are a professional or a DIYer, this tool can best match with your demands. It offer high quality and consistent results while dealing with several projects such as roof decking, framing, outdoor projects, fencing, sub-floors etc. it operates at about 70-115 psi.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and durable construction of magnesium.
  • Option of dual trigger allowing single or fast firing.
  • Depth adjustment.
  • Can offer consistent performance and best results for many years.


1. Magazine is easy to load.1. Is not perfect for jobs in tight spaces.
2. Fits with nails that are plastic collated.
3. Dial with depth adjustment.
4. Option of 2 trigger to select between single fire or quick fire action.
5. Lightweight, durable and resilient.
Expert note:

This is one of best nail guns available in the market that is affordable as well as high quality.

12. Numax SFN64 – Second Best Finish Nailer

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This is the nail gun that accepts nails of 1-2 ½ inch and offers the power of 70-110 psi. The 360 degree exhaust of this tool ensures that the user needs not to breathe the fumes. This tool serves best for wide range of applications that includes window installation, molding, cabinets, furniture and several such applications. The depth management is easy and it allows fast jam clearing as well that compliments its construction and lightweight design.

Key features:

  • Multi-functional and versatile tool that use both narrow crown staples and brad nails of 18 gauge.
  • Magazine of high capacity.
  • Quick jam release function.
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum construction.
  • Comfortable and lightweight construction.
  • Professional and accurate results are offered by its mode of sequential firing.
  • Anti-dust protective cap.
  • Adjustable 360 degrees vent.


1. The operation is largely tool free.1. The handle of this tool is not very comfortable.
2. Soft woods are protected by its mar tip.
3. The kit includes goggles as well.
Expert note:

This is the perfect tool that allows easy operation and durable performance so that user can complete the job effectively.

13. Dewalt DWFP12231 – Best For Homeowners Only

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We all are aware of the proficiency of Dewalt in making remarkable power tools and this tool is another wonderful addition in its list of power tools. User can enjoy remarkable power with this nail gun that delivers about 2” nails best for big jobs. This nailgun is best for wide range of operations such as pergolas, framing, home additions, siding, decks etc. It comes with simple depth adjustment that is tool free and the jam clearing is also fast.

Key features:

  • The jam release tool free mechanism allows simple nail removal.
  • Construction of lightweight magnesium.
  • No need of lubrication for its maintenance free long life motor.
  • Non-marring, long life motor.
  • Depth of drive tool free adjustment.
  • Drive depth is quickly customizable.


1. This tool is remarkably affordable.1. Adjustable exhaust is not there in this tool.
2. Any sort of adjustments are smooth and quick with this tool.
3. This tool could be used for the whole day due to its lightweight.
Expert note:

If you are a professional then don’t buy this nail gun. Instead of this, you can choose other nail guns from the above mentioned in this list.

14. Bostitch N66C – Coil Siding Nailer

No products found.

This is extremely versatile and beautifully balanced equipment that accepts both wire weld nails and plastic inserted nails. This is the reason why this tool is useful for wide range of applications such as siding, fencing, clapboard etc. it offers 70-110 psi so that it is possible to make adjustments as per the demands. The coil with 350 nail capacity makes sure that the user is able to see through the job. All these factors make this tool a perfect option for both professionals as well as DIYers.

Key features:

  • The capacity of coil magazine is 350.
  • It switches quickly between the depth settings.
  • Features rubber foot that is soft as well.
  • The weight of this tool is 4.9 pounds.


1. User can enjoy durable operation with the aluminum housing of this tool.1. Not an affordable option.
2. It is easy to make adjustments in this tool on the fly.
3. This nail gun is full size and stands to be amongst the lighter nail guns.
Expert note:

This lightweight durable tool is perfect for wide range of applications and is simple to use as well.

15. Numax SFR2190 – Top Selling Framing Nailer

No products found.

There are wide ranges of applications that could be carried out with the help of this tool. It could be used for wall sheathing, siding installation, fencing etc. Nails between 2-3 ½ inch are shot by this tool and it adjusts quickly with wide range of sizes. The nailer is fuel driven and offers exhaust of 360 degree that is effective enough in the removal of offending gases such that the work area remains free from these. This is a heat treated tool that can take care of the toughest jobs as well.

Key features:

  • The weight of this tool is 8.5 pounds.
  • Triggers are interchangeable.
  • The fuel tank is of 3 gallon.
  • Exhaust of 360 degree.


1. It comes with the warranty of 1 year.1. The weight of this tool is heavy in comparison to other tools.
2. This nailer offers optimum performance without jams.
3. It is an affordable option with different triggers.
Expert note:

This tool helps in easy completion of job with its ability to fit in wide range of applications.

Nail Guns – Buyer Guide 2020

How to select the best nail guns?


The nail guns performance is measured on the basis of wide range of factors such as how easy is its jam clearing, is it easy to load, whether it sets the nails cleanly, is switching between varied nail lengths easy or not, will it broke down easily. All such considerations are taken care of in best nail gun reviews.


The quality measurement of a nailgun largely depends on its performance and efficiency. The best and high quality tool is one that could be used easily, is versatile, reliable and prevents easy break down as well.


These are important to consider for assuring the fact that all the important features are considered in the review and nothing is overlooked.

What are the best features for nailguns?


A heavy tool can make the user suffer from fatigue after few hours of operation. This is the reason why it is important to consider the weight of this tool. It is therefore better to go for the nailgun that is lighter so that your arm is not affected by its operation and you can enjoy long hours of operation without fatigue.

Easy to use:

The ease of use of a nailgun is determined by wide range of factors. The gun should be jam proof and it should also be able to fire at least 2 nails simultaneously. The comfort of its handle is also an important factor to consider the ease of use of this tool.

Cord power/battery/pneumatic – What’s the difference?

There are 3 ways in which power is obtained by the nail guns:

Pneumatic nailer:

The power in this pneumatic nail gun is derived by air compressor. This is gun tethered compressor with the help of air hose. All the desired power is delivered by this nail gun for framing of heavy duty and other such tasks. Limiting mobility effect might be there by the compressor and hose.

Fuel driven:

No air hose or power cord is there in the nailer that is fuel driven. Instead of these, it has a disposable cartridge of gas that offers combustion fuel. Spark is offered by a small battery for igniting fuel and required power is offered once the motor runs and drives the nailer.

Battery powered:

Unlimited fuel mobility is offered by this battery powered nail gun without any exhaust. However, it is important to keep the batteries charged.

Type of nail?

The joining of nails used in this nail gun is carried out for the task of loading and keeping the things in proper order. For this purpose, either of wire, paper or plastic is used. In some cases, clipped edges are there in these nails so that they can sit side by side with ease compared to the case of round heads. Coating is done in most of the nails so that their sliding in material is easy.

Firing modes:

You can quickly work with its bounce trigger. When the nail surface is touched by gun tip, the gun experience bounce back to be refired and reset. Nailers used in roofers come with bounce triggers. It is therefore important to have practice.

Capacity of nail:

The capacity of most of the nail guns having straight magazines is of about 100 nails. Even 120 nails might be accepted by some of the options. However, the guns of coil style have much greater capacity and are even able to handle about 300 nails. This also helps avoiding the hassle of frequent loading. This makes size an important factor to consider while buying the nailgun.

Working range:

You can operate from a formidable distance with the help of pneumatic nail gun. It comes with flexibility that allows enjoying easy operation when it is the case of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions On Nail Guns


Q1. What nail gun to use for a fence?

Building a fence for your yard is a great idea as it will improve its look. It can be time and cost-saving. For this purpose, you require the right tools to work with. The most needed tool for this purpose is a nail gun. The task to choose the right brand and type is a very difficult one. But once you got the right nail gun you may end with perfect fencing. For example, one of the best nail guns that you can go with is NuMax S2 118G2. It comes with a capacity of 100 nails magazine.

Q2. Can you use 18 gauge nails for baseboards?

Gauge or size of the nail depends on the kind of project you are working on and also the material type you are using. To make sure that you are using the perfect nail size is very important. Generally, a baseboard is a narrow wooden board that runs with the base of an interior wall. The baseboard is used for protecting the wall bottom from getting damaged.

Normally, a 15-16 gauge nailer is preferred for baseboards. Both of these tools use to fire nails of about 2-1/2 inches in length. But, brad nailers provide service for small 18-gauge nails of 2 inches in length. As the cross-section of these nails is thinner, leave the small hole and do not split the molding and trims. This makes them a perfect choice for baseboards.

Q3. Can a nail gun go through concrete or brick?

Yes, a nail gun can go through concrete and bricks. But if there is no need to have many nails for concrete or floor then using pins manually will be sufficient. On the other way, if you are working with a small project that requires mounting on the wall then choosing a nail gun will help to safely drive a nail into the surfaces like bricks or concrete.

Q4. What size nail gun do I need?

Each and every nailer uses various-sized fasteners. So, whenever you go out for buying a big box of nails take into consideration what nail gun style you will use. Usually, a framing nailer makes use of thicker and angled nails which range from 1 ½”-3 ½”. It all depends on the type of material and size of the project you are doing. Although, for many applications related to framing the minimum length of nail should be 3”.
For lighter work mainly finishing nailers are used as these are thinner than framing nailers. These nails come between 14-16 gauge with 1”-2 ½” length.

Q5. What nail gun is best for trim work?

Nail guns are the best and useful addition to the tool depot. They also help to speed up the working making easier to drive nails into hardwoods.

Generally, brad nailers are used for trim work as these use small size i.e. 18- gauge nail.

Q6. Can I use 16-gauge nails in an 18-gauge nail gun?

Yes, it is possible to use the 16 gauge nails in the nail gun of 18 gauge. It depends on the intended task to be performed with the help of a nail gun. Based on this, you can use an 18 gauge nail gun with 16 gauge nails. 18 gauge brad nailer is the trimmer that you can have for performing the task of both 16-gauge nailer and an 18-gauge nailer.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope, I am able to help you to choose the best nail guns.

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