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The organization is very important in life, agree much?

From a hill of unorganized tools and chaotic zone, it can be very tedious to look for your small drill bits, nuts, etc. Many tools look very similar and are distinguished just by some minute inches and looking for them nuts can drive you nuts, right?

Well, not with the tool chests. They are the ultimate saviors that can steer your chaos towards calm. They can make your tools rest in just the right place.
Here, I am listing down 5 best recommendations of tool chests that you can consider purchasing.

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Top-Rated Tool Chests Comparison Table

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The Best Tool Chests In 2020 Are:


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This tool chest is well built and made is up for hobbyists. They can use this tool organizer for easy organization and carrying their tools to their workplaces. The compartments are small in size, being very easy to put in and take out the tools from the chest. Access to the tools is manageable. The drawer sections can be easily rearranged as per needs as they are detachable. The chest is suspended with wheels making it easy to maneuver. This Stanley’s chest has a movable Aluminum handle for holding the toolbox and carrying it around at various locations or sites for work.


  • Structure: The compartments are detachable and come in all sizes for personalizing the storage as per suitability and being able to store small, medium or even longer sized tools.
  • Latch: Easily operational latch with one hand having a secure grip. The latch can be easily opened up with one hand.
  • Portability: The 7” wheels make it easy to slide smoothly even on rough terrains and up the stairs.
  • Handle: The handle on the top makes grabbing or holding the box quite easy while the back handle makes the transportation easier.
  • Construction: It is sturdy and well constructed for handling all types of tools. The build quality of the equipment is good enabling it to provide durability.


  • Detachability of the drawers make operations convenient
  • Casters are large and sturdy enough to handle rough surfaces
  • The back handle gives good control
  • The organization is easily customizable due to the drawer sections being separable
  • The sliding system of the drawer is very smooth
  • The locking mechanism is secure with a tight grip


  • Keep away from storing heavy tools
  • The handle might be a little tight at the starting

Expert Note: This storage tool chest is the best considerable option for home use or the hobbyists. They can easily organize their tools here for a more disciplined life.


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This storage container is a chest type with a good amount of storage capabilities for small and lightweight tools. The compartments are separate from each other, properly divided and are removable. This chest is well structured and engineered to even hold up the cords and other smaller materials due to the presence of side hooks. All you need to do is just wrap it up and store it on, without worrying about the tangled mess again. The front of the chest is clear and kind of transparent, providing a trouble-free view. Another striking part of this tool chest is that the handle can fold up when not in use, therefore, just being present at the time of need. Thus, you can easily fold up the handle when the tool chest is not in use.


  • Design: The frame is made up of polypropylene and metal which makes it durable and sturdy to even be able to bear rough handling.
  • Storage volume: The chest comprises 24 small sections, a large compartment at the bottom, and 2 detachable trays and there are hooks attached at the sides, making up for immense storage capacity for different tools.
  • Wheels: The two wheels are 4.2” in size for easy transportation to other locations, notching up the portability.
  • Handle: There is a foldable handle attached at the top for comfortable handling and grip of the container.
  • Cord storage: The presence of side hooks makes storing or hanging the cords easy, preventing them from getting tangled again. Tapes and other such materials can also be held up easily.


  • Multiple sections for storage of any size and kind
  • Detachable top compartment for easy access
  • Comfortable grip due to foldable handle
  • Side hooks give additional storage space


  • Cannot handle heavyweight tools
  • The durability of the latches can be questionable
  • Cannot bear forceful impacts

Expert Note: For an expert recommendation, it is not wise enough to invest in this tool chest for the purpose of storing heavy tools. Lightweight tools can do perfectly fine resting in this tool chest. Consider other options for storing heavyweight and larger sized tools and gears.


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This tool chest is ideal for carrying heavy power tools and equipment. It can very well undertake heavy-duty use for storage. Built-up of superior quality plastic, it houses deep compartments for storing heavy and long tools. The protection of the tools is ensured by the key-locking mechanism and latches. The hinges of the chest are durable, robust and strong enough to prevent the lid or the cover from flopping back with a thud. It has an extendable telescopic handle on the top for pulling the tool chest, with nickel-plated latches on both sides for keeping the chest closed. With the structure as it is of this tool chest, it can be certainly reliable for use for both the hobbyists and the professionals.


  • Construction: The plastic construction makes the tool chest provide longer support, making it count on durability.
  • Latches: The latches are built of metal (nickel), placed on both the sides for locking and safety of the tools kept inside.
  • Protection: The tool chest can be locked to provide protection to the gears and equipment.
  • Handle: The telescopic handle situated on the top of the chest provides a soft, comfortable and ergonomic grip for carrying purposes.
  • Wheels: There are large wheels supporting the entire chest making transportation easy.
  • Usage: The deep tote tray can be used to store small tools and parts with the big bins dedicated to heavier and larger or medium-sized tools. The large basin/compartment can be used for heavy drills or other gears.


  • Longer support due to thick plastic
  • The long telescopic handle ensures easy maneuvering of the chest
  • The wheels of the chest are imperative
  • It has a high storage capacity


  • Small tools organization is not good
  • To keep the tools totally separate might be a problem

Expert Note: Can say it with absolute certainty that this tool chest is perfect for big tool storage. it is a durable, versatile and spacious tool chest.


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The Best Choice tool chest is constructed of steel, is very sturdy and durable. There is immense storage possibility in the chest with different-sized compartments for versatile storage of tools so that you can spare some room for other things as well. Boasting of red color, this tool chest has its drawers foam-lined, good for absorption. The lock is only present in the top drawer section. Other compartments cannot be locked.


  • Design: Multi-functionally stackable design enabling the usage of cabinets and storage chest either altogether or separately.
  • Drawers: The drawers of the tool chest are foam-lined which is advantageous for oil or any liquid absorption purposes to maintain the cleanliness of the inside of the chest.
  • Wheels: The chest rests on multi-directional wheels for smoother transportation, making it portable.
  • Storage: Versatile storage is possible, i.e. both small, medium to large-sized tools can be organized here.
  • Handle: Handle is given at the side of the chest to make shifting easy.


  • Steel construction gives excellent durability
  • Multi-functionality makes it possible to use separately the chest and cabinets
  • Multi-directional wheels make movement easy
  • It has a high storage space


  • Only the top chest can be secured with a lock
  • Regular replacement of foam liners to avoid greasing of the chest

Expert Note: Value the note? It is really not recommended to use it as a heavy-duty chest as it cannot withhold very heavy weighted tools and equipment.


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If you are looking for a storage box for your garage, workshop or vehicle, this can be the apt choice for you. The chest comprises a top section that has lids for closure and there are 3 drawers below for storage. The drawers are coated with black powder to keep rust at bay. There is a key-based locking mechanism to safely store your essential gears. Also, the drawers cannot slide open unless the lid at the top is open. It is a stationary chest, not having any wheels for movement. The weight and size of the tool chest make it much more complicated from the portability point of view.


  • Design: This metal chest is compactly designed for garage, workshop use or home use.
  • Slide system: The drawers have ball bearing mechanism for sliding open.
  • Security: The chest can be locked and unlocked using key ensuring security of tools. It has a padlock security mechanism for the safety of valuable equipment.
  • Latches: The latches are made of metal, making it sturdy and in place.
  • Storage: Can bear heavy duty storage too with a top handle making carrying the chest around easy.


  • The metal structure ensures the durability of the chest
  • Drawers make organization uncomplicated
  • Sliding movement of doors makes access easy
  • The build quality is good to bear forceful impacts


  • Wheels are absent
  • The box can become heavy making shifting more complicated

Expert Note: A heavy-duty, robust tool chest with good storage capacity, this tool chest is functional only for the workshop, home or garage use. It has good durability but zero portability.


There are certain bullets you should keep in mind before heading out to purchase a tool chest for your troubled storage of tools. Care to consciously give a thought to these points for making a wise purchase and not waste your hard-earned money.

Here are the tips:-

  • Storage: Undoubtedly, storage is the foremost pointer to consider before paying for a tool chest. It is pretty obvious to think about storage based on the purpose for which you are purchasing a tool chest. You should consciously think about the number of tools you will store in there, what kind of tools do you own majorly, your future tools buying list, etc.
  • Compartments: What kind of home you need for your tools; this is the second most important consideration. The size of the compartments should be enough to house your tools carefully.
  • Operation: Whether a ball-bearing or a non-bearing section would do for you is what you should next pay attention to. While the first one makes pulling out the drawers easy and accessible, the latter makes your time a little tough. Also, think whether wheels are an essential requirement for you or not.
  • Security: Safety is the utmost essential due to which you should see to the kind of lock available in the tool chest. Both, the key opened and central locking exist. Choose accordingly.
  • Longevity: Never the least, durability is also a significant consideration. You don’t like investing in one thing repeatedly, do you? Therefore, carefully study the manufacturing material qualities and search for superior quality ones before making the payment.
    Get ready to declutter your stuff!
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