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How To Use A Nail Gun [Infographic]

Nail guns are used in place of hammers and nails. They are extremely fast and precise. They can drive nails with consistency and accuracy. Additionally, they require low maintenance and are easy to operate.

Loading The Nail Strip

The design of the tools by different manufacturer is different. You must consult the instructions to understand the nail gun’s mechanics. The magazine can be accessed either at the bottom or back side of the tool. You can slide the nail strip into the magazine and then close it securely.

Wear Safety Glasses

Wear safety glasses before loading the nail gun. Contact trip trigger is equipped in nail guns. You must compress this trigger so that the nails are forced into the surface. Turning the power on will not make the gun shoot.

Practice Nailing Guns Before You Begin The Project

Turn on the power of the gun. To get a feel of the gun you can shoot nails on a piece of wood scrap. Test with different amount of pressure and time. After practicing a few shots, you will get comfortable with the nail gun.

The Tip Of The Gun Must Be Placed Against The Surface You Wish To Nail

The gun’s handle must be held in such a way that the finger of one hand can easily access the trigger. Position your hands properly to keep the gun in place and support it. While firing the gun you will be kicked back.

Squeezing The Trigger Of Gun Exerting Pressure

Pressure must be exerted on the trigger, but do not use your stomach or chest to do so. This may cause serious injury. Release the gun immediately after pulling trigger to prevent multiple shooting.

Pulling The Gun Away And Reloading

The head of the nail should be even to the surface, it should not be crooked. In case the nail is not even, remove it and retry. Apply more pressure if required. If you are willing to reload the gun, you must disconnect it first from the source of power. You can then insert a new nail strip.


how to use a nail gun